depends how you want to coil tap. you can buy pots with a push/pull switch, or add a different switch altogether. many options with the strat.
you can do some tricks with a multi fx into the input, fx loop on amp in/out and fx loop on multi fx in/out and using multi fx to control everything.
I love the buildup in Tool's The Pot. The guitar lays down a heavy riff, then the bass copies it next bar)
just use a clean amp setting and your neck pickup, maybe a touch of reverb if you feel like it.
morley, no question. crybaby original most likely.
ok, so i've just discovered/started listening to opeth. this is almost exactly what i've been looking for in music, i love it.

you have things that are creepy, groovy, and heavy. post some of your fav. songs, i'm listening to Ghost Reveries album right now.
...David? Is that you??
Peavey Royal 8 (basically a valveking, i believe) has a headphone jack. Try it out.

You might be able to use headphones with a bigger amp if you use some sort of re-amping set-up.
i've heard good things about almost everything carvin, but with the nomad i've heard that it could really use a speaker change and sometimes some mods

on the other hand, i've heard nothing but good things about egnater amps. 20 watts is still real fricken loud.

never actually played either, so really just try em if you can and make a choice.
no one mentioned any power metal bands...

Blind Guardian!
shoulda just killed em...

Good luck!
Man of Sorrows - Bruce Dickinson

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...but it's the guitar we care about
needles. I ****ing HATE needles.
tool, electric wizard, buckethead, rhcp, pink floyd, cynic (new album is a trip), basically anything

Blind Guardian is pretty good baked, find a good album and just listen.
It's odd that this is up now, just today I was listening to a lot of blind guardian

i give free candy to children
I think hookah bars are outlawed here, it's ridiculously bad for your lungs compared to smoking, apparently.
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I had a fight with my dad
My girlfriend dumped me, on Valentines day
My friends are all avoiding me
I have no alcohol
My guitar won't tune
I'm great

You don't sound too great. I think you need the hug thread. And weed.
if you get to color rob halford, make sure he has some pink

that fucker loves pink
last week has been pretty good. Kinda hungover right now, but from a wicked party with lots of booze, weed and chicks.

On the other hand, the week before I was experiencing a near-crippling depressive stint, random bouts of crying when I thought about anything, the whole "**** everything" mode. Weird ****.
what's the diameter of those ports? I dont know anywhere around here that i'd be able to find one to mesure.
was a while ago, can't remember for sure
didn't say anything about the price

where the hell are you looking, anyways? I got mine at Long & Mcquade and it was only like $140 I thought
love my 10-band
don't suppose I can get some other little tidbits

how high are the 12's centered? Like at what point on the height is the center of the speakers? And are they equidistant (or whatever that word is) from each side/top?

and where is the center on the height for the ports? and what diameter are the ports? I should be able to find port inserts or something so it looks decent too, right?
aye, needs to have a load. Just having a pot would probably damage something, don't really know, not an electrician
thanks. Just needa find someone who can fork out some dimensions
So I've been planning on building a speaker cab for some time, with some specific things in mind. 2x12 (I don't need 4x12), closed back/front ported (ever stand behind your open-backed amp while playing? A lot of sound comes out the back. Force that out the front, and BAM!)

So, I was thinking, "Damn this sounds like a good idea. Wait a sec, isn't that just the G-Flex 212? ****."

So, G Flex users, I'm looking for your opinions on the 2x12 cab, and for dimensions.

Playing metal/rock/basically anything, really. Planning on using Warehouse V30 copies. Suggestions will be considered.
maybe they should release a new album and make a full-length concert movie?
if that was around here, it would be gone by now.
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Real question is that without going to the url of the picture can you guess what brand it is?

looks like a carvin bolt

Which it is.
Why are you guys not suspicious of UNICEF at all?

I know I am.