After giving it some thought (again, I’m not familiar with either app), you should able to make it work by importing a midi file into your DAW (assuming Guitar Pro will let you export or save your file as midi) and assigning the My Drumset VST to the midi file. A simple solution that should have jumped right out at me, but...It’s been a long day.
They would have to answer. To me, it seems like a strange way of doing it, but if My Drumset allows you to import a file, maybe it could work.

I just checked out the maker's website. It has forum with a site admin that seems pretty responsive. Maybe they can help.

Good luck.
With VST's, yes. There are other drum programs that you can program drums that aren't VSTs. I started out with a sampler called Rhythm Rascal and I would program the beats using radio buttons. It was ok for what it was…a $20 download that I could export my beats as a wav and import into my DAW. I now use NI Battery 3…a VST. Check out The Drum Programs thread for others that aren’t VSTs.
Section 3 of the user manual quick start should help.

I'm not familiar with either app, but I'm assuming you will need and have something to trigger the midi (i.e., keyboard, midi controller, etc).
I'm not familiar with Tracktion, but you should be able to load MyDrumset in your DAW now as a VST since the driver (.dll) files are in it's directory.
Rarely do I hear a preset on software, or hardware for that matter, that I like. I do find them useful as a starting point in learning how everything works together. For example, when learning TRackS 24, a stand alone program, it was cool to see how different settings on the EQ/Compressor/Limiter affected the other.

I'd say the same for other hardware/software I've used....find a preset that's close to what I want and tweak it. Once I'm comfortable and a bit more knowledgeable on how everything works, I can build something from scratch.
Another quickie...for what its worth.

Axeman, I'm interested in your thoughts as well. I'm a newbie at mastering...only been learning the art for about a year and a half...and I'm using your favorite software, TRackS 24 (stand alone, not plugin). * Disclaimer - No presets were used in the making of this audio file.
Just completed a song called AbleArcher. Hope you enjoy it....I had fun creating it.
Well....I'm out of ideas. I see you already tried it in another room to rule out any electrical interference. Take a look in NI's Support pages or contact their Technical Support to see if they can help. Good luck.
Google Movie Wavs. If you're looking for a a specific movie, google the name and Wavs
If you need it for live instances, invest in some hardware. I’ve yet to see software outperform hardware. That being said, if your budget is somewhere in the line of “something free”, check out They have a pitch correction VST plug-in called GSNAP, which is pretty cool, as well as several other goodies.

If you download any of the plug-ins, read the Basics page. The files are only drivers (.dll) that should be extracted to your host program.
You can record a track using the Tapedeck and an overdub in Tapedeck Two in GR and save it as a .wav, but it's rather simplistic. I use it sparingly when I'm drafting riffs and trying out different sounds and really wouldn’t recommend it for anything else. If you're struggling with Reaper, try another free program like Audacity. Or, keep searching these forums to see if anyone else had a similar issue with Reaper.

From GR’s manual regarding the Tapedeck:

To record your playing:
• Click on the New button in the lower left. This automatically enables record by pushing in the Record button. If you have already created a new file, you can just click on the Record button.
• The Play Mode button changes to a Record Mode button; select either Record at Input (records the input signal that feeds the Rig) or Record at Output (the recorded signal includes any processing that’s set up in the rig).
• Record mode is already enabled, so click on the Play button to initiate recording.
• After recording, click on the Save button, navigate to the folder where you want to save the file, name it, and click on Save.
Quote by Kid_Thorazine
GR runs fine with 1 GB RAM (I actually managed to get to work ok on a computer with 512 MB RAM) the main issue for things like this is CPU performance.

True. It also didn’t hurt that I upgraded to a 64 X2 4400+ dual-core - 2.3GHz from a 5 year-old 2.1 GHz.

When I first got GR, I was only running 512 MB or RAM and struggled with latency and CPU overload. When I added another 512 MB chip, it helped somewhat, but I still had to shut down unnecessary Windows components before I even thought about using GR.

Only when I completely upgraded my computer with the higher specs did the problem go away…funny how I overlooked the most important piece of equipment for computer-based recording when setting up my home studio.

Now this may not be the source of the distortion, but it's where I'd start.
I'm suspecting it's your computer, though hard to tell without the specs. I had a similar issue using GR on an older computer with only 1gb of RAM running XP. The only way to use it was with an unbearable amount of latency and constantly having to reset the driver when it crapped out. Once I upgraded my computer to a newer one with 2 gb of RAM, the problem went away.
I just finished a song titled 0308 in my profile linked below that I'll enter. Thanks for setting this up. It's cool to hear some original, untainted music.
Some sound advice above (pun intended). I'm relatively new to mixing/mastering and picked up T-RackS for my EQ, Compression, Limiting. I'm happy with it so far.
There are several different mastering software you can try. Izotope Ozone, WaveLab, T-Racks. They all have demo versions you can download to see which one fits for you. I use T-Racks 24, which has EQ, compressor, limiter, and soft-clipping output stage. It's simple and has an analog GUI that works well for me.
I started out using Rhythm Rascal a few years back. It can be downloaded at for about $20. However, since I use Cubase, I couldn't use it as a VST and had to export the wav from RR and import into my track. It uses radio buttons to program your beats, which isn't really what I was looking for but was helpful for a non-drummer.

I've since upgraded to Native Instruments Battery and love it. Samples of Rhythm Rascal can be heard on my first recording, "The Empty", on The rest use Battery.
I use the Lexicon Omega, and external sound card, and love it.
The great thing about triggering midi is that it doesn't have to be costly. As already noted, a cheap keyboard with a USB port will do.

A couple of years ago, my wife aske what I wanted for Christmas. I told her that since the Korg Triton was out of our budget, a MicroKorg would do. She got me a Casio with her selling point, "look honey, the keys light up when you play!"

As I did my best to show excitement, it ended up in the corner of the room collecting dust. I soon discovered Native Instruments' soft-synths and downloaded some demo software and plugged my "toy" into the USB port. My little casio now blows the Triton out of the water using NI Komplete.

I also use M-Audio Trigger Finger for my drums using NI Battery. I'm not overly impressed with the Trigger Finger for drums. I usually tap out a few beats and go into the midi map to finish.
For starters, you should let the guitar choose you. You could go to a site like and search the guitars in your price range, then go to your local shop and test drive the ones you found in your range. Ibanez, Jackson and Ephiphone all have great guitars in that range.
What are you exporting to? In addition to what's listed above, you could have your attributes to low if exporting as an mp3. I've found that exporting to 128 KBits/44.100 KHz sounds closest to my Cubase file.
Can't answer about Guitar Pro, and I've never created anything in Power Tab. But on my version (1.7 Build 80), they only options to export are MIDI, ACII and HTML. Cubase should be able to import the MIDI.
Export from FL as a midi or .wav. In Cubase, go to File/Import and import either the audio file or midi file, depending on what you exported as.
Overall, not bad. I thought it sounded a little thin though. Maybe bring in another guitar part/track. I wasn't overly impressed with the vocals, particularly in the verse. IMO, it sounded flat. It also sounds a little timid...I would like to hear it belted out a little stronger. I do admit that I'm a picky bastard when it comes to vocals though...tis why I don't have any.

I thought it was a good recording and you were all decently tight. I liked the outro. Good job.

I liked this one much better. Nice riffs. I thought the vocals were flat in a few places, but see above. I did like the vocal effect in the middle. Thought it was nice harmonizing, vocally and musically.
Good recording quality/mix. I too kept waiting for something to kick in though. I think this would be a great intro. From what I've heard of your stuff, your a great writer on both your music and your crits. Looking forward to hearing more.

I think it has great potential to be something much more. Maybe take some of the treble out of the lead and bring the rhythm up a bit. Speaking of which, the rhythm guitar seems to play the pattern on the up note in the beginning then switches to the down note. Not sure if was intentional, but has the appearance of a timing issue....or maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in.

Good recording quality. Weird transitions...definitely different. Those above already covered several of my thoughts, but I think the biggest improvement would be to re-recorded the solo with more bass...way too much treble. Maybe adjust EQ throughout. Sorry, not a big fan of screamo.

Beautifully simple. Thought the lyrics and vocals were great. A piano piece would add another dimension as well as adding a different chord around 1:35 (kiss on rooftop part) and around 2:00, but they're not necessary. Overall, a beautiful emotional song.

I'm not sure if you were looking for a crit on the recording, but there was a lot of distracting white noise.

About a week ago I posted my first recording. I was basically testing layering tracks and felt my way through the song (if it could be called that) and it painfully showed. I put a little more thought into it and re-recorded/mixed the instrumental.

Thanks to those who gave it a crit. It was all good advice, particularly using Rhythm Rascal. For those who listened and didn't crit, your silence was deafening...and well deserved. Thanks to all who suffered through listening to it.

Anyway, here's a much improved version.

CoolVortex recently recommended Rhythm Rascal ( for one of my mess of a projects (used a keyboard to tap beats that sounded horrible and was out of sync). It cost $20 and I'm very impressed with it. You can download a fully functional demo version. Similar layout as FL, but the pads sound much much better. My only disappointment is that it has only one drum kit, but it is actually sounds like a drum and not a computer generated beat.
Thanks for the crit and good advice. I agree that the song is anti-climatic. It kind of fell together as I was playing around with layering tracks. I was feeling my way through the song with not much thought or practice. It obviously shows. Thought it had potential...gotta get anything other than the keyboard for drums though.

As far as the muddyness that was absent in Cubase, incase anyone else is experiencing similar issues, though it may be a given for most (it was my first mix other than a few guitar riffs), I mixed the audiodown at 24 KBits; 11.25 Khz. This kept the file size down for posting, but made it sound muddy (I knew the low setting would affect quality, just thought it would be in a different way). Mixing at a higher rate took care of that issue, but obviously inflates the file size. Now I need to find the right balance.
The second song was very Pink Floydish. Nice mellow mood. Personally, I'd bring the strumming guitar synth up in the mix a bit. I thought it seemed a bit buried.

A lot of good writing talent for your age. Endless Rerun had a really cool mood I was really getting into...until the vocals kicked in, but I think the potential is there. Vocals just seemed flat and didn't seem to hit the notes you might have been going for. Overall, I liked it. Thought everyone was decently tight...and again, I loved the mood.

Very tight. Nice harmonizing.'s 80's, but so what. It's still cool. Mix wasn't all that bad. Maybe minor adjustments on bringing the rhythm up in places. I liked it.

Can't offer more that what has already been said. Great production, nice progression. I agree the vocals need to be turned down in the mix. I personally find it lyrically boring, but at least you wrote lyrics.

There's no link on your new thread. Found the link on the first one. Take 2 is a slight improvement from Take1. Still not much to critique though given the length.

For a first recording of a riff, it's not bad. I'm in a similar situation with using a keyboard for drums, but I'm able to record different tracks so it doesn't quite sound cheesy.

When you get a chance, please crit mine.