woaah. marriage. thats the heaviest of them all.
congrats man.

sorry, but i don't have any other contribution to this thread. :P
doo do da da do da.
do da doo doo da
doo do da da do da.

i know most of the indian bands personally cause i go gigging often and the bands usually get of stage and mingle with the crowd after they're done with their performance.

and my dad's a sound engineer so i know a bunch of indian musicians too.
a.r rahman's come over to my place a bunch of times.
i guess he's the only indian musician you guys would've heard of.

and owing to my dad's friends or one of my friends, i MIGHT get to meet porcupine tree when they play in december.

well. this is the most recent one. it's nothing major.
this girl i was dating and i were sitting on the curb of a semi-deserted lane the night before she was going out of town for a week. the lane was mostly empty except for a couple of random people going about their evening walks, a smoker and this dude on a bicycle. so before she left to go home she leaned over to kiss me.
after she finished and moved away we both looked straight ahead and saw the dude on the bicycle staring at us, open mouthed.

it was ackward. for a bit.

then he crashed cause he drove into a pot hole cause he wasn't looking at where he was going.

OH !


this, of course.

cause then you'd get to do that-
A local band yesterday.

Reverse Polarity.
It was okay-ish.
Do what your body tells you to.

At most gigs there are 2 kinds of people.
Those that know whats going on and those that don't.

Being the former only comes with experience. So go in knowing that you will look like an ass sometimes..but learn from it.

And plus it never goes with the music.

And don't try to headbang/mosh to everything. Some of it is just meant to be listened to.

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Anthony Kiedis - My lovely man

Any member of Sikth - Suffice

Kele from Bloc Party - The Prayer

Jack Johnson - TALK OF THE TOWN

John Mayer - NO SUCH THING.

C wot I did thar ?
Oh and another thing.
Something I hate about alot of bands is that they can't reproduce what they do on a cd on stage.

That goes out to the vocalists especially

Some examples:
Matt Heafy - Trivium
Corey Taylor - Slipknot
Serj Tankian - SOAD
I disagree with the entire concept of these lists.

I think its a more personal choice. So everyone's list would be different.

And yeah It would be tenors and opera singers FO' SHO' if they were talking about just things like range.
I think singing is much broader than just range and pitch perfectness.
To me tone, texture and the emotion the singer are equally important.
I guess pooping a fish would kinda widen my rectum to disgustingly grotesque amounts[kinda resembling Goatse] and then I'd be so freaked out that I pooped a fish that I'd **** bricks.

Then using my awesome powers I shall form a brick kiln with the said shat bricks and use something that I haven't thought of yet to start a fire and cook the fish.

And eat it.
And move around at the same time till i find life.

Then I'll sell the idea to a Seafood restaurant.

It'll be called, " Fish a la asshole-a"

Just to make it sound fancy.

I put in a lot of thought into this
I hate it when people can't head bang/head bob/move to the rhythm of the music.
If I take a pause and look at the crowd there are always a bunch of people[usually friends and in a group together] moving spastically to some weird unknown time signature completely off what the band on stage is playing.

People who can't jump in one place, or rather CHOOSE not to jump in one place.

Drunk people.

Security that doesn't understand ****.
Random bs.
Anna Molly

Quote by Fieryhead
never heard of it.

er.. Master of Puppets - Metalica?

Yeah. But I barely listen to it.

Pussyfoot - Sikth

There are always people that will use it.
Don't listen to them if you don't want to.

End of story.
Quote by TheQuailman
Classic 30 sounds like a good idea, it will need to be boosted for metal though. I'd not go for the VC15 for metal, unless you don't mind using a distortion pedal for everything heavier than soft rock.

Ah. Good to hear that. When I was a n00b and really wanted a pedal to go with my Marshall MG15CD I got my aunt to get me a Metal Muff as a birthday gift.

Learnt alot that day about amps and analog pedals.

Which amp do you guys think has a better clean tone outta the two ?
Quote by boxcarmonument
Before you google transformer. And end up watching movie clips. The proper name of the unit you want to google is a step down transformer.
This will convert 240v into 120v.


I know what Transformer to use man. Before I wrote this and my dad tried sorting this issue out.
Thanks anyway.

And Quailman. Thanks a ton.

Transformer it is then.

Now second part.

Which amp ?
I play alot of blues, rock and metal.

Checked with a couple of friends
IMO the Laney VC-15 and the Peavey Classic 30 sound like good options.

Any more suggestions in the $550-750 price range ?


I know.
But the amps there are probably built for that, aren't they ?

In the States all of it runs on 110V.
And here its a 240 V
I thought about the Transformer thing man.
But it could spell some serious disaster.

My dads in the Sound biz and hes seen it happen so he doesn't think its a really good idea to use transformers.

Its at about 240
My dads friends flying in from the states.

And he can pick up a tube amp for me.

Problem is..because I'm in India, there's the voltage difference issue.

So anyone know if there are any good Universal Voltage tube amps ?


That place with the ancient history, culture and crazy spicy, orgasm inducing food.
Quote by thrash metaller
no it's me

do you liek chocolate milk?

F**k yeah.

Is it possible to birth 19 1/2 kids in one go ?
All I wanna do...

Electric feel- MGMT.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more...

It'd be hilarious if they had a choir at the back singing this song.
+1 to atmosphere.

its entirely dependent on your personal state of mind at that moment.

i love that colour.
i wanted to do that to my hair.
Quote by Scissortooth
It's pretty much like a 2 hour blow job.

It's a lot of fun, even more so if you really like the band. It's almost like meeting an actor/actress you like. Seeing a band you love playing live is just a great feeling.

I saw Daft Punk and it was quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Not my top fav band or anything, but the show they put on was mind blowing. Seriously, I could hardly talk for a couple of days and I still remember the chills I had while I was there. I will never forget it



I love bands that put so much efforts into their shows.
Yep. That just sucks for the actual live act.

Thankfully for me in Bombay local gigs are not a problem..theres tons of them from bands of all genres.
And the only International acts that show up here do so when they become old and are replaced by something younger in their usual tour spots.

you're missing out on something.

especially if its the type of music you really like.
then it doesn't matter what you're doing or where you're standing.

you'll love it.

listening to pre-recorded music is great.
watching someone re-create it in front of you.
for you.

waaaay better.

its surreal.
thats exactly what it is.
Quote by JimmyJuinor

ehh Guns and Roses are too overrated, they have 1 album for Christ sakes! all very talented but 3 hits isn't enough to woo me.

Van Halen-one of the kings of glam metal

Iron Maiden-ehhh Judas Priest is better IMO

Black Sabbath-we talking Ozzy or Dio here? oh what the hell both great!!!!

Foo Fighters- Everlong=magic

Red Hot Chili Peppers- not as good as the ones above

Chili Peppers not awesome ?

You sir need some tone work to truly understand the awesomeness that is Froosh.
Quote by Carl6661
How many more threats about erections will be posted today.

More importantly;
Why do I come into all the threads about erections.



LOL if you understood.

Then again.
KISS did all the blood and costumes to get publicity though they weren't that heavy.

They were one of the first people to do it.

And most black metal bands followed suit.

And if you've heard some black metal bands before KISS, your assumption would probably be for them to sound heavier, but its actually the other way around.
All you pot smokers should get down to india.

Our most of our Hindu mystics(known as Sadhus) smoke j's and chillums while roaming around the street.

And no one does shit.

And there's a traditional drink called Bhang in which the main component is marijuana.

Laws here are ****in messed up.
Whatever man.
Its all good as long as you can still snort coke while driving.

You can, right ??
There goes another.

RIP Richard.
Is it just me or is he trying to do a Lil Wayne with all the YEEAAAHs ??
What happens when a piano falls on a high ranking army official ?
A Flat Major
The Lion had a huge party and invited all the animals.
Two of them didn't show. Which ones and why ?

The Zebra and the elephant.
Because they were in the fridge.

In that very jungle there was a lake full of crocodiles and snakes. Yet two explorers managed to swim across it without being bitten. How come ?
Because the crocs and snakes were out chilling at the lions party.