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The only people left on this site are Bronies.

Well, and me. I'm not weird like that.

I haven't logged on here in a year or two, I still recognize a few names. Quite a bit of nostalgia around here
Nobody missed me

lol but wow, I realize I haven't been on in 6 months. I miss all you guys <3
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theres a piza chain in my area that has both canadaian bacon and ham on there menu. I ordered a half candian bacon half ham pizza. it was awesome

That is one of the greatest things I've read in some time.
Drug education isn't telling children "OMG DRUGS ARE BAD DON'T DO DRUGS." It needs to be about the dangers of drugs, specifically hard drugs, and their effects in society, on health, personal lives, etc. That being said, little "education" would be needed for drugs such as marijuana, whereas harder drugs like heroin and coke could be more effectively curtailed. If I was shown the health effects of excessive heroin or cocaine use (that is backed by medical research) I'd be way more likely to avoid drugs, instead of just being told "don't do drugs". Being told drugs are bad I think creates a sense of curiosity about them. When I first started smoking marijuana, it was because I wanted to see how bad it truly was (only to discover it's minimal detrimental effects). After reading about the addictive nature of many "hard" drugs, I steered clear. Hallucinogens such as mushrooms and acid I've found to be much safer than even alcohol. Basically, true education, and not just heresay, would be exponentially more effective in preventing, or at least controlling, drug use.
Cleveland sucks, I live near it. Georgia is nice, suburbs of Atlanta aren't too bad, nicer area. Never been to Iowa probably because there is nothing to see there.
When does shroom season start? I'm in Ohio and I can't wait to get some again. I won't pick them but I can get them out in the country where they grow like crazy.
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hes not doing it right.

I've smoked for years, I've tried many illegal things, and now that I might be getting tested I want to try all the legal stuff out there. Yea, I think I'm getting tired of it; I just get really paranoid anymore and can't enjoy the high.
Anyone bought stuff from Looking to try something different. I'm getting tired of weed and plus I may be getting tested.
My childhood may be ruined, but my manhood feels somewhat more complete.
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I did not know Amanda Bynes could get me hard

What??? How did she not before?
I hate how females in general feel they have some innate right to bitch and complain when given the chance and just be flat out difficult to deal with. Girls purposely make it tough for guys, know better, then get pissed because we can't understand their rationale (or lack thereof).
Go in bathroom with good looking older girl
Never speak of it again.

Seriously, I'd say everyone has had some encounter with a cousin. Right??
Eat healthier. Works WONDERS. Went from 175lb to 160lb (I'm 5' 11") just by cutting out fast food and vast amounts of beer.
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Noob question...

If you get a buzz one night, then you drink some more and get tipsy, will you go back to getting a buzz if you stopped drinking?

Yea, you can always get more drunk, then "sober" up to the point you need to. Just don't drink TOO much or you'll be too drunk to recover.
Sipping on Sam Adams Noble Pils and Honey Brown. They don't exactly mix, but they are both delicious.

Physics I, Physics II, now currently in Statics, yet still not done with physics classes. When will it end
I'm gonna throw this out there, maybe I can get a response.

Does anyone in Oregon happen to have a medical marijuana prescription? I may be moving out there for a job. Anyways, my back has been bothering me on and off, and I've had it x-rayed and went to appointments; I threw it out in 2000 while playing backyard football. I know California is pretty lax, but didn't know what the odds were in Oregon. I've had to quit for the past few months, haven't really had much to contribute here lately, sorry.
It would be awesome to have a tab app. I'm sure someone on here could program it.
First of all, does this guy have kids? I've heard of cases where someone has a 13/14 year old son that finds this kind of shit. It might not be the guys fault personally. I would say you reserve the right to hold the computer, but I'd be careful going straight to the authorities. Needless to say, SOMEONE has been looking at it, but no one needs falsely accused. Make sure it's not a computer used by a bunch of people or something. Sorry, but to be rational here, I doubt he would knowingly bring in a computer with illegal content. I don't know... the issue definitely needs addressed though.
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Are you in high school or college, and what grade or year are you in? I only ask cause I'm curious about the psych class. How is it?

It's a college Intro to Psychology class. Much different than my high school class. High school was more about the history of Psychology, and famous people and experiments. My college class is more on the topics within psychology, such as the anatomy of the brain and mental disorders.

Fyi, I decided to do lucid dreaming. I haven't been in the DT much, been about 2 months since I've really smoked (I think 3 times maybe?) as opposed to several times a week last semester. I think I am a bit smarter, or at least my brain isn't as foggy. Not trying to be a buzzkill but I think smoking all the time does dumb you down a bit during the time you are smoking; after slowing down though things seem to be back to normal.
I keep my stuff in my desk drawer It's nice to live on your own. Anyways, I've got a psychology paper, and I want to maybe do something drug-related. I don't know a good topic to actually cover though. Anyone have any ideas?
In "To Live is to Die" you can hear the static from the drum recording right before the drums start (after the clean solo). I have good headphones and a very attentive ear though.

There is someone shouting real quietly in Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You".

In "Call of Ktulu" is it right in the intro where he hits the note twice?
3 half-ass songs I made out of boredom.
I have very wavy hair, and usually have it buzzed short. When it's short, it sticks straight up (like a porcupine's quills) and looks terrible. When it's long, it looks like this. I can't control it or straighten it, or get it to lie flat and not be so fluffy. What would be a good look for my hair? I think it needs thinned out, then maybe shortened a bit. Also, what is a good shampoo to try? It's not really dry, just too fluffy and frizzy. I use a shitload of conditioner to get it to stay halfway flat. I'm considering growing it really long, but in the meantime it looks like shit.

This pic was taken a few hours after I had gotten a shower using shampoo and conditioner. Without the conditioner it's a frizzy hell of a mess.

By vdeyoe90 at 2010-01-04

That was fun.
Don't want the smell of weed/cigarettes to reek up your house? Smoke in the shower when you first get in, and turn on the vent if possible. The smell may still be noticeable but the steam helps absorb it, and the smell of soap and shampoo will help mask it as well. Ashes will wash down the drain, and last but not least, it is relaxing.

Always ask for sauce at drive thrus; you will usually get a handful of stuff even if you don't need it. Also grab extra packets of ketchup, napkins, salt, forks, etc. I always have condiments and stuff on hand, and for free.

Drinking to a buzzed point, and then smoking a bit of weed, will push you up to the point of feeling really good as being trashed, but without the blackout and hangover.

Pay attention at stores, especially gas stations, that have sales like 2 for 1 or a $1 off. Store clerks often forget to ring up the discount, so make sure you get the deal.

Battery life can be salvaged by using as little CPU power as possible. Keep background apps and things open to a minimum.

Adding &fmt=18 to a YouTube video will force a high-quality version, if the HQ or HD button is not there.

Being polite to a cop works wonders.

If you have alcohol on your breath and want to hide it, breath out through your nose as much as possible, and try to hold your breath as you talk.

Pouring cheap vodkas through a Brita filter helps improve the taste, and possibly some of the impurities that cause the immense hangovers associated with them.

On a snowy road, let your momentum carry you. Press the gas going downhill, and on straight stretches, so that you dont have to hit the gas around a turn or uphill, where you have the greatest chance of slipping.

On many modern elevators, the "close door" button is actually useless.

Keep poinsettias out of drafty and cold areas.

Pick out the best. Just thought of some random things I could share.
I should win because Chex Mix recently has increased the numbers of pretzels in each bag, acting as a "filler". Many companies have changed recipes, logos, and marketing techniques to help stay afloat during the recession. They have turned to cheaper packaging, cheaper ingredients, and generally cheaper production of their products. Now, if pretzels are the cheapest product, than obviously these are the pieces to increase in the Chex Mix recipe. By adding more pretzels, it is thus cheaper to produce a given amount of Chex Mix, with pretzels acting as a filler to bulk up the weight. Many companies opt for smaller packaging sizes. A two pack of Reese's Cups weigh several grams less than they used to, but are sold at the same price. Many people have become upset that companies reduce packaging sizes to cut costs. Chex Mix decided that they could still deliver the same size bag of their product, at a cheaper cost, by using more pretzels. Therefore, people may not notice a few more pretzels, but they are satisfied that their snack is the same weight and the same price. The consumer is happy, and the company can cut some costs. Planter's mixed nuts has also continuously used more peanuts as filler.This issue has led to many mixed-nut companies labeling their packages with the percentage of peanuts in each mix. Maybe to resolve this issue, Chex Mix should label their pretzel content, so that other pretzel containing pretzel munchies, such as Frito Lays' Munchies, can be given consideration as to how much of their product is filler?
I can drink any beer, except Guiness and Natty Ice. I've tried nearly every American and some of the common imports. Pabst and Miller Genuine Draft are my two top choices for cheap beer. Being as I'm broke, those are pretty much my only two choices.
The upside-down V is the Greek capitol letter Lambda Λ
So, long story short, my friend's boyfriend cheated on her, and he's moved away, so now she's single. She's insisted we hang out if she's ever single, and now she is. She hasn't friend-zoned me, and has more or less said we could be "****-buddies". So, I was good friends with her boyfriend, but he's gone and I don't talk to him any more. I just don't know how to talk about the boyfriend thing yet ask for us to hang out. She's a bit of a slut, I can say, but she's fun as hell to hang out with, but I don't want to come off as a complete asshole. What should I say/not say? She is moving in a month or two and wants us to have some fun before she leaves. I just don't want to ruin it by being dumb (as always).
I want a pair of Lady Gaga hamsters!
From the makers of the lolstack, introducing the PMS stack!

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Was the shower actually running?

Or did you just stand under the fan...cause Ive stood under the fan so it catches the smoke...but with the shower running, that'd be pretty cool.

In the shower, with the water running. It felt like more of a body high too, maybe it just was different breathing in all the water vapor. Went grocery shopping and walked out with $15 worth of juice lol. This is all at 8AM my time. Sleep schedule is beyond messed up.

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lol thats a good idea. i just smoked two bowls in a blizzard outside lol. i think i might try that today.

Yea, be careful cause the vent in my house may have just blown it into the living room. Lucky are my roomies are sleeping. I thought I smelled it downstairs, but maybe not. I have a feeling my one cool roommmate sprayed the downstairs down with air freshener to save my ass from any of the other guys smelling it. I really don't have a good sense of smell though.
Smoked a blunt, in the shower. Awesome idea, why did I never think of it before? I turned on the fan, so my bathroom doesn't smell, I don't smell, and it feels good man. Wish I would have thought of this when I lived in the dorms!
it just struck me as funny.
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Smoke a couple joints and read that bad boy.

Will do, brb
Does two of my friend's girlfriends count? It was a one time threesome.
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I have allot of exp in lsd. Slayer sounds so awesome on it and evil. I mostly take 2 slips cant afford more.

I tripped on Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and listened to "Bloodline" and "Here Comes the Pain" a lot. Now I can barely listen to that song because it reminds me of having a freaky benadryl trip. Those two did not mix well... I was tripping balls. I think I had to be high to enjoy that era of Slayer.