Ah, I see somebody got The Decline =)
Death Sex - The Distillers (if you count a song followed by 10 minutes of feedback and drums)
10,000 Days - Tool
Spiders (Kidsmoke) - Wilco
Operation M.O.V.E - Leftover Crack
Fire Engine Dream - Sonic Youth
and who could forget United States - The Smashing Pumpkins (Jaw-dropping)
According to your head-line thing, an Ibanez? You can't really go wrong with an Ibanez.
My vote goes to Floyd The Barber by Nirvana. The lyrics are just a little.......creepy.
I've been playing for almost exactly two years, I have a good grip on chords, but I'm way lacking in theory/songwriting. I've written a few songs that were crap and am trying to learn more music theory. I don't have trouble with chords but soloing and complex riffs are a challenge for me until I practice a ton.
Personally, I own the Marshall Mg100 and don't think it's that bad. Before I get flamed by people saying that I'm tone deaf and that MG stands for man genitals and that they'd rather play with men's genitals than an MG, I tried around when I was looking for an amp and I *shock* actually liked the Marshall! I'm able to get a good tone when playing clean as well as distortion that suits me more than what I got out of a Boss DS-1. So maybe it isn't that absolute best amp ever, but I wasn't looking for some deity-like amp when I shopped, just one that would work well. I've used it for a few gigs and didn't have a single problem with spotty distortion or muddled sounds, I was able to get good distortion. The digital effects are crap, I have to say, the flanger sounds like a llama being castrated, but it's kinda what you expect when you use in-head effects. And yeah, the amp is solid-state, but that doesn't seem like too big of a deal for me. "but, u n00b, dont u no tht tube amps r teh only wey 2 go?" Yes, I'm aware that tube sounds better, but the sound I get from my MG is fine. Obviously, it's your choice, but don't dismiss the MG as quickly as most of the board would like you to.
Eh, looks like fun.

El Scorcho (Weezer)
Reinventing Axl Rose (Against Me!)
If We Want To (Big D And The Kids Table)
Knives Out (Radiohead)

Giant Swan (The Blood Brothers)
I use a Marshall HDFX100 half stack, it can go REALLY loud but also quiet enough to not disturb anybody. It has good effects and the best distortion ever. You can really tweak it to get any sound you want. It's definitely worth it and makes a good guitar sound 100 times better. $600 US.
Basically, I'm sure there is a small difference between Gibson and Epiphone. But without comparison to Gibsons, Epi Les Pauls are simply amazing.
An Epiphone Les Paul would get the job done.
Hey, could someone tab out the song Come Outside by Faully. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. And sorry to ask, but it's just that I have a terrbile ear and figure it out. It's on their MySpace/Purevolume account. Thanks!
I would say that Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes by AFI was what turned me on and from there I widely developed my taste