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Number 12 Looks like You

AIDS Wolf are fan-tapdancing-tastic.
As We Stand
Betrayal After Trust
Box Car Racer
ukelele playing and thriftstore clothes.
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i lol'd.
not necessarily shoop, i guess.
just make something funny out of them.
somebody do something with these?
i'm terrible at shooping.

how old are you?
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I defy you to get more than 10 customers for the first year you open shop.

well, yeah.
it's definitely a slow start.
but it's what i want to do.
i'll probably end up doing live sound for a ****ty club or something.
at least at first.
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You want to move to the city.. on your own.. and make money recording bands?

i live in a small town in nova scotia, canada.
i am moving to the city with a couple friends, sharing an apartment.
i am taking a course through the community college,
then planning to start my own recording business,
where i offer recording and mastering services.
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Good job, you broke the first rule.

and the second, actually.
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You want to record bands?

yeah, it's a way to be involved in music that's more realistic than my band getting anywhere. ideally i'd be a record label scout, or whatever, but recording arts would be easier to get into.
it's a quote from fight club.
stories,advice, anything.
I'm going into my last year of high school, and thinking about living in the city and taking a recording arts course in the city.
Post stories about your first apartment/university/post-secondary, whatever.
EDIT: also, if you haven't graduated yet, post what your plans are for after high school.
a lot of tom waits' stuff.
too lazy for link.
hysteric- yeah yeah yeahs
i was going to get tickets for the show in halifax, but they sold out in something like eleven hours.
i was distraught.
i recommend avalanche, fog, listen (listen, listen), aaand people talk!
my favourite chord is E5

i teach sex ed
so the guitar is in tune if all the keys are lined up guys: )
how do i tune guitarz?!
i never listened to much ska or reggae.
odd that i would have picked any up.
same for the stokes.
additional opinions would be greatly appeciated.
actually, ill probably remove this post when i get an answer.
what genre am i?
i listen to a lot of indie, which is why i put it here.
no idea.
thanks for help.
how about 'your ex-lover is dead' by stars?
dunno if its a love song,
but it's pretty enough.
supar old.
well, katy perry is an odd choice for a guitar site.
because you listen to simple plan.

why is ben stein so cool?
the song that the guy from twilight (gay) does.
depressingly, it's actually pretty good.
never think - rob pattinson.
my mother worked at an insurance company.
on of her clients names was devoid.
holy ****.
it seems that all the genuinely good people die tragically.
emily haines.
i think its the voice that gets me.
i know a kid named seven.
i think his parents were hippies.
ask her about her masturbatory habits.
unless she's ugly.
in which case, dont.
first thought was of masturbation.
hmm, probably left hand, my right is fine how it is.
Band : Tomorrow Tomorrow
one idea i had was for a man with a pocketwatch as his head,
black, white, red, and yellow.
Indie rock, post punk, alternative.
give a listen :

for both web and non-web use, and i would prefer not animated.
why not? - hilary duff.

who cares?
we never knew any better - tomorrow tomorrow

where in the world is carmen sandiego?
i've had better.