J.S Bach
W.A Mozart
F. Chopin
L.V Beethoven
J. Strauss
And here are some composers known for their works for classical guitar(classical music with Spanish touch):
Issac Albeniz
Hetior Villa-Lobus
Fransisco Tarrega
Agustine Barrios Mongore
Fernando Sor
and many others..
I had braces for a year(it was 3 years ago), with the time you'll get used to them. Good luck
Happy new year from Israel!
Let god bless all of us with health, happiness, love, success and peace!

2009 Is already here!!!(1:27 hours ago)
^where are you from in Israel?
privet! ya Arik e ya is israila.
means that i'm Arik and I'm from Israel.
after performances many chicks always want me, but a week after that they don't anymore....
Hebrew(I'm from israel), Russian(fluently, I spaeak Russian at home) English(duh..) and French, and a few words in chineese XD
Music is very importent to me and I want to invoved in music in the future, but my parents always tall me "you better do something else if ypu don't want to play music in weddings fot the rest of your life" so my backup is programming and the other backup is teaching guitar(wich i already doing).
I hope i I won't need these backup's :P
GP5 is much more comfortable than Power Tab.
in gp there are much more options than in power tab..
I think i'm a gp addicted!!