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Photosynthesis or asexual reproduction?
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1. OK, perhaps I picked a bad example. I just don't think that in the experiment that is American democracy, there shouldn't be only two parties to represent everyone.
2. I misread your post. I apologise.
3. CNN = FNC, in bias

1). People are content with it. As much as you'd like to see a Ralph Nader or a Ron Paul in the White House, our political culture is way too far off for that to happen.

Example: Say, Third Party candidate A was elected. What motive would Congress have to follow his Agenda?

2). Duly noted

3). Prove it, show me examples side by side.
Or name 1 CNN host as ideological as Glenn Beck or Hannity
Oh! Poor me! I said something racist, and now people think I'm racist! What do I do?!?!?
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First, how does more political parties even equate with the disease that was slavery? I don't think it's very comparable.
And second, when somebody has a username with Liberal in it, yeah, 99% of the time it's gonna reflect their views

First of all, you were claiming that because in Lincoln's day there were more political parties it should be emulated in our current political system. I was pointing out that the days of Lincoln should really not looked back on as something good. The country was facing the most inner tension in our countries history and boatloads of problems. I'm not saying this was caused by multiple political parties, I'm saying those problems were not fixed by them.

Secondly, to assume that a user with an impartial name is somehow going to be a "fair and balanced" presenter of current events is just not smart. Read my last post.

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Have you ever seen either Glenn Beck or CNN? CNN is ridiculously biased, to claim otherwise is to claim ignorance. Obviously you have never seen Glenn Beck's show, if you don't understand that most of his show is satire.

We can argue about this all we want, but watching CNN for a day and watching Fox for a day I will guarantee that Fox shows much more bias. Anyone but the most ideologically driven will agree.


If Glenn's show is satire, does the typical Glenn Beck audience interpret it as satire?
Are the conspiracy theories, the crying, the fear mongering a Colbert-esque act?
Quote by ticklemeemo
OH! I'm glad you pointed that out to me! I must be so stupid that I missed that big point.

Glenn Beck is not a reporter for a news syndicate, he does exactly what he does on his radio show, which is to point out news stories in a satirical way. If you are too ignorant to realize that Jon Stewart is indeed presenting news on his show and commenting on it, well, that's not my problem.
Don't forget that Glenn Beck worked for CNN which, for all intents and purposes, is Comedy News Network.

Have you ever seen Glenn Beck's show? I don't think the point is putting current events in a satirical light. To compare Beck to Stewart is ridiculous.

Also, CNN is clearly not the "Comedy News Network" as you so called it, you have no basis for that arrogant claim.
I would say currently Fanfarlo is my favorite. Reservoir was such a fantastic debut.
Fox News is opinion journalism masquerading as real news.
Also, to say its just as biased as any other news organization is simply not true.
However, I will agree that most Television news only portrays events an issues into soundbites that sell and most of the time miss the point. Newspapers I would contend are much better, unless you're reading gossip orientated daily's like the New York Post (owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns Fox News coincidentally).

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Yeah, sorry dude. I forget this is a guitar/music site sometimes.... damn Pit. All in all, I just wish the other 50+ political parties in America had more weigh in the government then the stupid Republodemocracy we've been stuck in for over 100 years. At least in Lincoln's days there were 4 groups after the presidency.

Yeah, and there was also slavery.

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Seriously not bothering with 6 pages of responses, but why the bloody **** would I trust a person on youtube who's name is "LiberalViewer" to give me the fair and unbiased facts? Maybe if there was a guy named "ImpartialViewer" or "IDon'tGiveThreeShitsViewer" or "IndependentViewer"...

I think we should all agree that what matters isn't the name of the youtube user but the arguments he or she presents.
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First I dont care if there is another thread for this,
but anyway, title pretty much says it all, what should we talk about, I'm all out of ideas and as I browse the forum there is alot of topic but at the same time not so much...

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1). John Frusciante
2). Johnny Marr
3). The Edge

I dare you to not laugh at this.
Zach Galifianakis is brilliant.

Daniel Tosh too.
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White Lies
Fleet Foxes

I love that band.

I started listening to Beirut relatively recently and I really like them.
I'll go with the Steelers.

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"In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale"

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Larry the Cable Guy

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Vanessa Hudgens

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Sylvester Stallone

Worst Prequel, Sequel, Remake or Rip-off:
"An American Carol"

Worst Career Achievement:
Uwe Boll. What career?
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BONO from U2
I'm tired of seeing his face. I'm tired hearing his name. or reading his name. He's overrated as hell. And U2 sucks anyway.


Whats the difference between Jesus and Bono?

Jesus doesn't think he's Bono.
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My school is "forcing" us to watch Barack Obamas Innaugeration(sp?)


Well, I'm a Liberal so I don't understand your anger. But I will say it is history, and I'm sure you'd be happier watching television rather than being in class.
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I'm assuming people didn't click on the video. It's really fucked up.
I like Jesus.

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Well.... according to my doctor, I am Sikh in the head....

Occasionally I do this:

Josh: Hey how are you?
Person: Good, and you?
Josh: I'm fine, how about you?
Person: :stickpoke
What horrible people.
I clicked, I saw the picture and I screamed.

EDIT: Voted for Fleet Foxes
French, its a much prettier language.
A lot. It's over 1,000 I'm sure of that.
Or what Jim Carrey did to an ex-Satanist.

Was it supposed to be funny?
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I don't care.