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Hey guys. I've been going out this girl for the past 6 or 7 months and things are going really well but trying to think ahead sometimes gets a bit awkward between us. Were both 20 and still in college so we have been talking about going abroad and stuff like that.

I was wondering what other people thought about being in serious-ish relationships at this age. I'm not a man for marriage/kids whatnot, especially not now and I've been kind of conflicted about whether or not being in relationships this young is a good idea. I'm not thinking of breaking up with her or anything like that, I'm just wondering if I'm freaking out a little bit over nothing really but I would like to hear what other people think about it. Thanks

My view is that quite often being in a serious relationship at this age can be very hard to sustain and might cause you to miss out on some of the good times that you can have at college etc. People (usually in s. relationships) often argue and say they can still have them, but it is fundamentally true that at the time in your life where you will be making all your big decisions and plans, and taking the time you won't have in your senior years to go abroad, and to chase down crazy jobs and dreams and to do all the mental and stressful things that these years tend to revolve around, it is very limiting to have a girlfriend who is also invested in your future. And vice versa. This is the time for you, and with a serious girlfriend it becomes the time of you trying to work its way round a 'we'.

That being said, with the right girl, you may find it all goes smoothly and she is more than happy for you to follow your dreams and set your real life into motion as you truly want to. It's just, I think usually we create our lives at this age, then settle into them and find an other half who fits it just right. Rarely do we find them at this stage and they manage to make it past that middle section.

It's just often a mistake both parties make to build up their future lives based on each others at such an early point. Like I said, this is well and truly your pinnacle of 'me', the only time you will be allowed to be completely selfish and independent - then you live with it. A girl complicates that drastically. For example, my dumbass of a friend has been trying to get his girlfriend of a year to go to university in the city he goes to uni in (her second choice) even though she has an unconditional for her first choice in Dundee (which is 2 hours away by car). Dundee is a better uni for her course, yet the idea has been seriously considered of her picking a lesser establishment to be near him. What if she does? She will have less chance of achieving the career she wants, it will screw up her plans, and their relationship, if it lasts (which it won't) will be tinged with an undercurrent of resentment and regret. Sure, they love each other but your whole life is more important than one relationship. At this time this fact is more crucial than ever to consider (even if it is hard to).

I could be wrong though. Being around your age myself any talk of being a real adult is pretty much speculation. I just like being (mostly) unattached at this age cause you can do more or less what you like without hurting anybody - you don't get that choice in serious relationship territory.
Congrats for not reacting like a little bitch to that (extremely solid) advice. Just dude, make it easy on yourself and stop thinking about it too much. Right now at least. Just say hey, I'm a guy and she's a girl, we've just started going out. We're learning about each other and let's not take anything personally/seriously until the ground rules have been established (months in usually) and most of all let's just enjoy the fact that we're together. And there needs to be no more to it than that.

But you seem to have it sussed. Please please please keep that mindset.
The Doctor was firstly going to sacrifice himself before River stepped in. I'm pretty sure it was implied that he would die (wasn't that the reason she took his place?). It has been explicitly stated many times that Time Lords can only regenerate from situations where they are dying slowly. Basically if their regeneration cycle takes less time than their deaths would, then it works and vice versa.

Also I think it will be interesting to see what powers River has. I think the point of her is that she is like the Doctor but with the human traits that he lacks. Like the fact that she can kill people and use guns, whereas he can't. He seems to like it, it's almost as if she's an extension of him. She obviously doesn't have his Time Lord ridic intelligence and natural instinct though, although that's pretty easy to assume.

Btw: River/Amy/Rory - this is something I want to address (moan about a little). River doesn't give a shit any time she meets her parents. She is never affected by it, and is apparently far more interested in the Doctor. I get that every time we meet her, she's met them less and less times, so it may become more significant later, but still! Then, when Rory comes asking her to help at Demon's Run she says "This is the day when he finds out who I am..." When HE finds out? What difference does it really make to him? What about when your father (who you are talking to) and your mother who will have you taken away from her find out the hugely shocking and affecting revelation that you, this lady they've traveled with and has had an impact on them many times, is their own flesh and blood?

Idk. I just would think the plot should at least for the moment revolve around how Amy and Rory are River's mother and father, and how that affects the whole scheme of things. Rather than River/Doctor love at least right now.

Also. I think they won't be getting Melody back so soon. Or they will lose her again. She turns up in America clearly years later, with pictures of her and Amy when she was a baby being found and stuff. I'm pretty sure it's her in that she regenerates - I doubt they would have a second human child Time Lord. And River says the Doctor will take care of her, not Amy and Rory.

Thank shit! I thought I was the only person that thought these things about David Tennant's Doctor. I just got quite tired of the random moments of deep emotion followed by instantaneous comedy. Or vice-versa. He was great though, it's just the little traits that started wearing kinda thin.

Rose and Martha kind of annoyed me. I just hated how they both started out as like spunky normal girls and ended up as total smart alec badasses for some reason (as in Martha with Mickey fighting aliens/Rose with that parallel universe gun shit). Also, the Torchwood episodes with Martha in them are annoying because she strolls in to their headquarter and just starts firing off the "I'm so travelled and smart" crap.

As much as I do like Amy and Rory, Amy has some freaking completely random and annoying smartass lines as well. "Hey I've got a gun, so don't yoou try anything bust-ah!" In that Silurian episode. I was just like please shut the hell up. Or "that's like the crack on my bedroom wall" - she says that about 148 times in S5.

Matt Smith is fantastic though. I love him as the Doctor.

This has turned into a rant for some reason. I apologise
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I'm boring as shit when I'm around my girlfriend. I'm not a boring person. I think I might be subconsciously trying all the time not to **** up with her. Advice on making myself quit it?

Actually a very common problem. It's easier said than done but one of the best methods is to stop thinking about it. If you put it out of your mind and just say things you want to say, you'll relax and be more yourself around her naturally. Which is the goal.

It's also better if you don't worry so much about ****ing it up, because you'll probably be surprised at how far you can go before that happens. I think a touch of confrontationality (confrontationalism? :/) actually strengthens a relationship and makes it more genuine and exciting.

Also, just doing more exciting and surprising things works very well at stopping you seeming boring. Like, taking her out for surprise dates and stuff. Or whatever you don't do right now that would be a good thing to do with her. Actions > words obviously, so this is very effective.
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Guys, I'm in a pretty complicated situation here. Basically, the girl I like lives like 300 miles away. She knows how I feel about her and stuff. Is there anyway we could have a relationship?

Not a good one. It honestly does not work. It always leads to a mixture of tension, suspicion, yearning and just absence of, well, everything that is important to keep a relationship afloat - contact and closeness being the frontrunners.

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Heres my question:

I'm taking this as a logical excuse; I will try again today just to chat with her today and if she gives me an excuse I'll just delete her#.

So is this a good idea? I really have nothing to lose, because this game is fun Any ideas for conversation in case it works?

Good thinking in terms of the "using it as practice" method. More people need to de-serious and have this attitude.

I would say repeatedly texting her gives her the very hard to shake off image of you as a pestery guy (one that pesters a girl - i.e. makes significantly more contact with her than she does with him). This is actually a common occurrence which more guys need to be aware of. Basically (excluding particularly shy girls) you shouldn't contact someone more than maybe two times in a row at most, at first. Ideally it should be you once (to show assertion and confidence), then her, then whatever. If the first time you didn't make your intentions at least vaguely clear to her (that you want to keep talking; that you are interested in her) then you can try again without provoking too much eye-rolling.

This is perhaps a rambling and over-complicated answer for this particular problem I just think in general this applies a lot of situations. Basically, too much contact without much return at the start of any correspondence with someone immediately suggests that you're needy and of lower value than they are. You should just text once then wait for them to make the effort - after all, why should you if they don't?

But as you said, it's all game. It doesn't always apply, and basically just sit back, take it easy and enjoy the chase. It's honestly one of the most fun parts of a relationship.

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Okay thanks, I'll probably ask her out then. Ever since I met her I've thought that she's such a great person. We have a lot of the same interests and we always have great conversations at school and on Facebook and I know I would feel really bad if I don't ask her out.

Could not have said it better. This is why you should (almost) always do what you want.

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Well,just found out my ex was cheating on me,I need to get over her.... anyway to get over a person fast?

- Bang someone else
- Actually meet better people
- Go out, socialise, have a great time and realise the world does not revolve around the girl
- Learn lessons from the experience to become a better, stronger person

It depends how deep you were in with the girl though. For a lighter relationship, the first two are the quickest options. Just realise that you're awesome despite what she did. For heavier relationships, the latter work best - reconstruction of your inner-self after a difficult relationship/break-up. Particularly in the heavier relationships though, there is no "fast" way to getting past it. It's like anything in life.
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they call it that cuz when u see it u do a U TURN LOL

It looks very gimmicky but what do you expect from Nintendo? They're never going to try and take on the PS3 or 360 at their own game (pun very much intended). If they do it well, so many things could be applied, like a constant interactive HUD for RPG or even just action games. It also means games are not limited to just one set of controls.

Could be a lot of fun! If you don't like that sort of thing, there will always be Microsoft an Sony, or indeed the old Wii.
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Cheers Colohue, that's really good advice. I feel a lot better just talking about it

But just out of curiosity, why would it be bad to tell a girl/guy you like them? Does it give them too much control? Or does it make them feel like they won't need to work towards the relationship because they know they're liked?

Yes and yes. It also gives them the image that you are the sort of person who is afraid to take any action and has to check everything with everyone first. Not necessarily true, but it's how it works.

Additionally it creates the dynamic of you needing to know everything about your relationship before it even is (or isn't) one, which can seem needy.

Both of these points drastically lower your value (it becomes too easy/too intense) to the girl.

It's easiest to describe through the opposite situation - if you are calm, confident and assured, un-attached and able to just enjoy things and let them run their course, you will seem ultimately more attractive and stand a much better chance of getting what you want.
Don't go to a loan shark...

There must be some other kind of work you can do. Obviously construction and waiting are poor choices due to the physical movement and labour, why not try something in an office or whatnot?

But keep fit as well, this will help a lot.
Thread title sounds like a long lost Agatha Christie novel.
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Another reason to own a weapon...

You're right. Because with additional guns, this situation would have worked out a lot better.

Seriously though, how the **** did they manage to shoot four bystanders? Did they literally just stand shooting and shooting without even looking or aiming until someone said "The criminal guy is dead! Please for the love of god stop!"?

This is another reason why police with guns (and indeed widespread gun supply in general) are an awful idea. As mentioned, here in the UK we don't allow them outwith special circumstances and the amount of stuff like this that happens is lower.
They have a bit of a habit for doing that kind of thing. They always leave just the tiniest gap of ambiguity so that they can turn completely on their heel about anything that becomes problematic/uninteresting to them. I suppose it's fair enough in that it keeps you guessing, and allows for most stories they can imagine.
They just generally suck and are most likely broken. Have you tried other earbuds?
LOL Weiner posted pictures of his weiner
Oh actually did not see that second post. Ah well. It doesn't really matter, as my point is still true - you still broke your routine by asking her in the first place. Many never, ever do. You know you can do it now, so just rinse and repeat your way to happiness your props were well deserved.

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Well you've just lost your friendship, your band and any hope of a vagina.

I think I missed that part of the post...
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My girlfriend just left for the rest of summer. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself (aside from the obvious masturbation). bawwwwwwwwww

MASTERB- awww.

Find something else to do? A sport or a work placement or something. Or spend your days with your friends. Just don't sit around moping and you'll be fine
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Would it really be 011'er?
I think 11'er would be better

Ha! Silly 11'ers. One day they'll grow up and understand how it all works.

On topic, I made a joke too!

Knock knock
Who's there?
These comics
These comics who?
These comics suck.

And mines is still funnier.
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I was once in love with a wonderful girl. I know it was love, and I've felt for other people since (greatly actually), but never as much as this girl before.
The problem is, I don't know how else to judge love. I have a lovely, super special lady, and we've been together for 5 months I'm her first love, I know, but I don't know if I love her. I very well may be in love with her. I just have no idea how to not base love on that first time I felt it. And also, this romnace from before was almost 2 years ago.
I need to know how to stop basing love on what I've felt before, because there must be different kinds of love. I know I love my girlfriend, but I'm not in love with her, and I want so very much to be. Any help, pals?

Stop worrying so much. Do you want that first girl back? If not then never mind anything about her.

You can't force yourself to be in love with someone. Trust me. You can relax, sit back, enjoy your relationship and watch and feel it bloom and evolve until one day you realise that you do love her. Or even possibly that you do not.

The only thing I would say is that if you are constantly thinking about whether or not you love her, you're going to ruin any chance of developing a decent relationship to the point where you can love her.

At the same time, sometimes you just won't, and that's fine - just don't kid yourself on.
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I just have no idea how to not base love on that first time I felt it,

Um, just don't. Say to yourself: "It's always different." and stop worrying about that.

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I love this girl who is with my drummer

I bet you don't.

Quote by Tim the Rocker

Now, I knew her some month before he did and I noticed that she liked me. Very much. But I did not do anything because I was not sure I liked her. But now that I DO like her, she is with him.

Question: Do I wait ´til they break up and then conquer her or do I become the animal we were all born to be and try to break them up with cunning?...

You want what you can't have. Never heard that one before

The correct option is secret choice number three: Don't steal or scavenge a girl from someone else, particularly someone you're close to like a bandmate. Even if you're not friends with him (it sounds like you're probably not) it will risk ruining your band. And your relationship with her will be built on the foundation of betrayal and/or deception. Go and find someone else. Or perhaps even better, go and see many other girls. It's always good. Focusing all your attention on one girl against all the odds and outside world, particularly a taken one, is a silly idea created and perpetuated from a mixture of redundant traditions and movies. In short, get out there and forget about her because she's off-limits.

Now, as much as I do not personally encourage it, if you really do like her that much, still take my above advice but if they do break up, ask your drummer if it's ok with him then make a move.

You don't have to take my advice obviously, but if you choose not to then it will definitely end in at least one person getting upset.
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I don't know if this will just sound like pety teenager stuff but I need help.

My girlfriend lived 6 miles away when we starting going out, the only way to her house was a lift from either parent because the road was too busy to walk down to get to hers. We have been together for a year now and her dad decided to move further away and she had to move with her.

It has been a month since the move and he is getting annoyed with giving her a lift in and out twice a week so she can see me, so I asked my mum to give her a lift home every now and then. My mum said no and now her dad won't drive her in at all any more unless he has a reason to come into town.

This has lead to me only seeing her once in the past two weeks, and that was only for 20 minutes, my mum won't let her stay over and I can't stay at hers aswell btw. And the next time I can see won't be until next Wednesday. There's no busses to where she live and it's just caused us to have a kind of long distance relationship even though we're only 15 miles away from each other and I can't stand it and I don't know if I can keep going with a relationship that relies on help from our parents to see each other but out parent won't help. And I really don't know what to do with this whole situation and relationship any more

That sucks from both parents. 15 miles is not a lot to drive. I would suggest talking to your mum again and explaining that it's seriously not going to work if you can't see your girlfriend. But I know they can be unrelenting.

Do you have a friend who can drive, or maybe even a relative? You could offer them some petrol money for their compassion and help. Or even her dad/your mum?

It's a tricky situation, I'm sorry to hear about it. If there's no way to physically see her more than a few times a month, then I'm afraid there really is nothing you can do. LDRs don't work ever (never ever, and if someone tells you they do, they're delusional) and I agree with your point about not wanting to rely on parents.

Other choice - get the bus to the nearest stop to where she is, then get a taxi? Or get a bike. But 15 miles every time you want to see your girl is pretty lame. Also, she has to make effort too. Is she?

Basically as hard as it is to face, a relationship without physical contact is not a relationship. When it's a result of circumstances, it can be difficult to end it because nobody has done anything wrong, therefore nobody actually wants to end it. But you just have to use your head and realise it will not work, and that ultimately someone will end up hurt.
Can I just ask, how much is it roughly costing you altogether? This is something I really want to do in the next few years.
Ah well that's not so bad. I like uni because I live 30 miles away, therefore anything that comes up is very easy to ignore

Totally though. It's all you really can do man. Parents are the greatest source of relief and really do have the most ability to make us feel better I think, even if they're not much help with the actual situation. Right now just ignore her and get stuck into your studies. They're a great distraction to personal problems, just make sure it's not the other way around.
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Also, if River is spacesuit-girl, unloading a revolver at her seems unwise.

Haha true, although she does say "Of course." when it doesn't work. It just generally doesn't add up though.

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That is all.

I watched that last night!

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Not sure on the corridors but one of the screens had an image of the sonic screwdriver on it saying "it's not sonic and it's not a screwdriver"

Haha! It's probably just something like that. It was only based on their one viewing of episode seven, so I doubt it's any foreshadowing or whatnot (how would they know).
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It's her life. Once I tell her what I think, she can live it and I won't interject.

Rule #1 of girls: They talk shit. So do guys, but yknow. Just remember that for next time!

I understand how you feel though. I went out with a girl last year who said similar things to yours, but it turned out she was cheating on me. At her work. In the cupboard. Then she went out with some French diver, etc., went back on everything she had said, started getting drunk all the time.

Literally, I found it so ridiculous and her to be so stupid and disgusting as a person that I didn't care. I was more annoyed that I'd ever been stupid enough to go out with someone with such bogus changeable values. Months later she came crying about how much she'd missed me and begging me to meet her again and stuff. Moron.

Point of the story: learning from it is the ultimate therapy. But if this does make you feel better, by all means do it. Who cares if it's your business really, after all the things she's done you maybe deserve it. I just think you may risk coming out on the bottom. Or she'll just apologise and you'll have nothing else to say. You probably won't get any answers though.
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I walked away, but she's still trying to talk to me. What do I say to her when she asks if we're still talking? I want her to just stop talking to me, but I dont wanna be a dick and say "get out of my life", and I dont wanna be rude and just ignore her either. How do I make her leave me alone!

Just explain to her, without melodrama, that you would feel better to be away from her for a while. Yknow, the truth. It's usually the easiest way to get what you want.

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Felt like a vent.. so this girl I met a couple years ago at a party randomly started talking to me on Facebook about mid january this year. We sorta hit it off and starting talking everyday until we had caught up for coffee a few times. Nothing was really happening until she kissed me at a party a while later, and we had been hooking up for a while later after that until we finally started officially dating. (first girlfriend, fyi)
So, everything is going fine until a couple weeks later she breaks up with me, saying she feels were too distant or something and we should break up until it fixes. Feels bad, man.
We were still talking and all, but we were really on and off.
She told me she really wanted to see me and that she missed me although I havnt seen her in like 2 or 3 months. I always tried to make the effort to organise something but she was always supposedly busy, even on days I knew she was free.
So now we're not talking anymore but my mate spoke to her a couple weeks ago and it seems like she still likes me and I still sorta like her. Doesn't seem worth it, give up and move on? Yes, I'm an idiot.

Yeah long post I know.. just venting people.

"Give up" has such negative connotations. Yes you should let go of her, she broke up with you. It's that simple. Don't get up in your head about if she still likes you or not - if she did, she would have asked you back out surely?

I cannot stress this part enough: if you keep chasing her, you will only get hurt. This is true all of the time. If she somehow says yes, you will be in a relationship with the dynamic of her having all the power.

Basically just don't let her confuse you. No girl is worth all the hassle of the re-chase. And actually doing it lowers your value in their eyes. Get out there and find some other girls!
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Hey guys. I'm running out of words to say to myself, and probably you guys can help me out. I had a girlfriend, everything was all fine til late last year when she was all so moody. I've asked her why and such, and she recovered from whatever was bugging her. After then,it happened again. Every time I would go out with her she'd again and again put on that moody face, and it's as if I'm not there for her, nor am I any help to her(this happened for at least 3 months- her being moody). I became fed up of her actions and slowly my love towards her starts to fade.

And so til comes along April, where I really had to do something, so I broke it off. As usual, she would not accept it and I can't seem to get rid of her, AT ALL. All that she says is that I have to be responsible for my actions. I ask her "of what actions?", and she said that I took her virginity.

Here comes the twist - I've never penetrated her before. Nor have I ever fingered her deep, and the worst thing that I've done to her is that I've only played with her, with her panties on.

And so the guilt comes in of our relationship being much of a physical relationship instead of a deeply loving one, and so I ended it. Wouldn't that be actually a good reason to a relationship?

And now the other twist - Her parents are involved in this. Her mom says that I should be responsible and whatnot, her dad says that he wants the truth; in which I did not penetrated her before! I do not know how she lost her virginity, and I certainly did not took part in doing so.

I don't know what her parents might do, but her mom says she'll take legal actions and such. I'm scared,and I can no longer say things to make myself better. and I have my exams starting this Wednesday.

Holy clownshit. Ok.

1) If you didn't put your penis inside of her, you didn't take her virginity. Hymens can break during things like horseriding or even sitting on a particularly violent tumble dryer. You're in the right here.

2) She sounds like a craze-head and a drama queen. Ignore her completely, and give nothing she says any value. Her parents are obviously sucked into her spiral of drama and bullshit, ignore them also.

3) Legal action? What are they accusing you of, rape? Do they think you had sex with her outwith her knowledge? They have nothing man. You may be letting yourself get worried by them because they are adults, but don't. Speak to your own parents about this, it will help you greatly. If you didn't do it, you didn't do it, and no amount of them whining and blackmailing you changes that. Nothing will happen to you.

Look man, just don't worry. Especially around exam time. Speak to close friends and family about it. Blank out this weird girl and her weird parents from your life, delete every number and email addres, ignore ridiculous threats of legal action and just realise that you have nothing to worry about because you've done zero wrong.

Edit: I realise you might see her at school and whatnot? Dismiss her. Every time she tries to talk to you, say to her in a measured way that you don't have time to talk to liars. And walk away. If anyone asks you about it, just say she's talking complete nonsense and you've decided to just ignore it.
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so I was talking to a friend online last night after the bar (she's gone home for the summer ), had a good chat etc. Found out she's planning on coming back into town in about a month.

I want to ask her on a date. Should I wait till she comes into town and do it in person or try to make plans now?

Do it whenever you want. It's the actual date that matters. Just make you sure you actually ask
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I actually asked a girl out today. I've gotten over my big girl-phobia and I even can call girls now(takes some preparation though) She didn't seem so "on" though, we'll see. We said that we should talk about it this week so we would see which day we would go out on a coffee or something. After I hung up, I felt bad and low. Like a creep. I thought directly, there did that go in the sink. I felt like that I'm still going in a cycle, on and on. I meet some one nice, ask them out and bye bye. I'm so fed up with it.

The "not seeming on" thing is a very common phenomenon which is just plain wrong most of the time. It may just have been her on a downer in general or whatever - the point is, she said yes! She is interested in you and will be impressed by your boldness. I promise.

You got the yes, it's the hardest part usually. It's really that simple. She would have said no if she didn't like you/thought you were a creep. As for still being in a cycle? You did it man, you asked her out! That's the ultimate in breaking the cycle! If it doesn't work then who cares? Ask another girl out. And another. You can do that, and now you know you can.

Quote by Axeaman
Now I feel like when I think about that I asked her out, what the hell. Who cares. It's still gonna be shit. She won't like me and I'm still some kind of creep.

Why would you think that? The only way you can guarantee it will be shit is for you to make it shit, which often comes from thinking it will be shit. Seriously, expect to have a great time and you will If you feel so insecure, preplan it. Think of things you can talk about, what you should bring up etc. and just relax. It will be totally fine. And it will give you more and more confidence for the future.

I may be rambling, it's late. Basically climb down out of your head and look at it in black and white: she said yes; you've changed for the better in your way of doing things; and it hasn't happened yet so it still has the potential to be excellent. Honestly man, you should be happy once you realise that, it will all make sense in a much more positive way. If you expect something to be negative, it will be in your mind.
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Nah. She kills Rory, more likely Rory sacrifices himself to save young her and Amy. Calling it now.

They then would have 'killed' Rory three times as well as made him live 2000 years as the centurion. As much as they have enjoyed shitting on him, I think the idea they're going for is that that won't happen any more. He has (a little artificially, I must admit) come into his own both as a person and as a character in the whoniverse. Whereas the Doctor is doing the opposite.

I still doubt it's River that kills him in the spacesuit though. She was clearly surprised when it happened. It seems so obvious that it would be her as well (hence why it's a red herring); unlike the Melody Pond/River Song obviousness this idea has clearly been placed deliberately by Moffat, rather than because of lazy thread tying.

Anyway. Did anyone see anything strange on the monitors or corridors? SFX released a set of teasers for the mid-finale which included "Look closely at the monitors. And corridors." Maybe just the Star Wars similarity?
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ok thats it, ive posted in tons of forums trying to make friends on a million websites so **** ALL OF YOU YOU WANT ME GONE!? im gone. im gone from everyone, im going to eat a bottle of advil and chug bleach. and im serious as shit. everyone does this to me and theres no way for me to make friends, i try to be funny adn just annoy people alright im ****ed up and craazy i get it and im sory so **** all of you im gone for good

And then I stabbed you repeatedly in the neck until all hope left your eyes.

Somebody please close this. Please.
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I hate when people are obnoxious about using the word "film" instead of "movie." I don't care if you say "film" exclusively. I usually don't, but I mix it up sometimes. But when some sonofabitch says, "I saw the GREATEST film yesterday!" *snooty laugh* and then describes it, and I say, "Oh I haven't seen that movie," and he says, "Well, the FILM is amazing, you should definitely see it," with the emphasis on the word "film" I want to punch him in the throat.

I've never really heard someone do that (in the UK it's kind of more douchey to say "movie") but you describe it beautifully.

I have about 18 million pet peeves, but one of the worst is when someone says "Over exaggerate". It's not a ****ing term, exaggerating is overstating something! It's like saying "under underestimate".

And people who just randomly suck the joy out of life by calling everyone out on everything.
^bravo. (EDIT: @ the threesome comment.)

Definitely. I wouldn't personally, but that's because my sisters are 13 and 35. But morally it's fine.
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Keeping it short: Asked a friend I have very strong feelings for out on thursday, she said she needed to think. Saw her saturday but she hadn't given an answer, saturday night she said if I had kissed her earlier she would have said yes but because I didn't she doesn't believe I really like her
I hate being so oblivious to chances and being too much of a coward to make them. Her body language was ****ing confusing though.
Any idea what the best course of action would be to get her to believe that I do actually really like her and am not just looking for sex?
Don't just say move on. I'm not giving up that easily on her.

Kiss her next time you can I guess.

She sounds like a pain in the ass though, why should you have to convince her of anything? Saying she doesn't believe you sounds like game playing - and she's accusing you of possibly lying and trying to use her?

Not to be a neg or anything, it's just my view.
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I know John Barrowman was probably off appearing in musicals or something, but wouldn't it have made sense for The Doctor to enlist Captain Jack in his mini-army? I mean, a guy that can't die would be pretty handy in these situations.

Nah, a pirate and his 10 year old son are much more useful.

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Not a fan of badass-Rory, mind.

Me neither, he fits much better as a pussy whipped husband.

Rory: "Where. Is. My. Wife."
Me at television: "Oh **** off, Rory. And put some normal clothes on"

Overall I thought it was a very good episode although it seemed the plot was stretched a little thin. And the payoff was disappointing because it was exactly what everyone had predicted and no more. I was expecting Moffat to pull one out of the bag with a double revelation, or something more complicated. Oh well.

Emotional moments were fantastic though! The Doctor's low point was brilliantly played and I could really feel the hopelessness. It's one of the few times in DW that didn't make me just think "It's the Doctor, he'll be fine, it's not the season finale".

Love the idea of River having Time Lord DNA. But if she was the little girl, why didn't she remember the astronaut incident?

Or did she?

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Ok, RT, i've got a screw up for you guise. Sense the beginning of school (End of Aug) i've been hanging out ALOT with a girl. I try'd to show her i like her but i think she just took me to be an affectionate friend....just that, a friend. I think she already put me in the friend zone. Now last week we had mid-terms and had half-days at school on thur and fri. So on thursday me her and two other friends (one of them flaked :P) decided to go to the mall. It went cool for the most part, then my other friend had to go home. We walked to the park and talked about stuff and one of the things that came up was relationships...she's never had a BF (and i've never had a GF) but she's had guys tell her they like her and she's told other people and all that jazz. Now that i look back at it, that was probably a major clue for the friend zone. :P Anyways, she wanted to know who i liked and she told me that she'd tell me who she liked if i told her who i liked. I WAS going to tell her but nerves got the best of me. We went to the library and hung out for a couple hours and that was the end of that day. Now friday rolls by and i decide to walk her to her house. Before that, though, i texted her the night before if she REALLY wanted to know who i liked and she replied with the postive. On the walk home, i told her.....she said it didn't feel that awkward, and it actually didn't, but she couldn't see what other people saw in her. She thinks that any relationship she's in will end badly and said that she has to think first. The following monday she avoided me and i was ok with it, though i did text her that i missed her. (Remeber, we hung out like every day) and yesterday we did hang out with other friends during lunch (we have the same club :P) and joked around some but that's it...she kinda avoided me though...

I don't know what i should do (and before you start going about i should of followed the directions, i only found this thread like yesterday. :P)

Gah, don't tell someone you like them.

Write this out a hundred times. Please. Girls are much, much more excited and interested by someone who is bold enough to make an actual move than someone who makes a half-inflated safeguarded attempt at getting her to say she likes them.

Now, in your situation - did she tell you it wasn't you she liked? If not I think (and I'm trying to avoid getting your hopes up too much here) it may well be. And you telling her has made it real, and due to lack of experience on both parts she's not sure how to deal with it.

My advice is to give her another few days. If she's still ignoring you (which is already fairly immature at this point) then tell her to cut the crap or just forget about her.

Awkwardness takes two people. Remove the hesitance and the anxiety from the situation by taking control and being bold and straightforward. The same goes for whatever happens next.

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Terribly overlooked. I haz a sorry.

Word to the wise: Don't meddle in other people's relationships. Don't go around "discussing" things like playful ass-slapping unless some party of the relationship explicitly brings it up. It seems like the right thing to do, and I guess sometimes it is really, but in life people will get seriously pissed off if you stir (or are perceived to be stirring) shit in their relationships.

Word to the wiser: So, think about it - why do you like this girl? She flirts with many guys (taken ones at that), she ignores y- Ahhh. There we are.

Seriously man, you don't really like her. Why would you? What reason do you have - other than jealousy and feeling left out - to like her? Find someone better. Plus, her view on relationships seems pretty skewed if she's flirting so heavily with a taken guy - girls like that are not girlfriend material. Trust me on that one, I know and have known a fair few. This is a classic case of wanting what you can't have mixed with a bout of masculine insecurity. Just get over it. Don't overcomplicate your life with such a ridiculous girl, especially one who expresses no interest in you.
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yes. I think she just likes the attention.
I'm just gonna move onto other girls.
not really interested in playing games.
just a shame cause she is a beauty

Probably wise. Asking her out three times would perhaps be a bit much anyway. I know what you mean though. However there are millions of other such beauties out there, and many of them are actually pretty cool and don't mess you around! (as much.)
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How can I show her I'm what she wants eh?
She's a tricky one anyway. I asked her out to dinner TWICE and she didn't answer yes or no lol.

Don't worry man, she's nothing new. Does she do this with every guy, or just you? If it's the first, then ask her out and demand an answer. Not like a whiney brat demands more pudding or something, demand it in an authoritative but light hearted way - Sort of "Hahaha...seriously though come out with me. You know you want to."

If she is reserving this behavior only for you she is probably not that interested (hence putting off answering you) but is enjoying the attention.

Either way, don't be at her feet when you see her. Treat her how you treat everybody else. After a while of this, just ask her out plain and simple. If she says no or doesn't answer, take that as a pretty clear sign that's she's just not into you. So what? That's fine. Let her play her games with someone else and find yourself a girl more worthwhile.
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So RT, I'm in need of advice...

Well, I started university about 4 weeks ago. As it is a new page in my life, I decided to get a bit out of my comfort zone so I could get to meet some girls, if you know what I mean.
(Also, seeing as I'm a Pit lurker/monkey, I have no life and don't know what a girl is ).
So, I started talking to a couple of girls, they're pretty nice, and I can say that it raised my self esteem a bit, seeing as I'm not really a confident person.

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So, In the second week of uni, a new girl managed to enroll in the same class I'm in. At first sight she's not the prettiest girl out there, but the more you look at her, the better she looks. It's not the first impression that made me notice her, it was the small details. I really can't explain very well...

Dude, take this advice as a general guideline for life - you don't have to justify yourself. If you like her, she makes you happy, and it hurts no-one, go for it and don't look back.

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Anyways, I've talked to her a couple of times, being both very brief talks, with no chance to extend the conversation.

Que? There is always a chance.

You: Yeah that lecture was interesting.
Her: Yes, it was.
You: So what did you do at the weekend?

And so the ball begins to roll.

If things like this don't work, she clearly doesn't like you at all and is frankly a bitof a bitch anyway, so who cares.
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I don't want to push myself or jump into the situation too quickly, but I DO want to get to know her.
I kinda want to act fast, but no too fast, seeing as the place here can be an absolute snake pit, when it comes to guys "hunting" for chicks.

Well you have to make a move some time. Soon is as good as ever; in fact it's probably better. You define yourself from these guys by cutting the shit. Drop the "game", drop the charm and the treating-mean-keeping-keen act. Just be simple and honest with her. Be yourself, in other words. But don't act too friendy with her for too long or you'll get put in the FZ.

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I haven't had any other good situation to talk to her, but I do know that she catches the bus to go home, although it's a different bus that I catch. Possible way to get to talk to her? Also, as she enrolled later than normal, she has to take extra classes, so she's almost never in the lectures I go, so I can't really talk to her during lectures. Unless she returns to the normal schedule and has the same classes as me.

Almost never is enough. Wait till next time, strike up a conversation and get her number (more effective for getting involved romantically with her; shows balls and is much more personal) or Facebook or something (easier but less personal and impressive) - just some means of keeping in contact with her. From there, seriously just ask her out, and soon. Do not leave it too late. If you think this is difficult, just remind yourself that you have two simple options here:

1) Stalk her
2) Do this

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So, what I wanted to know is what could be a good way to approach her, and what could be good conversation starter topics. I'm utterly useless when it comes to relationships (never had a gf...), but I want to give my best, and I really don't want to screw this up.

PS: Also, I'm quite terrible at flirting, so if anyone could give me any pointers, appreciated!

Good ways to approach her:
- Say hi because you remember her from last time
- Ask her about something from the lecture (e.g. "X=Y? That's right, isn't it? I wasn't sure I undestood just there.")
- Just go and speak to her! If you don't specifically make it clear that you don't have any exact reason to be talking to her, she will generally not even notice or care.

Conversation topics:
- University (how're you finding it, made friends etc.)
- She's late into the course - I'm sure there's plenty there
- Weekends
- Home
- Millions and millions of things. I'd say use the Uni as a general framework at first (it's the main bond you both share, it's the thing you have in common and it puts you into the same group (University students) which makes it a LOT easier to have a conversation) but after that, feel free to move on to stuff that's not even related to it, like her and your pasts etc. Literally, conversation should be free-flowing. You shouldn't have to come up with things to say; they come up themselves.

As for flirting, it's more of a natural thing and is hard to explain. Just behave more warmly and at the same time more teasingly than you would with say some dude you just met. Flirting is basically just a showcase of your romantic confidence. Just show her you are ballsy by being a little bit more intimate and forward than you would with other people.
Aw man, I haven't sent you mine yet! Whoops. I will complete it and then do so
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TLDR: kicked my gf out because of something she did a long time ago. Dont know what to do now. All her shits still at my house and i dont want to break up.

If you want to make it work you should probably give it a try. Let the information sink in, let her stay for a while, and just try to deal with it. If it turns out you can't then you just have to move on and cut your losses. It's not fair on either of you to do otherwise.

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oh yea and she might be pregnant. **** my life.

Find out for sure.
I'm only 2/3s of the way through it myself (I read it mainly on the toilet). It's really poetic.
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Oh noes phones are haunted its like the movies they made fun of in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" but coincidentally Kristen Bell the actress who played Sarah Marshall actually starred in a movie with that plot in 2005.


Dude it's quite clear a phantom has been stealing her phone and stirring shit.

My solution: vacuum that see-through bastard up.

**** yea.