So I tried a Vintage Modern and although it does make some nice sounds the boost on it is fixed (ie no dedicated master volume when engaged) and it was a bit noisy.

Not the real Cathbard.
No worries, It was my mistake for putting it in GGnA in the first place
Blame the mod who moved it then :P
This started off over at 7-String forums. Obviously they're not mine, but if you're in the Yorkshire area of the UK, keep an eye out for them.

STOLEN 2 x Blackmachine B2 guitars

Doug has just rung me and told me that one of his first customers has had a burglary and had all his music gear stolen
Amongst this stuff (music gear stolen included 6 guitars/3 saxophones/mixing desk etc)were 2 very unique one of a kind B2 guitars - see pics below

As these are one of a kinds then if you see them or are offered them then they are STOLEN.

I believe the robbery was in Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK

Please be on the look out for them - nobody would want to go through what this poor chap is going through.

If you see them contact myself or Doug - or local police

Please share this amongst your friends and facebook /forums etc

These are one of a kind guitars and the inlays are unique, if you see them call the cops or something.

Here's the original post
Wow. I'm 90% sure Dustie used this when I saw them in the spring. Incredible guitar, and previously owned by a kickass musician? Very, very nice. Would you mind saying how you got this guitar?

Anyways, HNGD
More like, how do they find these threads? Do they just go googling for "Necro threads that I'm interested in"?
You have... No idea how similar our situations are. I even have the same guitar XD. looks like I'm going to be lurking on this thread .
An EQ pedal isn't a bad idea. Obviously it won't turn your Fender into a brootal amp, but chances are you'd want one eventually if you play metal, and there's more than enough cash in your budget to pick one up and see if it gets you close enough to what you want.

You'll still probably want a heavier amp eventually though
Necro :P

Thanks for the additional info but it's moot at this point
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thx for the response , jc120 way out of budget but looks nice .

i like the vyper but 60 watts of tube power would be a little much
i don't know seeing how its a modeler and not going for tube dist .
and if its under a-lot of use might go through tubes quickly

that's why i was going more toward solid state being under
extreme amount of use and a tube amp for playing clubs

The vypyr is totally fine for bedroom levels, I use one myself. Tubes last for years. For a budget 'blues to death metal' type of combo amp, it's really, really hard to think of something that's better.
What guitar do you have already? Is there anything specifically wrong with it?

If you do get another guitar, what would be your budget for it?
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im thinking about the vypyr tube there, but i jus learned that with its 60W ti would be much too loud for my room even at min volume. how do i go arround that?

First off, loved that album. \m/

Second, I've got the same Peavey Tube Vypyr that's being recommended here, and I can play it at bedroom levels without a problem. It does sound better to my ears once you turn it up past 9/10 o'clock, but it's still pretty good at volumes that won't piss off everyone at your house.

If you're looking for something that can pull off something like Dimmu Borgir and then go and play Rolling Stones, it's tough to imagine something being better. Try and look for them used, I picked mine up for $250, and I've seen them at the $275-300 mark all the time.

Edit: As was said before, Watts =/= Decibels. Lower wattage amps are often just as loud/louder than different higher watt amps.
The more you know.

I've been suffering from GAS for a new amp for a while now, and haven't even thought about looking at 100/120 watt heads because I thought "Well I'll never need the extra volume so I'll get the 60 watter and pocket the extra 150-250." Guess I'm going to see how much of a difference it really makes for me now XD

My wallet was already going to be screaming in agony, now it just might curl up into a fetal position.
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But he wasn't trolling you?

If he's going to just follow my posts and call me an idiot then yeah, he's trolling. Now if he were to give a reason that I'm wrong, that's different.

And I do know that species doesn't equal quality, but as I said before I thought that BC Rich's materials got a lot better once you moved past the Kerry King/entry level stuff.

Besides, can you think of any good guitar that's made with basswood?
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Why are you so upset? Just stop posting stupid things and nobody will tell you that you're stupid.

Basswood or rosewood are not worse than mahogany or ebony whatsoever. The species of the wood is not at all the measure of it's quality.

Obviously troll is obvious.

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Can people stop with this? Crap wood is crap wood, no matter the species.

With that being said, DEFINITELY the Mockingbird. Nicer guitars than the Damiens.

I was under the impression that BC Richs at this price range started to have nice build quality and materials

Still the better guitar than the Damien.
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Please don't be a moron again.

**** off and die.
Between those two, I would say definitely the Mockingbird.

It's made with a nicer wood (Mahogany instead of Basswood, Ebony fingerboard instead of Rosewood), has a neck-through design, has coil taps at that price range, and MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY.

Also, the Schecter is a victim of the $=Euros conversion. Here in the US that Schecter is going for $450 while the BC Rich is at $700.

And the Mockingbird doesn't have stupid inlays.
Ok, I've listened to extreme metal for years but I have never been able to find the actual term for the vocal styles that are used, and I was wondering if there actually is a term for it. It's always seemed really awkward to have to say "death metal growls" or "black metals rasps" instead of an actual word for it

Anyone know what they're actually called? Some help would really be appreciated
^This. You can pick up a used tube version for around the 300 mark.

I have the 60w tube version myself (this is my first amp so please know that I won't have the ears of a more experienced player) the built in effects/amp modeling sound okay to good, but the sheer number of them means you won't have a compelling reason to drop a bunch of cash on pedals for a while. Awesome value for money.
I was in almost the exact same situation as you OP, found a lightly used non-trem version of that same guitar. I choose to buy it and have not been dissapointed, it's solidly built, sounds awesome (for the 175 I paid for it) and feels good to play on.

Then only thing that you may not like is that it is actually a fairly heavy guitar, but it's never been an issue for me. Keep in mind that I don't gig, so it could be different for you.

Whoops saw that you already bought it
Personally I love the thicker neck with this, a lot of other guitars make me feel like I'm playing a toothpick.
Well it depends, are you actually going to be playing both bass/electric? otherwise there isn't much use in having an amp that can do both.
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whats the difference between the jca2112rc and the jca2212c? which is better for the bands i play.. remember it has to be versatile.

Look through your own thread again, I already answered it

I'm newish to electric guitars/amps myself and only have a Peavey Tube Vypyr at this point, but if you're looking for a extremely versatile amp I'd say that it's awesome for most anything. It's a modeling amp so it has different modes that make it sound like literally a dozen different amps, has several stompboxes/effects in it and is generally great as "can do anything" sort of thing so you won't have as much incentive to drop cash for effect pedals and the like. I've played everything from The Doors to Between the Buried and Me (Not well, but that's not the amps fault :P) on this amp.

Having only seen Youtube videos I'd say that the Jet City 2*12 is better for clean/overdriven music, but for heavier music like you want to play the Vypyr is the way to go.

After saying that though ... I want that Jet City as my next amp :P
Switched them around somehow.

The cheaper one is significantly better. It has an extra channel along with tube driven reverb and effects as well as having another freaking speaker, which can really help with heavier stuff like Whitechapel.
Sorry for not being clear, it's the cable itself that "sags." It isn't even with the head, but the nut looks like it's fine. When I push up against the cord so it' parallel I can play it, but when it's not being held up there's nothing. It's definetly not the cable, as I've tried it with another cable and had to do the same thing.
Ok so whatever was up is fixed now with that firmware update, and I can actually get a clean sound out of it without it being really distorted. Weird.

Now I just have to figure out that jack. You mentioned that it's on a PCB board? It's not the nut, that's flush with the head. I've never opened up an amp but if it's at all similar to a computer I'm comfortable disconnecting/hooking up stuff.

Edit: You're probably right that I'm being dumb and am mistaken about what things do, but I was getting quite a ton of distortion regardless of where the pregain or post was, and I was using the clean channels. After that firmware patch the amp is actually more responsive to what I do. And i didnt have tubescreamer or other stompboxes/effects on.
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I'll try that with mine in a minute. Maybe that is just the way it is. I usually have my post gain sitting at 11 o'clock and I never touch it. I mean, is it bothering you?

Actually yeah, it's driving me crazy that I always have a distorted guitar. Don't get me wrong, I love the heavy stuff but sometimes I want to play with a clean sound
If it turns out that this is just a quirk of the vypyr I'll deal with it, or because of additional issues ... I'm on the borderline of returning/exchanging this for another vypyr that actually works. The only reason I havent done so already is because this is the first amp I've owned (borrowed an old crappy one that came as a starter kit from a friend before) and I don't want to have to wait another 1-2 weeks

Trying to get my comp to read the usb->midi, will update soon
Yeah, it's the post gain knob, and basically as soon as I turn it far enough for the 2nd LED to light up I start getting sound again. Even with pre gain and volume maxed, if there's no post gain I get no sound. I'll reset and update it soon and let you know if that changes anything. I bought it used from guitar center's online store so I do have a 30 day warranty.
Hey everyone, after asking around on this forum I decided on a used Peavey Vypyr Tube 60w. I have two main issues - the input jack is loose (it kind of sags downwards) and sound only goes through if keep the cord pushed up against the top of the amp, keeping the jack in place.

The other is pretty worrying - I have no sound if I turn off post gain. Zero. I can crank to it's max and unless I have post gain on nothing comes out.

Anyone have an idea on how to fix it? Is the gain issue related to the input jack, and if so, is it something that I could fix myself? I have no idea here
I'll get this ball rolling

How much are you willing to spend?

(I'll assume youre playing metal since you're looking at Blackstars)

Do you want new or used?

Are you planning on gigging?

Where the closest city? A lot of the time you can find good deals locally.

What's your current gear?

I will say this, it seems likely to me that you're just learning, if that's the case you should probably stay away from stacks. Also, if you don't like the ht-5 combo, why are you considering buying it?! XD
It seems like I know what I'm getting ... A Marshall MG 30FX!

In all seriousness though, thank you for pointing me toawrds the vypyr, after hearing some youtube clips I'm shocked at how much better it sounds than a solid-state orange I'd tried at a local shop. That, combined with the amount of sound options you have means that I'm sold! I'll be ordering a vypyr tube 60 tommorow

Once again, thank you for all your help!
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Can you get a used Valveking for that amount? Try and get a 212 so you can turn the presonance low for thrashier metal.

Nope :/ after looking around the low end for used seems to be about 480-520 for a used valveking 212.
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What? No. I don't even.

The Vypyr is silent. I have a Tube 120H model. I've owned a 15 & a 75 in the past.

That's great to hear, I'm going to chalk that up to "the internet" I'll be really looking at this one Thanks
Thanks offworld! This looks like a solid amp, but after looking at s ome reviews some say that you really will want a noise suppressor. In your opinion, will I need one soon/eventually? I'm a little concerned because my guitar has ceramic pickups and is already fairly loud through any amp I've tried

And yeah, those are awesome bands! Got the chance to see BTBAM a few months ago and they were amazing! Played lots of stuff off of Alaska with some Parallax 2 thrown in
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So I take it you will never be playing with a drummer?

Yep! I have no plans to play in a group for now.
Hi all, I'm switching from the acoustic to the electric, already have a solid guitar chosen but was looking for a decent tube amp in the 250-300 range. I was going to go with a Blackstar HT-1 but thought I should seek out your wisdom first

I'm looking for something that can do metal such as Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan, while being able to do some blues (emphasis on the metal).

I'm ok with buying used, I would just like to get the best sound for the money that I can. This is purely for practice, and I'm in the Des Moines IA area.

This is going to be paired with a used Schecter Omen Extreme, I don't have any other gear at the moment

Thank you so much for any help you can give!
Is the speaker size really that huge of a difference? I understand that smaller speakers have a brighter sound but I didn't realize it was that dramatic of a difference!
Hi all, it's my first post here so let me know if the format is wrong

I'm making the switch to an electric guitar from my shitty knockoff acoustic and was looking for a first amp. I was at a local shop messing around with some amps and one of the guys there suggested Blackstars. I the HT 40 they had and loved the sound, but it's honestly too expensive and too loud for a practice amp. I was looking at the HT -1/1R, but no shops in my area carry them so I would have to buy one online.

My question is - does the HT - 1/1R sound like it's big brother, the HT Club 40?