The new tracks are fantastic. Both possibly better composed [which I wasn't sure they could do], and better produced. They sound gorgeous.
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I listen to Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax for thrash metal; Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath for heavy metal and have started listening to Blind Guardian for power metal.

I have heard some of BG's later songs which I found really interesting, but the only album I've heard so far is their first one, which is pretty much thrash, loved it though. I also started to listen to Helloween but couldn't make it past the first one. Damn, that is probably the shrillest voice I've ever heard. You really imagine a pixie singing on that 'Warrior' track. Can somebody recommend a good power metal band with not-so-shrill vocals?

Also I wanted to start listening to some melodic death metal, so that I could venture into the more extreme side of music. Scoff as much as you want, being a Christian I do not want to listen to anti-Christ lyrics, even if the band members themselves are not Satanic. Nothing more anti-Christ than Jump In The Fire at least. I'm not going to faint as soon as I hear the word Satan or Lucifer, just they shouldn't be in a good light. Please recommend one. Please don't say Dark Tranquility because I don't want pianos in my extreme metal.

I prefer listening to bands that are consistent and continue to release material today.

Edit: A lot of you guys are really helpful but suggest a lot of bands at once which can be quite overwhelming. Please try to keep it less than three bands. Sorry for being so particular and choosy

In Flames - The Jester Race, Colony, Whoracle. They're still making music but haven't made anything good or decent since Clayman way back in the day.

Also, old Dark Tranquillity is better and doesnt have the heavy keyboard presence. So, The Gallery and Skydancer are albums you want to hear. I support the Mirrorworlds rec as well, great album, that one.

Obsequiae - Suspended in the Brume of Eos
Oubliette - Apparitions

Just a few ideas. Test em out. See how they are.
Indeed, VG! I have many other things happening these days... Wish these boards were how they once were.

That album has multiple moments that just give me chills or get lodged in my head for days, though. Or both. And they have a new one coming!
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@Knarrenheino: I am familiar with Satyricon but not that track specifically, I'll take a look anyway. If you like the Folk/Medieval influence in Black Metal, I highly recommend Darkenhold.

@severed-metal: Glad it wasn't too out of reach, I might keep adding stuff to it but I know Anubis Gate have written some very sophisticated stuff so I want to try transcribe some of their stuff. Artefact is another Black Metal band that do have some very interesting stuff so I'll have to try transcribing their stuff too.

Quote by Knarrenheino
It's long ago since I was a bit into musicology, so sadly your analysis is a bit above my head, although it's always interesting to see a metal track analysed in classical music terms, some of them really deserve that. Emperor sure is very high up in that list. What I didn't know is that there's also Norse folk influences in their music.

No request (since I can understand only a few bits anyway), but Satyricon is also worth a look, the Mother North song & album in particular. Compared to Emperor, stronger folk/medieval influences (a good example is the hurdy-gurdy style opening theme of Immortality Passion). A notable characteristic of Satyricon is excessive use of unusual rhythms (5/4 or 7/4), frequently changing bar lengths (like 6/4 - 6/4 - 6/4 - 8/4, or 6/8 - 2/4, or 9/8 - 4/4 - 7/8; forgive me if I'm incorrect, I have difficulties telling if something's a 6/4 or two 6/8 or two 3/4 etc.--my point is irregular beat counts), or just five- or seven-bar themes.

You probably know it already, but if not, I thought you might be interested in that.

edit: only the song's named Mother North, the album is Nemesis Divina

I havent been here in awhile since the boards are pretty dead and I'm not too interested at the moment but - Darkenhold is good. If you want even better, listen to Obsequiae. They use actual medieval/OLD classical musical techniques and styles and it's incredible.
^ You missed the two superior choices from In Flames.

Namely, Man Made God and Acoustic Medley.
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No top 100s. No top 10s. This is the best album of the year:

My god, yes. This album is incredible.

Also, Believe in No Coming Shore.
Been listening to it a lot [one of the few metal things I've been listening to in the last month actually].

I love it. But that's no surprise I spose - I've only grown to love this band more and more over the years. To the point their last album has actually become possibly my favorite album. But Believe... just feels really live and the tones are great. So despite it being way more stripped down it feels more earthy, which I like a lot.
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This actually sounds really cool. A bit normal "orthodox" BM, but there's something not quite as normal there too. Which I like, a lot.
There's not much new happening here. It's slightly heavier than usual Primordial, I guess, but the formula is basically the same [but it always has been].

But, goddamn. That chorus is super effective. It sounds like they might have hit the level they did on To the Nameless Dead again. If that's the case this album will be amazing.
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I'm looking for some awesome metal that will make me want to scream "Freedom" while waving a battle-axe and running down a hillside wearing nothing but blue face paint and a kilt.
Basically, I'm looking for more music in the vein of Amon Amarth, Primordial, Tyr, Heidevolk, and Falkenbach. You can be as obvious or obscure as you'd like.

Saor - Aura.

Super triumphant. It makes me feel like I'm in the Scottish highlands, fighting the Brits.
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Maybe it's a perfect example of "You had to be there."

Then again I feel that statement rings true for many of the classics younger fans seem to worship. I wonder if the magic I felt is truly evoked in the modern listeners ears; Ears that have been saturated by excess.

As SotS was my first AtG record and one of my very first melodic death records along with Dark Tranquillity and In Flames, I can vouch for the magic. First time I heard Under a Serpent Sun I was in love. DT and In Flames just didnt have the same bite.

I think I should go back and listen to that album again actually... Been too long.
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Need some suggestions.
Basically I want choral music. I'm thinking Requiems are the way to go. I can't get enough of Berlioz's Grande Messes des Morts lately. Plus I'm liking sorrowful music, like Gorecki's third.

So something like those combined I guess. I'm taken to understanding Verdi and Mozart's Requiems are very much worth hearing.

Go listen to Miserere Mei Deus, an old Gregorian chant. Then just explore those a bit.

May or may not be up your alley, but various monastic chanting is my favorite choral stuff.
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After their trilogy, Rome released another album, Hell Money. It's good. I think his older stuff such as Flowers from Exile is better, but it's not bad. They also released an EP Hate Us and See If We Mind, which has a few songs that will appear on their upcoming album, A Passage to Rhodesia.

This short clip is indicative of everything that Rome does well. This album will be magnificent, and I think the subject matter he is addressing is incredibly interesting.

That sounds amazing.

Also, Flowers From Exile and Nos Chants Perdus are the best things he's done so far. Both damn near perfect albums.
^ Yeah, fairly recently did I decide to go get their stuff. A few months ago probably. I've been in love ever since. Seriously fantastic band.
Panopticon - Roads to the North
Yellow Eyes - The Desert Mourns
Wayfarer - Children of the Iron Age
Infestus - The Reflecting Void
Saor - Aura
Ion - Ion
Spectral Lore - III
Nasheim - Solens Vemod
Aurvandil - Thrones
No, Peter came in after Mike. Peter was still an important part, and had a distinctly fitting style for the band, though.
^ You guys are basically spot on.

The whole Lopez thing to me smacks of impatience and unwillingness to wait things out. Either due to record label expectations or because Mike thinks they need to put something out every few years I dunno, but that's how it seems. Instead of what a fair few other bands do which is wait something like that out, instead of immediately dropping the guy.

As for the new record: I dont even want to listen to it, hearing what you guys have said, and having taken some small samplings of it.
Long Distance Calling is pretty cool. Not really true modern rock, but they've put out a few really good albums.

I also dig Modest Mouse and newer Anathema... And I suppose both of the recent Alice in Chains albums have been pretty solid, although closer to metal really than they used to be.
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Best albums so far this year?

Anubis Gate - Horizons
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Piano Nights
Ion - Ion
Saor - Aura
Spectral Lore - III
Infestus - The Reflecting Void
The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li
Stilla - Ensamhetens Andar
Morbus Chron - Sweven
Aurvandil - Thrones

And it wont be out for awhile but the best of the bunch is probably Panopticon - Roads to the North. Keep an eye out for Falls of Rauros - Believe in No Coming Shore as well.
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There are almost endless places, really, -

MA's "similar artists",, keeping an eye on distros, word of mouth, .. - pretty much everything that's been mentioned already.

He writes good reviews; I often don't agree with him but at least he's always objective. The last couple of things that he rated as 8 or higher from 2013/2014 were really, really good.

Pretty much agree. I dont always fall in line with his tastes or what have you, but if he rates something 8 or up I figure I should probably listen to it to at least try. And he's not just limited to one thing which is nice, cause the subgenre niche blogs get really... group-thinky.

As to the topic, I do what VG and Virtuoso do. Reputable sites/labels [Bindrune, for instance], youtube channels, and other such sources. And I comb through youtube if something catches my eye, and if it sounds good I check it out. Simple as that really. Not everything will be good but there's some gems.
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Yeah, Somne, Desolate Winds, Téonhete, Wode, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Norðrodor, Rhûn, Old Corpse Road, Aloeswood, White Medal immediately spring to mind.

Some of them only have the odd song, others are more established. But yeah, the north of England seems pretty solid at the moment.

Early versions weren't that different, just shorter, more like a collection of ideas, and the direction the song would take.

Wodensthrone are the best of that bunch. But if you kick it north to Scotland, Saor is great, and nipping at their heels perhaps.
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Panopticon debuted a new song the other day
The whole album leaked in 240p on youtube, I'm going to wait though.

It also leaked elsewhere. It's freaking incredible. I am without doubt getting it on wax as soon as it can be preordered.
I want new Falls Of Rauros. Panopticon will keep me busy until then.

Me too. Dont sell the new Panopticon short though. It's amazing.
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Are you picking up 20 Buck Spins reissue? Got the silver version myself. The Wounded Fox has one of favorite sounds to come from Metal instrumentation. Such wonderful pacing to it. I knew from day one that Autumnal Winds were to turn into something special and alas.


I too have ordered the Silver version.

Obsequiae is wonderful. I wish there was more metal that well composed with all the counterpoints and so on.
While I disagree with WC's sentiment , Stoic belongs better in the Doom/Funeral Doom areas now than black metal. In spite of Weathered Stones and some other bits.
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Possible, but it's lacking that haunting tone BDH has.

The vocals and some parts of their songs, half-way through Serpentskin for example, reek of Incantation. Everything else is just too riff-y, which I count as a good thing because, as much as I love Incantation, nothing beats a metal album with a ton of riffs.

Both of these statements are true.

As for this versus BDH, yeah. BDH and Obliteration in general is much more haunting and morbid almost like TRITSIO but with an 80s extreme metal vibe.
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Ahhhh fuck Promulgation of the Fall is unbelievably good. Even ignoring all the hype, this album just doesn't get boring at all with repeated listens one after another. This is one of those albums that only gets better and my ears are infinitely grateful for its existence. 2014 has been an incredible year for Death Metal.

Nigredo has that part that just leaves me stupefied in tidal wave of black horizons.

Indeed. Could be this years answer to Obliteration's Black Death Horizon.

Meanwhile Morbus Chron's new record is like 2014's version of Tribulation, albeit not quite as outstanding as Formulas of Death was.
New Falls of Rauros should be great, as should the new Panopticon.

Otherwise there's not much I care for.

New Infestus and new Spectral Lore are both excellent though, and the new Great Old Ones is pretty good.
Honestly it sounds like heavy 90s rock with a bit of shoegaze. Hum, Codeine, Rein Sanction et al, but with Slowdive/mbv influence.

And aside from the first song I dont really enjoy it. It's just not that interesting. Which is a shame cause I really enjoy the first song [although it loses steam in the second half].

He'll never top the s/t, that much is for sure [even though at this point that's apples and oranges].
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Fair enough. Suggestions, then?

Everyone is neglecting to mention the best of the Greek scene:

Spectral Lore - III; Sentinel; II.

Seriously, you wont regret it.
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Rec me something that doesn't easily fit into a genre, something that is unique and ground breaking, something that could be considered the next evolution of metal music.

Hm. This request tickles my fancy. I'll take a stab at it.

Gris - A L'ame Enflammee, L'ame Constellee
Bloodway - Sunstone Voyage and the Clandestine Horizon
Clad in Darkness - Decathect
Fyrnask - Eldir Nott
Morbus Chron - Sweven
Owl - You Are the Moon, I am the Night
Dolorian - Voidwards, s/t, When All the Laughter Has Gone

As modern metal goes that's as unique as you'll find.

I suppose you could add Negative Plane or Deathspell Omega or some of those insane technical bands like Portal but I'm going more on songwriting and deft incorporation of new elements.
The Pythia is actually my least favorite from this album. And it's not close. It kinda gets better as it goes though, the last few songs are quite good.

Good album though, if not great. I think I must have overlistened Dwellings though because I'm just not that interested in Cormorant's style anymore.
Krallice is also just terrible.
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I don't know what the general consensus on Falls of Rauros is around here, but holy shit this album:

One of my favorites. Their newest is their best thus far though.
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hahah damn, Burning_Angel, that's your "joy, hope, and happiness"?
something about this guy's voice always uplifts me

No not really, more the last sentence. Where it takes me from depression and hopelessness to determination and hope. It's bittersweet really.
It was. Absolutely my favorite of the year, and nothing else even came close.
Angantyr's best record is and will always be Haevn.

That said, Angantyr is melodic, but it's basically a nice mix of Darkthrone, Burzum, and mid-period Bathory. Nothing terribly original, but it's well executed and good, sometimes really, really good.