I listen to Metal- but I also like bands like A Perfect Circle, Tool, Deftones, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence. Though I hate listening to each of them, I will dance to hip-hop. Some people just need to have open minds about what they listen to and not judge styles like its "America's Next Top Model"
$370? No way man, it is gonna be more out of ur pocket if u go for the Dean. Plus why buy another acoustic-electric, if u have a Carlo Robelli.

Applause or Ovation is the way to go, I have one and LOVE the hell out of it, trust me
This is my true 1st post.
I own a First Act Electric (but I'm saving up to buy either a Schecter or a Gibson like Billy Howerdel or Zakk Wylde's guitar) and an Applause Acoustic Electric. I hook them up to a Crate GTX-65, whose sound from the ethereal plains of rock rapes and murders the first amp I had- a tiny First Act amp and a Pockit Rockit headphone amp thing for effects.

I like to play "Passive" by APC, rhythm parts and one solo of "One" by Metallica, and make up some of my own stuff.

Fatally_x_yours- The way to teach yourself is by CD's and FastTrack books. Other people will try to teach you, but they'll try to get u to go down their way. There is only one person who should be involved in your guitar style: YOU!

------------------BRYCE 433