Hey man.

I worked ten years in a really niche business in the film industry. There was a tonne of money to be made but after a while I decided it wasn’t for me. Too superficial, too much stress, too much bullshit.

I trained as a private English teacher (I love languages so whilst it wasn’t something I’d conisdered before it felt natural). Within six months I’d taken a long period of ‘Garden leave’ and started teaching.

I moved to a beautiful new country. I don’t have to take any more shit, and I love my job. The money is nothing in comparison, but I have more free time and I’m filing it with creative hobbies.

Finally picked up the guitar again after ten years and now I’ve got the time and the patience to really dedicate myself to what matters.

You can always change careers, it just depends what you want and if you have to make a financial sacrifice, whether you’re able to do it. It’s not for everyone but I’ve never looked back.
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I still poke in here every so often. They split the hardcore forum off for a while from punk but after years of slow/no activity, they merged them again. Hardcore forum was basically a pissing ground for "that isn't real metalcore" (which I am guilty of) and it drove out a lot of potential new members. We were so worried about "quality" that we ignored the lack of quantity. Same thing happened to the metal forum but they are dicks about it and won't admit it. 

Ehh I imagined as much. We're old now dude.

Still, I think punk should be getting more love especially with all the shitstorm that's happening in the world. The bands I love are still kicking and whilst the scene might not be what it was (I wouldn't know from living in Italy now, but I can assume seeing as I saw the peak of it) the fans must be out there.

My suspicion is that they're just not using forums. I'm back here because social media is no substitute when you really want to talk about a subject, so hopefully others will start feeling the same way.
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That whole "everyone has a soft spot for Blackpool" thing annoys me. Nobody gave a shit until they got promoted, then they come up, do fairly well to start with, play some nice attacking football and suddenly they're this fairytale team. Norwich will be the same next season I think.

Just like Ghana at the WC, except I like Ghana.

I don't know about that. I think people like Blackpool because Ian Holloway lit up the TV interviews and made watching them worthwhile! He had some legendary quotes and I hope they stay up, even if it means them beating United today.

I'd love for them and Birmingham to stay up, couldn't care less about the others. Blackburn need to be relegated so they get the kick up the arse they need, as do West Ham (in the same way Newcastle did two seasons ago).

I'm also looking forward to these 'three signings' Alex Ferguson has talked about for the summer.
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chat blows now.

pit blows now.

same as it always was I'm just too old to enjoy it as much.

Mate glad to see you're still around. So what did we all grow up to be?

I now rent cameras to people in film and TV and work with them on music videos and commercials when I can. We supply lots of British music videos (generally hip hop as they seem to get tons of cash from somewhere to make videos...) and mid budget feature films.

I know more about how cameras work than I ever knew about guitars ironically but I guess that's how it goes. I never became a rockstar but what I do now is a hell of a lot of fun and probably one of the most easy going yet rewarding jobs I could have found!

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Chung is an unstoppable force of internet nature.

I'm not too bad, yourself?

Awesome!! See above for brief update

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Rankles! How's it going? Where did you disappear to?

HEY! I went to London and grew too old for this here place. I can barely look after myself let alone this lot :p

How's tricks?

And Gillian I still speak to you occasionally as you're one of my few UG Facebook friends
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if i remember correctly, Chung had himself banned a long time ago. before i even started lurking here. he made a thread about his departure. in fact, TS posted in that thread, so i'd assume he would have known?

Pfft. Chung can't be banned.

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How's it going?

Holy crap you're here!! How the hell are you??
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Didn't you make the same thread last year?

Nothing has changed since then

I did!! But shit used to go down weekly. You're telling me nothing has changed??

So it's been a while...

Someone wanna catch me up?

And mods don't close this! I have no powers to talk in private anymore and all my forums are back to peasant level!

What's happened in the past couple of years of any interest?

Chung? Cas? Anyone?
I need more waves. Feed me waves.
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Hope it's going awesome

I quit Virgin a few months back because I had to write my final year dissertation and my boss was being an arse and increasing my shifts, giving me longer days etc, so I decided uni was more important. Now I'm finished I have to go and find a real job, ha.

Do you still live in London, last I heard you were planning on moving there?

Lived here two years now! Two and a half or so actually. Great city!
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Where did you escape to? What are you doing in the real world now?

Camera stuff.

Yourself? No more Virgin Media?
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Sweetest thing I ever heard.

New chat feature me?
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weren't you in on the whole Assrammer thing?

And then calling someone else crazy?

Oh man, Assrammer.

Now THAT was fun.
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IIRC, silentdeftone went mad after the relationship thread got unstickied. He thought that it was stupid and in protest made alot of spam threads despite being warned that if he did he'd get banned. He vowed never to return.

I think I remember that.

Crazy fool.
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Rather contradictory?

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Some guy named kensai joined and the balance was restored in the galaxy.

I witnessed that. It went unnoticed.
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In many of our hearts, you will always be THE admin.

Breaking my heart man

Man Vincent 745, it's all coming back.

What happened to Doug?
Remind me, who was Fassa?
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You used to be an admin right?

I used to be THE admin.

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I guess you haven't really missed anything at all.

Well that's a little depressing.

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Not much... Where ya' been really?

Working. Every waking moment.
Evening ladies and gents.

We all find our way back here eventually...

Anyone want to fill me in on what I missed?

Quid pro quo.
It amuses me how threadstarter seems to think everybody who goes to college is either working in an office or a lawyer.
So basically you stole it?
He seems like a total idiot, as do you for siding with him.

In this country you go to prison for carrying a knife, a little worse than a five day suspension.
How is it solid state AND VHS?
Why am I the only one thinking 'just leave her alone'?

She doesn't want to talk to you, and you keep talking to her. Leave her the hell alone and get on with your life.
Surely it'd be easier to just go to sleep now and then again at about 10pm tomorrow.
It's in the Daily Mail, so has a heavy right wing bias.

It says he discussed his beliefs, it doesn't deny that he promoted them.
You can only get student loans from one place so it's not like you'll have to shop around. Or that you have any choice.

EDIT Unless you're a yank, then I have no idea.
Haha god no that's not me.

My hair would cushion the blow.
The very idea of this thread is ridiculous. Morals and ethics don't apply if you don't exist, so the very nature of your discussion is only viable if someone had given birth to you in order to have those thoughts. Morality is a human trait, and as humans we need birth to exist, so the questioning of it is a ridiculous cycle.
God I hate leftists.

I've just being perusing this thread... who the hell thinks Germany is a socialist country? And England? Because we have free healthcare? Jesus Christ...

There's nothing wrong with taking bits from all systems of government. And to all the people bitching about corrupt capitalists ruining the economy, do you honestly think that wouldn't happen in a socialist economy? You don't think that some people will always be greedy and will get money however they see fit?

Stop bitching and just enjoy your life. If you find living in this world such a terrible injustice then just stop. I have all the freedom I could ever want.

And stop mentioning Rage Against the Machine. You don't think Zach De La Rocha wipes his arse with ten dollar bills?
The final letter from Dear America - Letters Home From Vietnam.

Real letters to and from Vietnam soldiers read by actors who had been prominent in Vietnam war movies.

This last one was horrible to listen too, brilliantly read too.

The ****ing last line of the first letter in this clip is brutal...
Art Garfunkel sounds like Winnie the Pooh these days.
It's going to be out of date the second you buy it anyway but quadcore would be future proofing a bit better.
It's weird, Sing the Sorrow is my favourite album of all time yet Black Sails is my favourite AFI album.

I can't explain it and it's probably illogical, but that's how I feel.
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Ill have to look into a Electric trimmer then. Or like mentioned earlier, if it gets less worse each time, then i guess ill tough it out, lol

And to Eberg and Rankles: If you're a girl giving a BJ, would you want to get a hiar stuck in between your teeth?

And Do you like hairy you know whats? Cause if not, then it's almost the exact same thing, but the other way around

Yes because it'd be disgusting to have a hair in my tooth whilst licking someone's piss hole.

I have never once heard a girl turn down oral sex based on pubes.
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Unless someone wants him to look like a ten year old boy.

A forty year old man maybe.