the bastard has a sig axe:|


erm try malmsteens sig pedal (i hate his tone btw)
okay guys thanks for the help!

final question! what wah pedal would go best with this amp
why is better to get the XL version?
The XL one is the older model with only 11 amps i believe

i probably would like latest version
Right so ive got my last thread questions answered.
I am now going to upgrade my Line 6 Spider.

Im am thinking of the Vox AD50VT (latest one).

Is able to do metal?

can it handle active pups?

Is 50 watt to much for bedroom practise?

thanks guys and sorry for pissing anyone off

why is that
Blink 182 - immature, suck at guitar

Metallica - always wanting money

Ozzy - pointless swearing
ive been lookin at the Laney VC30, only prob it doesnt do metal so id probably need a distortion pedal
im convinced to go for tube

can anyone recommend tube amps. my budget is 350-400 pounds and i play hard rock, metal etc

im gettin a new guitar and amp. Im kinda confused on whether or not to buy tube or SS.

Can anyone reccomend any amps that around £350-£400 and that are capable of playin metal?

is it true that if u have active pickups, you should have a tube amp

why is not reccomended to have active pups and a SS amp

try Senheisser CX 300, ive gt them and wow
i want the esp ltd V with floyd
if its that bad...

locate in the input, unscrew it and in the hole where the put the screws in (no s******ing)

put matchsticks in each of them and snap a bit off, then screw the input back
i personally like your mum....

but ive tried loads of times, so much i gt bored of her
mite already be a thread on this.. but o well

what do u guys think of the new guitars brought out by companies this year?

i personally like the ESP V-401DX and the Schecter Damien V1 FR and the Dean DB Floyd

yes it can play metal (cough) but the dude asked for jazz, MG playing jazz, thats like one of my farts playin holy wars !

Spiders are good versatile (not the best, FAR from the best). good for bedroom practise, if your going to buy one, dont buy over 30 watts

vox valvetronix are probably better
i knw a good setting

a really good one..........

Schecter Blackjack V-1 FR (not Blackouts, but passive duncans)

or maybe blackjack avenger (passive duncans)
a 24 fret rr3 would be nice *sigh*
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this is some crazy as **** line-up
Jackson DK2S (Duncan Humbucker forgot model, then 2 single coil Duncans)

Jackson RR3

Not sayin buy from those sites.

Erm try schecters, ESP LTD, Ibanez & possibly POSSIBLY BC RICH
when did u get it?

because the first batch of 360's have had a lot of faults, in fact my cuzinz went bust the other day. Like other Ugers have said, ring MS, and organise a repair job
does this mean the prices of Jacksons are going to go up aswell seeing as Fender own Jackson?

if they are, what a bummer
What is your amp tho?

for all we knw you could be playin through a mesa lawl


yes a new amp will make more difference
Good: Porn, Girls, No Bills

Bad: Getting dissed for owning a Line 6 by UG!!! ;p; Whiteheads, No money

what about

a laney VC-30 112 with a metal muff?
where can i find used from?

im on the market for a new amp, ive gt a line 6 spider 3 15 watt (GO ON LAUGH)

and i want to change it. My budget is around 300-400 pounds. Im nt really fussed about tube/solid state

i play mostly metal

thanks for the help
why dont you try THE EFFFIN SEARCHBAR



before i get dissed

yo dude

ive gt a 15 watt spider, but the settin will work on yours

Channel: INSANE


BASS:6 - 7

MIDS: Whatever u want but i like to have it on about 3


VOL: 10

MASTER VOL: Whatever u want

FX: Use a tape echo about 3/4 's the way through

hope that helps
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the studio version is in standard

However, i THINK when recording ride the lightning, they had to ajdust the pitch to suit james voice
the v with the floyd look sik

new axes from esp

my fave is the LTD400X (V with the floyd)