Dude Africa is not a country.
Hey guys Fallout is for free on So if someone hasn't played it yet, this is a great opportunity.

I'm just gonna put this here and leave silently.

...In some cases it has been known to cause cancer within only a few years of use. Gruen Von Behrens, now a public speaker against the product, started using dipping tobacco at age 13 only to be diagnosed with mouth cancer at 17. He started noticing signs of cancer at age 16 however.
I'm going through chapter 6 here too. Maybe people are waiting for deadline to discuss? Don't know, don't want this over.

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I finished (kinda). I'm ashamed to say that I skipped part of the middle because it was just getting way too creepy and depressing for me to handle. I'll have to read it again to get a full opinion of it.

Dude I almost got a ****ing panic attack in chapter 3. I was reading in my room with the door closed and felt like I was going to get trapped there forever. That was mindblowing.
Calculus, **** that shit.
Hey guys sorry for coming late to the party I just started the semester and had to get things done in school. I just started reading the third chapter and I love how he throws tiny bits of meaningless in every thing K. does, I mean his life is as mundane as his bizarre events. Don't know if making myself clear here. Besides, I feel very identified with how the secret organization acts as my country is currently going on with a lot of troubles with bribes, corruption and shit. It has been a great read nonetheless and I'm confused as shit of what's going to happen next.
Holy crap 2 days to get the book. I will launch myself tomorrow to my school library.
I'm glad this is going well. And all of you bookworms share your opinions even if you are not signed up. Maybe the regulars in the Book Thread may have some nice discussions.
He has that cane because he already had his disease or because he carried so much swag?
Chill guys, lets better get started on this month. A lot of people have already agreed on reading The Trial. We can start adding rules later when we see how the club rolls.
This thread is so much fail and should be reported.
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Michael Moore talks about how canadians don't lock their doors in Bowling For Columbine. Have a look:
Moore attempts to contrast this with the attitude prevailing in Canada, where (he states) gun ownership is at similar levels to the U.S. He illustrates his thesis by visiting neighborhoods in Canada near the Canada-U.S. border, where he finds front doors unlocked and much less concern over crime and security.

That fat bastard even walked into random houses and greeted everyone inside.
Are you watching Bowling For Columbine TS?
Dude what the hell I think you are the one not fitting, I met one of the nicest, humble people when I went to work to Queretaro last summer. I might say you are the rude, ignorant. But well, who cares teenage angst is hard for some people.
All said and done, Malcolm X next month. Everybody who sign up should commit themselves I don't want to end with only 2 people really reading.
Voted for The Trial Hope this turns out well and we grow into a huge club.
We could include The Trial and Metamorphosis in the voting poll and let people decide, and the short works month idea is awesome. We can make it one author or maybe include a bunch.
I vote for The Trial, I've been wanting to start reading Kafka's work.
Edit: Definitely count me in.
Would it be a problem if I read the spanish version?
Feliz cumpleaños cabrón ! I got you a mariachi.
^ Dude I hate that, ****ing smoke is so hard on my nose, it makes me sneeze like mad.
Oh you wish Chicharito was English, don't you guys?
What the hell with all the Tim Tebow hate? Sure he doesn't have the statistics of Aaron Rodgers but he's definitely fun to watch. He makes my Sunday hang overs tolerable.

Best: (Tequila)

Least: (Drug dealers)
^ Bob the builder could kick his ass EVERYDAY.
Pokemon or Dragon ball Z guys?
Yesterday the first episode was aired in Mexico and I'm out of this thread because I don't want to ruin the second episode. In topic I think it is ok but I don't know how many seasons you can pull off of a very short story. You know the typical plot of the guy who kills their family extending it for 4+ seasons? I don't know plus there is not enough space for characters and such.
Actually is a song about death he he. But yeah it could work he says some nice things I guess.
Papers? Uh, sure.

May I ask what movie is that gif from?
jajajajajaja in facebook and other places, hahahaha in the pit. Sometimes just this
Hello guys, anyone care to recommend a racing game? I've been thinking in Dirt 3 since I like rally but maybe a Need for Speed might be good. I'm on PS3
Just dropping this here.
Well this will be interesting. If they succeed they will accomplish more than the mexican government has been trying for over 6-7 years. The keyboard is mightier than the guns.
I prefer the ipod touch myself. Music + little funny app games (angry birds) = awesome time.
I love to lurk the DT late at night smoking a cig listening to The Temper Trap. I can't wait for this weekend, getting blazed and going to a costume party in a bar. I will laugh eternally with the pathetic costumes of my friends and lust for the sexy girls of my school dressed as nurses.
Interesting thread. Got me lurking hard in google but I'm just planning on reading. Don't want to go in there, it's scary I don't want to get raped on the street because some fool got my personal info in the webs.
No "The Shining" ? Pfft son I'm dissapoint.
Here in Mexico msn is pretty much dead, if you don't have facebook practically you don't exist.