Its been a while since i posted lyrics...
lyrics for my Prog-Metal group. one of our songs.
Good? bad? tell me what you think


How, could it be?
Am I wrong to say I won?
Whats, the price?
That you paid to bear the weight
Of the whole world into
One, Minor flaw
I guess you missed the sign
blood, black and white
How could you fail to see,
you stepped all over
the lines laid out in life

Such a waist of time
such a helpless mind

Tear me open
pull out, the
life un-broken

Tear me open
pull out, the
life un-broken

So how does it feel?
to delay a future life
admiting victory is
the only way to die
speak the truth for me
come down from your highs
believe when you reach the ground
there will be no-where left to hide

such a waist of time
such a helpless mind
such a waist of time
such a waist of my whole life

Tear me open
pull out, the
Life un-broken

Tear me open
pull out, the
Life unbroken

(quotes spoken underneath instumental part)

“When nobody will look at you, you can stare a hole in them.
Picking out all the little details you'd never stare
long enough to get if she'd ever just return your gaze,
this, this is your revenge.”

“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins,
God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

“Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant
beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set
the bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion”

Such a waist of time
such a helpless mind
Such a waist of time
Such a waist of my entire..

Tear me open
pull out, the
Life un-broken

Tear me open
pull out, the
Life unbroken

Tear me open (pull out)
Tear me open (the life in me)
Tear me open (pull out all of the strings you tied to me)
Tear me open x2
Tear me open (all the strings you tied to me)

Tear me open <- repeat untill fade out
^ Dragonland ****ing Owns!! especially that CD! Awesome

when it comes to this it really comes down to "if the album art catches my eye, then i try it out."

I wont go near albums that don't have interesting album art.
*massive game looking picture*

Heaven, space, earth, Hell. weird.
wow, you cover SIN? that song is so kickass in soooo many ways, i covered that once before, but sadly only once.. cant wait to hear the finished product though.
dude im lovin this. great sound and riffs. very symphony x / circus maximus sound. definitly post the full GP5 when your done!

yeah, like i said its just an opening in progress. i will add some more stuff to it but thanks for the crit. like your stuff too. driving melody is nice
This is a little intro to a concept album I'm working on. I know its repetitive, and that all 3 instruments are doing the same thing, but its what I'm going for. I have yet to add leads or anything, just wanted to get opinions on it. thanks
hey everyone, i have an intro for a song, and im looking for a verse or at least a segue into a verse riff. im really stuck at this moment. any help is much appreciated. thanks

does it have to stay in this order that you wrote it first? because i have ideas that i would like to switch around and add.
awesome movie. my favorite animated movies of all time. one of the single most reasons im learning to become and animator.

creepy crawlers

i had this plastic bug-making-oven on overdrive as a kid
Michael Eriksen of Circus Maximus. Dude has a great vocal range and harmonizes very well.

Ray Alder of Fates Warning as well. Just saw them in concert last night, and he is great on stage and on album.
cool! thanks for the crit. It made sense. it is hard to understand when your not the writer, since the words mean something to me in the succession that they are in. But the crit was great and i will definitely take it to mind.

This is an idea im building on. its a story-song. The man is looking within and remembering his love, and the outlet for himself is a novel he writes of her. deep in the pages is where the memories stay and where he wants to become part of the very story he writes. This is not complete, the lyrics are in their rough stages so far, but i thought i would like to share.

The Novel

in my silence
gazing through the window
holding a picture of heaven
I awake from my sleep
body's broken

where am i?
is there a place i should be
at this moment i catch myself
holding a memory.

back again inside this room
casting shadows on opposing walls
-keep myself straight-
Dirty hands
from places i've never been
-mouthing the words-

back to me
back from here.

silver linings on silhouettes
play out my heart's deepest regrets
finding the words in me

keep me in these pages
leave me a sign i can see
an angel longing, to be free. <--- this would be the main phrase/chorus
Name: List of Compositions by Josef Tal
Album: Then---We Elected Them
Single: 'Ah-Ha'

i am from the CT area....but i play symphonic metal. sorry.
im picking up a used Conklin 7 string...they have the best 7 string sounds i have heard.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
where-abouts in USA are you? im in CT.

just a question...any suggestions to what could come next? im kinda stumped on that...haha
this is an intro and possibly a verse/bridge too to a power metal song im writing. yes its repetitive...but i wanted the build of instruments to fit that way. wadaya think?
it reminded me of "pull me under" by dream theater......for some reason that opening passage just sounds like it in a way
What if i made two equal five
If I made what two equal five
What if I made one of two equal five
How do I made two two equal five
How do two equal five please
How do I please have two equal five.
How I have two equal five, please visit one.
I do, please visit one. 2 that two equal five.
すれば、ご覧ください1。 2は、2つが等しい5。
If you, please 1. 2, two equal five.
してください1場合は、場合。 2つが等しい5。
Please if, if. Two equal five.
してくださいもし、もし。 2つが等しい5。
If you please, if. Two equal five.
場合は、下記の場合。 2つが等しい5。
If the case follows. Two equal five.
もし可能であれば次のとおり。 2つが等しい5。
Following if possible. Two equal five.
可能であれば、以下の。 2つが等しい5。
If possible, the following. Two equal five.
の場合は、次のような。 2つが等しい5。
If you are following. Two equal five.
場合は次のとおりです。 2つが等しい5。
If you are following. Two equal five.

If you are following.... lol
At this random metalcore show i saw a kid get kicked square in the nose by some huge dude....he had to get put on a stretcher.

there was also this TYR concert where the band stopped in the middle of their set to tell this psycho girl to stop her crap. they continued with the show but then the girl started pulling some other girls hair and started crap with everyone else. she was then taken out (literal K.O.) by the other girls friend. the funny thing was was that the crowed picked up the knocked out psycho and crowdsurfed her limp body out of the building.
Zero Hour. especially the album "Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond"
- and the song "The Falcons Cry"
Damn, i made a good one too. I just had a crapload of work recently so that prevented me from submitting. Good luck to the rest of you!
Paradise Lost - Symphony x
Underworld - Adagio
Symphony of Enchanted Lands - Rhapsody
Awake - Dream Theater
Once - Nightwish
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Band name: The Razor's Edge
Genre: Thrash/Power metal with some Progressive and Experimental influences
Colors: I trust your judgement.
Influences: Metallica, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Between the Buried and Me, Symphony X, Slayer, Pagan's Mind, etc.

I'm looking for something kind of smart looking, but not Space Age. Perhaps something with a Razor in it. This font is a good reference point:

I love the lower case "o" and the "a" but I absolutely hate the "E".

I'd also like a transparent background.

Here you go my friend.
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Hey people! This is an awesome site, not really been on the forums much before, looks really helpful and with alot of cool people too.
Been struggling to come up with a decent, Original, looking font and design for my bands logo...

Band Name: Wrath Divine
Influences: Exodus, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Testament, Clutch, Devin Townsend.
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal
Logo Ideas: - has a generic font, that kinda looks like somthing we would like to use but obviously too generic.

cheerz dudes....

Here you go:
Hey i have been looking a lot for any GP5 tabs for Rob Rock. I have been successful in finding "Im a warrior" but nothing else...

anyone know where i can find some?

Quote by zenithuk
Hey I'd really appreciate any efforts with a logo for my band!

Band name: Zenith
Genre: Progressive Metal
Colours: Purple text

Apart from the colour of the text I have no preferences as to anything else in the logo, I like a lot of different styles of band logos, so pretty much anything goes!


Here you go!
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yes but read my message

alright its sent again, with link.
As a Roman Catholic I can understand what the pope is getting at, but after seeing it I just take it as a movie and nothing else.
hey soccer6 did my picture work when i submitted it? just making sure.
super mario frustration!!!!! HOLY JEEEZ! LOL its been a year since i watched that LOL Goombas!
Dies Irae
Ecce Homo
In hoc signo crucis vinces
Kyrie eleison
Dominus vobiscum - Et cum spirito tuo
I love this movie. Coming from a digital artists perspective it was visually amazing (i saw it both regular and in 3D). To me there is just so much to see and take in durring the movie that 3D just hurts my eyes after a while. It was also very well directed....but of course James Cameron has a knack for that haha.

But still the thought crosses my mind that it in a small way remindes me of Ferngully, only a more modern version of it...
This is a melodic-metal band i joined recently as the keyboard player, check'em out!

Man in the box - alice in chains