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Jackson Stars are basically made for the Japanese domestic market. However, they are better quality then the import line Jacksons from Japan, called the Pro Series. Definitely give these axes a look, great quality at a great price!
You do realise that you just revived a 2 year old thread right??
25.5", on the low E, 1-5 stretching comfortably, 1-6 stretching as far as I can. I hate small hands and short fingers.
The new San Dimas Charvels are great, you can't go wrong with them. Its hard to compare it to the RR1, but its all about preference in the end. If you're happy with the specs on the Charvel, then go ahead with it.
Somebody mention Jackson/Charvel?!

Thats a Kahler bridge, which is really good. Basically, thats a great axe and its in great condition. San Dimas Kellys are hard to come buy, so grab this before someone else does.
Thanks for the help man, but this thread is like more than a year old. I already made my choice, the Jackson Stars RR-J2SP. Just saving up a while longer before I get it.
Its a good axe, I have it. Only prob is the pickups and the trem which may need replacing. But in all honesty, it doesn't have enough low end for death metal, you'd be better off with a mahogany bodied guitar.
You could take a look into the discontinued LTD DV8-R. Hardtail, V shape, SD JB/Jazz combo and 24 frets. I've seen some around going for really low prices since its discontinued.

Yet again, I recommend a Jackson Stars RR-TN02. Great guitar.

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Then i have to say up for the pyro technics play my viper 400 with flames shooting out of it while playing the song adios but have strings strung up have the fire hit the strigns make like some kind of symbol above an audience.

What?! Use punctuations and proper grammar, didn't understand that at all.
Beautiful catch man, love it. Its as old as me!
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yeh too right ... iv bin finkin nd only rr3 gives me a big orgasm

Please oh dear god learn how to spell first before getting a new axe. And there is no such thing as a Epi LP G-400. G-400 is the Epi SG.

And to contribute something, get the Epiphone Les Paul Standard/Custom. Its more suited to playing that vast and diverse list of bands you like.
The RZK is a sweet guitar, only qualms I have about it is the EMG81 in the neck, meh.
Check out Ishibashi or Guitar Japan, they do international shipping.
Get a Jackson Stars RR-TN02. Best of both worlds.

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Actually they were recorded with Jackson Custom Shops, not RR24's. Although they looked similar, I do believe their Jackson Customs had EMG Hzs, not 81s, and I could be mistaken but I do believe he used an afterburner or some sort of sustain boost?

His CS Jackson had a J-50BC pickup, not a EMG-Hz. And the booster was a Je-1000. Also, it had considerable differences from the RR24. Ivoroid binding on neck and headstock, gold hardware, non-recessed OFR, MOP logo and MOP inlays. Basically the RR24 is way off Alexi's CS Jackson minus the finish.

TS, between the two, definitely try and get your hands on a RR24, its a better axe than the Alexi-600. Or if you've got the budget, look into importing a Jackson Stars RR-TN02, great axe as well.
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i dont think that zakk wylde plays an Epiphone. i think he plays a gibson version and epiphone just sell a model that has the same name and looks identical but it has different pickups etc. there are 2 slash custom models as well a gibson and epiphone

Here is Zakk Wylde playing the Epiphone version of his bullseye, with passive EMGs.
Just read the last part. And Duncan Designed pickups are nothing compared to real Seymour Duncans. So, if its a choice between those two, go with the SD.
Haha, most of us are in Smeex already now. To the rest of you, join now!!

And to keep this thread alive, anyone here vaguely scared shitless at the Wall Street problems? Its going to have a butterfly effect and hit us really soon, so best be prepared for it.
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RR = Randy Rhoads

But I agree, i believe it would be a better guitar overall.

This is a general misconception. Jackson made the RRs from Randy's Concorde design. So you can't really say the RRs are his sig, they were just named after him. And if you look at it technically, the Concorde was his sig, not the RRs. But to each his own opinion I guess.

And TS, the RR24 would be a better choice. Unless you can get your hands on Jackson Stars.
Well, with my short fingers I have to try a little harder to access the upper frets. If yours are long, then it should be no problem. And also, it takes a little while to get the proper hand positioning. Once you get the right position, it should be no problem. And as always, best you try it out first.
After being in Smeex, I feel so lazy to post in here. I've become a traitor!
Woah, of lot of engineers here huh? :P
Ok, i didn't make the grade at Uni of Nottingham M'sia campus, wasted 1 1/2 years there. So i'll be going to the National Defense University to do engineering next April. Basically, I have to do everything I want to do in this remaining six months because come April, life is going to be all military.
Make sure you play it first. Although it's neck isn't as chunky as a Gibson LP, its still quite thicker than a Ibanez for instance. So make sure you try it out before buying it to make sure you like the feel.
You should be able to, I just did last night.

And if you like the Epi LP Standard, get it! Don't have to think twice about that one.
Epi LP Standard would be your best choice. At shops, it should be around RM1900+. I can get it from my contact for RM1500, but he doesn't ship to Penang unfortunately. I advice you save up for it instead of getting a cheaper but not-so-good guitar. It will serve you good for quite a while.

And wow, I just realised I haven't been on here for weeks!

And just some info here, a site has come up which seems to be a direct competitor with Jamtank. Its called, check it out. Just got set up a few weeks back, but I have a feeling its going to be huge if everything works out and word gets out on the streets.

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Josh Shiells- Glad you had a great time here. But I wouldn't advice on you coming here right now, the country is in shambles.
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As amazing as Malaysia is, I highly doubt this thread is about said country anymore.

It is in a way. Its by Malaysians, for Malaysians. And we chat about everything in Malaysia.

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Actually, Malaysia isn't that bad. Its more of a 2.5nd World country.