I love how you specified a musical key, as opposed to a car key or house key.
I can't stop listening to Firebird.
The international court system is a joke anyway...
Talib Kweli and Mos Def recorded an album under the name of Black Star. That's a great cd.
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Girls poop too.

Why did I ever leave the pit?
You could hardly call them "Muslims," anyway. They have perverted the religion to serve their own purposes.
I'm sure the page has some subliminal, hateful message that white Christian Americans can't read...BE AFRAID
Thought this was interesting too.

They don't even use the word Muslim on the front page.
My favorite was the move to try to get that old Burlington coat factory "landmark status" so they couldn't rip it down. Really?
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"There are no wrong notes, only the look on your face."

And TS, do you mean confident, or cocky?
Which kinda reminds me of the end of Lord of the Rings, when Gollum just falls into the lava and sinks. And that's it. No burning or melting or anything.
I kinda want to see a Tool acoustic set...
I just left. I'm quietly re-entering.
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I would love if they did one song that was just sweeping.

With his toes...
I really like Redeemer. I know it's terrible, unoriginal, messy, and generic. But I love it.
Damn it, UG, you've brought me back.
I like Wrath much better than Sacrament.
They were pretty great when I saw them maybe 3 years ago. It depends on the crowd.
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GOD, this band is amazing live.

Saw them again last night, unbelievable show. We had three local bands open up, one of them was absolutely horrible. ABACABB were all right, I guess, nothing really that special. I want to steal their ESPs, though. And Veil of Maya were good, I really like what that guitarist does with a loop pedal. They've grown on me a bit, but I still wouldn't go to a show just for them. So, yeah, basically I just went to this show for ATB. And they didn't disappoint. They DID headline by the way, saxaxe.

They opened with the Pi breakdown. Then, if I can remember correctly, they played:

Cursing Akhenaten
A Steady Decline
Forging a Future Self
Fingers Like Daggers

And then, even though their singer was sick (he said it hurt just to headbang) they came back out and played Rareform. I talked with both of the guitarists after the show and one of them told me they're going to be on the Summer Slaughter tour. Should be sick. And I got a guitar pick and a tour poster. That performance has put ATB in second place on my favorite bands list, just under BTBAM.

That was basically my exact same experience. For their encore they played Drifts, which was great. My 2 favorite songs they played were Aspirations and Ometh. Near the end Ometh was so much fun, with the constant shredding and all.
I really like Set to Fail, much better than Contractor.
Great great great band. I love his voice.
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I like Sumerian, but this isn't one of its stronger bands. I'll be seeing them in February with After the Burial, Veil of Maya, and Fellsilent. They're the only band out of that lineup I'm indifferent about.

I'm seeing that tour on Monday. I'm mostly there for AFB, and I'm curious about Fellsilent.

edit: guess no fellsilent. oh well.
I apparently have a Northern accent. Sometimes i really stick out in the place i've lived all my life
Ordered the shutdown of Gitmo, halted some dumb laws Bush was trying to push through. Pretty good so far.
I call my girlfriend cutie, or sweetie. Or lovely, sometimes. I usually don't say baby a lot, she says that to me, which is cool.
You sound like you have the right idea, pretty much. Just be nice, be cool, be honest.
How about a girl you can talk to? I understand physical attraction matters, but come on..
I bought this album a few weeks ago and it's incredible. I can't stop listening to it, not to sound cliche.

The only song i still skip is Exo-Politics. It's just whatever to me.
No, not really. I have a good number of friends in high school, and I guess i'll miss them naturally, but it doesn't bother me that much. It's part of college for me, and i'm excited about it.

Although one of my good friends is going to Baghdad August 19th. I'll miss him a lot. I guess it's different.
People are still complaining about Underoath's vocals change from 7 years ago..
Such a jam band, it's so cool. I love his vocals too.
Whenever they go back to the verse, it sounds kinda weak. If the rest of the album appears to sound like this, I'll probably download it instead of buying it. Not a bad song overall though.
I think it depends on the show. Check the ticket to see if it says "Standing room only" or something like that.
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"Subject is shoeless! Repeat, shoeless!"

So...videos most watched that have cursing won't show up on the Youtube front page, or top watched list. Right?

They're not getting rid of anything, it's not like they're deleting videos that they don't like.
Learn metal songs you like?
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I saw them last weekend at the High Ground down here in New Orleans, with After The Burial, and Shai Hulud. I can't remember the other band, but the show was amazing. BOS was the best, but I still say that Shai Hulud was just as good, hah

You jerk, I wanted to go to that show, haha.