Here's an arrangement of Little Wing that I did for Jazz trio. Performance isn't perfect, but I was quite happy with it in the end.

Constructive criticism welcome
Apparently I'm 'no fun' because I don't want to go to clubs and dance with a bunch of drunk, bogan ****s alllll the tiiiiiime and watch the same Disney movies day after ****ing day. And my career is holding you back from 'living'? Except, of course, for when you're short on cash.

I'm glad that I outgrew you and I'm even more glad that the stupid reasons you had for making me feel inadequate have blown up in your face.
Still going - funnily enough, injured my wrist on my right (dominant) hand, talk about timing!
That Bobby McFerrin video blew my mind - so simple yet so perfect. Going to use tomorrow.
Thanks for the vids/links everyone, just sifted through and saw some amazing talent - that John and Flea jam was amazing!
Hi all,

So, I'm a high school music teacher and I want to start showing a video at the end of every one of my lessons with a particular class to expand their musical thinking. The theme is to show videos of musicians doing amazing things, whether that 'wow' factor is due to technology, musicianship, etc.

Definitely interested to see any videos from fellow Pit-ers that have blown your mind at some point, here's the video I'm starting them with tomorrow:
At least a couple of hours, half of them would be instrumental though.
Been out of the game for a while with work - if you're interested in a review, hit me up as I plan to spend the next six weeks making up for lost time with reviews. Message me either here or at the link in the OP, and here's an example of the final product you can expect:


Matt & Galadh.
Hi everyone,

Just released a new EP, here is the title track, 'Time To Run.' Second time I've been behind the mixing/mastering helm, preferred the outcome of this one. Also the first time I've had to work with multiple vocal tracks.

Enjoy and any commentary is appreciated (C4C).
I always really enjoyed this video - metal tone rows!

I haven't used it too much outside of solo comps/performances, trying to incorporate it into my band's new album to get into a new creative headspace. Love using non-serial atonal stuff for free-jams though
Cm7, AbM7, Fm7, GM7 - the changes for Jeff Beck's solo in 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers.'

Also, too long to write from the top of my head, 'Diamond Dust' off the same record by Jeff Beck (Blow By Blow) is amazing.
I'm a big fan of serial and generally atonal music (a la Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, etc.) and so have composed a number of pieces influenced by this approach. Also loving modern bands who use the same approaches (Blotted Science, for example).

So, I guess my questions are: have you used this approach in your own music (either compositionally or in improvisation) and, if so, how have you found it?
Definitely know all of them - need to for sight-reading, on-the-spot modulations, etc.

That being said, most of the people that have posted hit the nail on the head - I'm much quicker thinking in terms of intervals, particularly when improvising, hence knowledge of chord formulas and scale construction are just as important.
Hi everyone,

My band Galadh have just dropped a new EP, and all of the funds are going to the Tabitha foundation to assist in building houses for Cambodian villagers around June of next year. If you feel that you'd like to help out, follow the link below and click 'buy now,' nominating the amount you'd like to give. Alternatively, if you feel squeamish about giving money when it could be an internet scam, enter 0.00 for your amount and enjoy the EP for free

For those of you who donate, my thanks in advance!

-Galadh \m/,
E is the tonic. There is no concrete answer to the scale or mode that the WHOLE piece is in, Metallica have chosen to use chromatics throughout and this keeps it changing. If the question is for the sake of improvising, here are two good approaches:

1) Use a phrygian mode as your base, and be just as creative with chromatics
2) Depending on the section of the piece, analyse Metallica's use of notes/chords and respond accordingly as you go by playing patterns using what you have found

Hope this helps.
Because when plebs hear someone doing something that they may not necessarily like, the immediate reaction is "they're shit." Its just needlessly negative white noise.
Agree with guys above, if it doesn't extend beyond the b5 then it doesn't have a name. I usually encounter this particular voicing when using a lydian tonality and the F# would usually be a passing tone to resolve back to a major triad (i.e. to the G). Hope this helps somehow.
I just need, I just need to get away from here
I just need, I just need to get away from here

Lost my mind, out of time
Never seem to escape

Run, run, running
Running from the demons that follow me

I just need, I just need to get away from here
I just need, I just need to get away from here

Can't seem to think of a title for this one, the recording is mostly done. Very ambient, minimalist song.
We do all of the recording at his home studio. We write the songs ourselves and do a GP5 arrangement, send it back and forth until we're happy with them and then record them together properly. If we get outside people to record and send us their part, they'll either be playing something we've written for them or they'll be improvising.
I know this won't work for most people, but it is for me:

Was in a band, then bassist and I went out on our own. We do most of the recording ourselves, and get people to record other instruments then send them to us online - either we know them or we find them. This is for a studio band though, hope it gives a different perspective
Thanks guys, its actually all keyboard - no guitar/bass at any point
Hi everyone,

Still experimenting with synth/piano sounds and doing production/mixing myself, I've included a link to my newest ambient track and any critique (preferably constructive) is appreciated. Happy to look at and critique your tracks as well, I've been finding some pretty awesome music C4Cing in here!

Hi all,

My metal band, Galadh, are still recording our sophomore LP and I've recorded more ambient music to keep myself busy.

Managed 24 hours with a bunch of mates, it was a challenge we had to see who could go without quitting. Think it was when Halo 3 came out. Totally got home at 3pm and slept til 8am the next morning.

Never again.
Checked out the comments above and they basically agree with me, loving the raw, rock n roll sound you guys have - it suits the music perfectly. Loved the clips too, they look like so much fun! I found the group vocals really interesting, again they suited what you guys are doing.

Thanks for the kind words for 'Translation,' looking forward to hearing more from you guys
Awesome work man, loved the tone and the mix. As far as the composition goes, I loooooved it for the same reason that I love the music of guys like Keith Merrow; it wasn't about how many notes you could play, it was about style and expression and you kept it tasty the whole way through.

If I'm rambling, its because I enjoyed it so much. Will definitely be following your music from now on man.
Currently between recording full-lengths, so I've done an EP for fun to keep things moving. Normally a heavy metal band, but none of that in these recordings! Feel free to check it out for yourself, and remember, its free!

Enjoy! \m/,
So, whilst my band Galadh are recording our sophomore album (very slowly, unfortunately), I've recorded a few demos and thrown them together as an EP. It is my first attempt at the recording/mixing helm and ANY constructive advice is appreciated and will be reciprocated. Link is below, enjoy
While my black metal band are working on our sophomore, I've decided to release some piano music that I've been writing (I'm not a pianist, so I think of it as a different kind of challenge).

This track is a midi export, hoping to have it recorded by a pianist shortly. Would love to hear thoughts!
Been out of the game for a little while, but here is a review of Dissevered's 'The Incessant Alteration' - brilliant thrash-metal. Planning to get to the other bands on the page when I can, feel free to either message me here or message my band, Galadh, on FB (link in OP).
Thanks for this guys, doing research at the moment - should have a track update soon.
Hi all,

Currently working on a new track for release with my band, but its the first time I've taken the helm myself. Happy with the tones for all of the instruments, but when it comes to EQing/compressing, I have less than no clue.

In other words, for those of you more in the know, could you please listen and tell me if their are any glaring issues and how to solve them? Anything would be appreciated. Track is 'Untitled' on my profile.
Have done a new review of Deranged Youth's self-titled album. A DIY punk band from New Hampshire, they're worth a look.

Any band that would like a review, hit up our link in the OP!
First review, Fade To Oblivion, is done. Share it around and give us (Galadh) a shout out so that we can review more awesome metal!
I'm currently setting up a blog to help promote independent heavy metal bands, as well as review their music - particularly with Australian bands (though not exclusively). The promotion will take place via the blog, our facebook page and our twitter account.

If you're interested, jump onto our (my band's) facebook page and send through what you'd like us to do - promote, review etc. - and I'll make sure we help you out.

Hi all,

So my band, Galadh, have just released a new album that we recorded, mixed and mastered ourselves. Any feedback is appreciated and I'll do my best to return the favour. Download/stream at the link below: