I remember being confused by the ending of Alan Wake also. Allegedly the DLC episodes clear thing up a bit, but I never got round to playing them.
New rune changes are gonna be interesting. I think the bounty rune is a little inelegant, but I guess it's a good incentive to get supports to guard and control runes more.
Thanks, I'll give him a look.
Quote by SteveHouse
you forgot "Laugh above decapitated body"

I personally prefer the impromptu macabre croquet that usually ensues.
I recently read Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great science fiction short story collection.

Anyone got any other good short story recommendations? I'd never really considered reading them until I read Hyperion, so I've got a fair bit of catching up to do.
Ok thanks. I probably wont infuse it, as I'm doing a 'flesh and steel' character at the moment, but it does explain why I hit a bit weaker than other people in PvP.
Is infusion in Dark Souls 2 straight up better than having a normal +10 weapon?

I'm a 40/40 STR/DEX build, and I'm using a +5 Lost Sinner's Sword. This gives me an AR of around 530. If I infuse it with Dark, I gain about 130 AR, even though the scaling becomes so much worse.

I know the Lost Sinner's Sword has some weird scaling going on with sin (I've picked up 1 point of sin from using the Cracked Eye Orb), but this still seems a bit odd.
Quote by Spoony_Bard
Cool man, thanks.

Kind of a bummer to hear about the bosses. T'was my favorite part of 1.

Do people at least still spam "Praise the Sun!" notes everywhere?

The messages on the floor are the best part of Dark Souls 2.

"Skeleton. Hurrah for Skeleton!"
"Giant but hole ahead"
"Try jog, fatty!"
"Stay calm and then Praise the Sun!"
Necro's voice was perfect when he had that slomo laughing bug.
I like pretty much all the voices in Dota 2, and I think having two voices for one character is a bit silly, so I'll just push for an Io rerecord.

Keep it all beep boops, but different.
I got the Death Prophet magical butterfly one. Then I sold some TF2 hats to get the Windrunner one.
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I'll PM you.

Thanks man!

Quote by WantsLesPaul
who want Paper Sorcerer?

If you have a copy going I'll take it. I like old school RPG's.
Quote by metacarpi
Speaking of Ubi, why aren't more of you guys playing Child of Light?

I'm playing Child of Light. I really like it, reminds me of the original Paper Mario on the N64.
Quote by Demon Wolf
I am actually playing Shadowrun Returns now and i've liked it alot (only three or fours in)

Will definitely get Dragonfall eventually

What class are you playing as? I went melee Adept for Dead Man's Switch, and a Decker for Dragonfall. Going all TRON as a decker was pretty cool.
I finished the Dragonfall expansion for Shadowrun Returns today. All in all, an excellent RPG adventure. I'm sorry to see it end. I was a big fan of the original Dead Man's Switch campaign (most people weren't), but Dragonfall really improved on it in every single way.

Highly recommended for fans of old-school RPG's or cyberpunk drone-commanding magic trolls.
Quote by Ichikurosaki
its fun for like 10 minutes, hope the mod community keep it interesting

disapointed that its not actually a simulator though

Arma 2 had an official map where you play as a goat avoiding hunters in the woods.
Quote by stratkat
I love coffee stains sanctum series.

This game doesn't really appeal to me. It's just weird they'd go from 3D tower defense to this. But I guess it'd appeal way more to younger people than sanctum.

Coffee Stain made it because they don't want to only make Sanctum games. Apparently they have a new serious (non-Sanctum) game in the works at the moment too.
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I played Diablo 3 after the patch and it seemed much better, loved the new difficulty settings. Not sure about the game as a whole still but it's at least not horribly dull nay more.

My friend and I are having quite a bit of fun with Diablo 3 at the moment. I don't know how long it will last, but having legendary items flying in all directions is a good short-term incentive to keep playing.
Gah, all this talk of Dark Souls II and I have to wait ages for it.

Glorious PC gaming master race
Does Tidebringer + Jinada + Enchant Totem + Vendetta work in ability draft?
Quote by GLP_Arclite
The asscreed-y bits are still in there, and it' a bummer when they show up, but the game itself manages to be ****ing awesome pirate shit 80% of the time. I thought Revelations was bland and ACIII was terrible and I thoroughly enjoyed AC4.

Played it on PS4, not PC, but I imagine it's the same.

Neat, that sounds pretty much as good as anything in the Assassin's Creed franchise could be! Thanks.
So what are people's thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for the PC?

I recently got some money from a composition commission, and I'm itching to buy a new game, but I got fed up with Revelations and never touched number 3, so I'm wondering if I'll actually enjoy it. Does it really change stuff that much, or is it just a pirate re-skin?

Quote by naedauuf

On another note, I just found Darkness 2 for PS3 in a bargain bin for $10. I loved the first, I played a demo of this one at release and I didn't like the cell shaded cartoony art style they changed to. It was only $10 though, so I can't go wrong, can I? The WW1 levels of the first were sweet.

I picked up the Darkness 2 in a sale a while back. I thought the overall plot and presentation was really strong, but it does have a few drawbacks (expressing my main gripe would be mildly spoiler-y, and I don't wait to ruin your experience).

The ending is bonkers and ruined it all for me, considering that everything building up to it was excellent
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If you rescued someone before getting to the Gargoyles, and see him in Firelink, you can actually have 2 NPC summons for the Gargoyles

I did not know that. 120 odd hours of Dark Souls and there are still surprises...

But seriously **** Lautrec
Quote by WantsLesPaul
Ok, I cannot beat the Bell Gargoyles. They keep ganging up on me big time.

Try it whilst human. Solaire's got your back.

Quote by homeless-john
That's the sad thing. A lot of people will just blindly buy it because it's MGS. I'm not saying Konami aren't being sneaky with what they're doing but it's not really reasonable to attack a business who are trying to get as much money as possible out of something.

I hope this doesn't become a trend either. It's the gaming equivalent of splitting The Hobbit up into 3 movies.

At least each of the Hobbit films aren't 30 minutes long though
How is The Wolf Among Us thus far?

I liked The Walking Dead, but it was just too gosh darn miserable for me to stick with. I'll probably have another stab at it someday though.
Yeah £20 for 2 hours is stupid. Even if it was an Indie 'art' game I'd stiff frown at that price tag.
I finished The Book of the Long Sun last night. It was an excellent piece of science fiction, but then again I love everything by Gene Wolfe.

Now I've got Steven King's The Gunslinger, Dan Simmons' Hyperion, and Gene Wolfe's The Wizard Knight to read. I'm leaning towards The Gunslinger first, because it's short, and at a glance appears to be a pretty breezy read, which is refreshing after the Long Sun books.
In captain's mode, is the captain randomly assigned, or do you volunteer?

I'd love to try it, by I don't know enough about good team composition to pull it off if I had to pick, so I'd rather just be handed a role and see how I get on.
Quote by sebastian_96
Is the Dishonored GOTY worth getting, with all the DLC, or should I just get the vanilla version for $5/$6 less?

Dishonoured's DLC is excellent (well, the Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches campaigns), so I say go the GOTY.
Quote by Demon Wolf
Been thinking of replaying Dishonored actually.

Have you tried that increased difficulty mod? I'm interested in whether it makes guards more alert, or simply gives them X-Ray goggles and super hearing. I may give that a spin when I go for another Dishonoured playthrough.
Quote by Demon Wolf
...and Dishonored for less than 8£ each? Everybody get.

Seconded. Dishonored is ace. The DLC is really good too.
Quote by :-D
i will make an extremely informative and helpful post a little later

Thanks, but I probably wont see it until tomorrow. Need sleep.
Cool, thanks.

Beyond knowing when a huge Ult is on cooldown, I don't think I've ever really considered most of that.
You guys got any tips for 'captaining' in Dota?

By that, I mean knowing when and where to push towers, when to teamfight, when to avoid conflict etc.

Most of my games are degrading into a huge brawl in the mid lane, where neither team is able to take any towers. Invariably the game goes on so long that the team with the hardest carry wins in the end, so I'd like to be able to suggest a different strategy once in a while.

So far, all I do is push a different lane slowly when everyone shuffles around in mid, and then then chat fills up with:

>Get Back!
>Get Back!
>Get Back!

Followed by loads of pinging all over me. TP back and the shuffling commences once again.
Double melee vs melee lanes are the best, especially when both parties favour bashing each others heads in over last hits.
Quote by TunerAddict
I bought it because it was ****ing awesome.

I name the fungus treants "What a Fungi"

Does it come with a custom Sprout animation?

You could call it "Not mushroom to move"...

I want a Bristleback announcer.

That, or a positive-thinking Windrunner one.