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Blink and you miss it.

I'm just going to keep summoning people, it seems to be working.

Vince Sixx

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No. If you inject too many marijuanas you have a chance of dying and becoming the antichrist ending all life on earth.

Letivitificitus 4:20- "thou shalt not smoke weed for it shall make thou become thee antichrist and end life on earth also thou shall be a fag"

Well, you can avoid all of that if you shove it up your ass.
Personally, I'm a sucker for the OSTs for Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Heroes of Might and Magic:
My god, the nostalgia.
Where I live -

A small state college in central Pennsylvania where you are considered cultured if you drink imported beer. Although it is often overshadowed by the Penn state main campus (roughly two hours away) SHIP has been sporting record Underage drinking violations for over a decade. It was recently made into a dry campus but still retains the strong scent of cheap beer and liquor. Ohh, its also a fine place to see cows and get an education.
"Sometimes my dad will come home from the bar drunk and beat me to take out his frustration"
"Didn't your dad graduate from Shippensburg University?"

Where I work -

Piece of shit town. Nuff' said. All you can do is eat shitty pizza, watch shitty football games, go to a shitty school, and newville girls are a synonym for newville pizza. Cops are dickheads and the tree is horrible. WARNING: Visitors prone to experience fits of rage from experiencing such a shitty town.
Kid 1: Where we going, man?

Kid 2: Newville PA

Kid 1: I ****in' hate that piece of shit town.

Neither one is inaccurate
Here, have some new DBZ Abridged.

Kiss my ass, green man.
Please come back.
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Username for Halo is the same as it is here by the by, if anyone wants to kill me or sadSTATUE, hers is Doctor Dala.

And I'm also not very good, feel free to kick my ass.
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Just to weigh in here
Why hasn't anyone taken their offer to record ANY song
I mean someone did take the most expensive offer, why not ANY PTH style...
EDIT: 5k

See I had the idea to start up a page on like GoFundMe or something to raise money for people who agreed with a cover idea that they should do, to be given to them when the goal was reached. 250 people donating $10 each is a lot easier than $2500 in one go. And I realize, sure, you could donate that directly to them and get something right off the bat for it, but when you have the potential for a priceless cover, I think it could be worth it. Besides, who wouldn't want to make Rody Walker learn a little Korean for a Gangnam Style cover? Come on.
It's been a while, old friend. You were always there when I needed you, and now here I am back again, complete with evidence of losing my mind speaking to not only something inanimate, but of all things a thread on a guitar website. Not the people in it. The thread itself. But I digress.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I want to talk to you so badly, but it's the worst time, especially after how last night ended. I just need a hug, and to just hear you say everything will be okay and I'll get through this and you'll help me. I just need to hear it. That's the first step. You're the only one that can pull me out of this. Or anything else for that matter. You're all I have. I need you. I've been trying so hard to be happy. I love you. I wish that was all I needed. but everything else seems to fall apart around me, and it's not even my doing. I'm trying to get help, but in the meantime I'm trying to use these online resources to at least keep me going, but they're all saying I need a friend to talk to or something I enjoy to occupy myself. I don't have any friends left and especially not at 7 in the morning, and I sure as hell don't have anything else to occupy me. I've been up for hours. I don't even know if I got any sleep. I tried, but I don't feel it. I felt better right before I passed out the first time, but it's been a thousand times since then. Worse and worse thoughts with each time I wake up. Usually I'm at my worst right before I fall asleep. Not now. With what I heard two days ago, effort is hard. I should be trying harder, but I couldn't care less it seems. Things hurt. And I'm sorry for taking this out on you. I have no other outs. It's like I'll start talking and then by the end of it I just get angry but I can't direct it anywhere. And that's when things get bad. I'm not mad at you. Maybe sometimes. But not when this happens. There's always a lot more going on than what meets the eye.
The HowToBasic channel on youtube kills me for some inexplicable reason. I know it's stupid but damn it, I can't help it. Also ermahgerd, in some applications.
Looks like you're already set
The concept is good, your arrangement, not so much.
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Great looking axe! I haven't seen to many Breedlove dreds. I bet it sounds like a dream.

It looks like it has a tusq saddle. You should totally upgrade to bone if your willing to experiment. It definitely made an audible improvement in my Breedlove.

Oh absolutely. It's got an almost 12-string like quality to the tone in terms of the fullness, it's very audible but odd to describe. I think at the very least, the saddle is something similar to Tusq, the actual "ToneStone" name is damn near impossible to find outside of the Breedlove site, which is where I took the specs list from But in any case, as much as I love it completely as is, I do think a bone nut and saddle will both be in order.
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Forgive my lack of self control for saying this but, the phrasing; " that never has to buy me anything ever again for a while kinda", sounds as though you can't really commit to being a "low maintenance" kind of gal.....

I'm on your side though. The nerve of that guy, ruining the pictures by getting his feet in them. Better we should have a picture of his wallet. (See, I just don't know what comes over me when I say things like that ).

I'm not as bad as I know I'm coming off here, but I swear it was a joke

You're using unconventional terminology here. I sounds like you're saying there's too much "relief" in the neck. The fret board is supposed to fall off from about the 16th fret to the soundhole.

So, that makes the neck display a very, very shallow arc from the top nut, to the 12th fret, perhaps go almost level to 16, then curve down again.

Your neck relief may need adjusting if these features are jumping out at you. The action height more than likely needs a touch of lowering as well.

In any evert, take a look at this setup guide: Even if you're unwilling or unable to undertake the work yourself, at least you'll have an understanding of the processes involved. I'm told you can also get tutorials from here:

I'll be making some gradual adjustments based on the info on these links, I appreciate it.

Best of luck with your new guitar, and HNGD.....

Aaand thank you
It's the Atlas Stage D25/SRe. Funny thing, I actually run a shop, but I plan on talking to a guy at a shop a little ways out that's been in the business considerably longer than we have. He definitely knows his shit, so I don't feel too guilty doing it Thanks!
I really need to stop going to Guitar Center's website.
Never fails, I'm always finding something that I deem necessary to own in their used section, only this time, it was local.
Now I'm a sucker for Breedloves in general. Every one I've played, I've at least liked, but this time was a little bit different. They had two of these in stock. One brand new, one (barely) used.
It was the used one, dammit. Everyone always talks about "that guitar," the one that speaks to you. Well for me, this one was it. I can't describe much of the feeling except for the "I don't have any money" feeling.

So basically long story short, anniversary's coming up and I have a Breedlove, and I have an awesome boyfriend that never has to buy me anything ever again for a while kinda. >_> Who, incidentally, is in about half of these pictures by accident by way of glare and his feet.

More words now.


Rosewood Bridge with the awesome string through on it thingy
Rosewood Fretboard
Rosewood Back and Sides
25.5" scale
Nato Mahogany Neck
Sitka Spruce Top, SOLID.
Grover Tuners
ToneStone nut and saddle
And an LR-T CV pickup system (LR Baggs rebranded system)

Mini-review for potential space issues I may encounter -
Tone is warm, clear, and punchy, and exactly what I'd been looking for in an acoustic. I love my Ovation, but this thing... different level completely. Neck is thick, but very comfortable. Granted, I'm used to Gibsons and Schecters, so.. well... Anyway. There is an odd upbow that is present only at the body/neck joint, creating some weirdly high action in the upper registers, but I don't use that much, so I can let that slide for now. Overall, I'm incredibly happy with it.
I saw the thread bumped and hoped for an update for Fallout 4. Still nothing

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Honestly, I didn't like New Vegas nearly as much as F3. I heard the DLCs were good but I never bought them. I think New Vegas was as interesting of a setting. And the main story bugged the hell out of me. But if you're into Fallout games you'll probably enjoy it, plus they have the hardcore mode

If you ever decide to download ANY of the DLC at all, I recommend Old World Blues. I love New Vegas, and literally the only thing that bugs me about it is the fact that you can't play after the ending. Even still, with everything in it, Old World Blues is my absolute favorite part of the game, bar nothing. It's awesome.
Wait. There's actually a name for that? I thought this was just something that happened at Walmart.
Obesity Index
BMI is an estimate of how "overweight" or "obese" a person is National
Above average
You have a higher BMI than 55% of females aged 15-29 in your country Global
Above average
You have a higher BMI than 90% of females aged 15-29 in the world

Did you know?
If everyone in the world had the same BMI as you, it would add 47,233,396 tonnes to the total weight of the world's population
You're most like someone from Jamaica*

Yay, I'm fat. Stupid thing is useless.
This thread makes me happy.

I, however, do not have anything to contribute except a deranged husky licking a window.

So um... yes. Have that.
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I'm not scared.

Doesn't look that way to the rest of us, but hey, I just call it like I see it.
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I'm a tranny, I'm not diseased, and I don't think you seem like a very nice person.

Even the trannies don't like you, TS. You're screwed.

Obviously in the metaphorical sense, since you're scared of women and all. If you're so scared, why'd you direct the thread to the females of UG, anyway? No risk of cooties?
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If I'm scared of women and don't like men, what else is there?

Fleshlight attached to a fan.
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You're the only one pissed, and this isn't even your thread. I never insulted you.

I'm not trying to accomplish anything. This is how I spend a Wednesday night.

Dude, you need to get laid.
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But they don't want men either, who are generally sloppy and perverted. How many 40 year old men do you know who look like the guy from twilight? If I am a woman, I'm a lesbian.

I dunno, how many 40 year old men look like feet?
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What the **** do you want me to do about it? Like telling them to **** off will change anything? Want to know why I didn't ask a female the question in the op? Because every ****ing girl I know hates me. I have none to talk to.

If this is the way you act toward all the women in your life, it's justified.
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Every attempt gives me just another enemy.

That's probably one of the most self-pitying excuses for not putting effort into a very changeable situation. Quit bitching about the people you're around if you're not going to do anything about it.
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Everyone I know, whether it be coworkers or family get on my case about it. They think it will make me happy, but it's obvious they want me to do it to make them happy.

I'd hate to know who in your family wants in depth stories of your conquests for their own happiness, but if they're saying "dude you need to get laid" it means they want you to chill the fuck out and/or shut the fuck up.
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I am not gay. I have been called gay my whole life but it's not true. I even tried it when I was a young teen and I didn't like it at all. Women are my life. My penis is just over 6 inches. Do you consider that tiny?

I have yet to meet right women.

You're talking to the wrong women.
I don't really care much.
I don't have a lot of Epi semis, but I will say this. I've personally never had a bad experience with the guitar center used section. Also keep in mind they offer a return policy, presumably with any store and not just the one you get it shipped from. I would just recommend calling with picture requests, etc., as opposed to emailing because they don't seem to like to reply.
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EDIT- Damn... Man I screwed that Scyther up :/ Maybe means bed time...

It's still awesome. New profile picture! *saved*

Me with Scyther would be awesome, just sayin'