I think I am going to go with analog.

I'll check Kijiji too.

I asked the guy running the shop but I don't ever trust those guys, really.

Damn, not much on Kijiji right now...

I'll go look again and see what they have, maybe check out some of the other stores in town too. Egh.
Was walking downtown yesterday evening and stopped in at a local music store just for something to do. Noticed they had a number of EHX pedal and a couple MXR ones, etc. All pretty decent looking.

I'm in the market for a delay right now... and they had the EHX Memory Toy? So I was curious and tried it out... they let me try it through an Orange Dual Terror stack, and it sounded pretty good. It was priced at $109...

Would it be worth my money? I have a Traynor YCV50 Blue and an Am Strat at home. They also had a TC Electronics delay/looper for like $220 and the Carbon Copy priced the same, but I feel I could get those particular pedals for cheaper somewhere else...

If anyone could let me know if I should maybe grab one, I appreciate it. Just looking for a decent sounding delay (doesn't matter which comes first).
Yeah, I need new strings. I wanna go get some and see if that makes a big difference or not.

Plus, once they're off, I am gonna clean the **** out of my guitar and pickups. Maybe I should pull off the volume knob and see if anything looks amiss.

I found it the next morning, so it likely sat in beer overnight. I didn't know; I was out drinking in another person's room. It was on there long enough to cause some problems though, I think.
Quote by AthenasGhost
if theres wierd buzzing the beer could of ate away or affected the solder.. look at solder points in the electronics to see if anything is affected... i spilled pepsi into my randall amp before and over time the amp would make huge popping noises and it turned out to be solder where the pepsi was spilled.

edit: i think i just saw that by buzzing you meant fret buzz.. and not in your electronics. my bad.

Well, the sound quality has reduced, huge.

I forgot to mention, I believe the beer got into the volume pot, because it sticks in one place a lot, and when I plug in, massive volume drop. It shouldn't be as quiet as it is, especially on Master Volume 2, Channel volume 7...
Quote by ethan_hanus
Its possible the beer expanded the glue on on the frets, makeing them taller, or it warped your neck slightly, you might be able to correct it with an adjustment. But you should measure your action hight at the 1st fret, then at the 12th fret with an open E, then take the same measurements while fretting at the 1st then the 8th. And then tell us what you found.

This is what I was thinking...

I think I am gonna take it into a shop for a check-up... again.


And yes, while Heineken is a godly beer, I would much rather stick to bottles or cans, and I would prefer to avoid people who don't understand how the spigot on the keg works... he drank mostly foam that night.
It never ceases to amaze me at the number of 14 yr old trolls on this site, lol. Probably why I rarely post anymore.

ANYWAYS, I am living in a university dorm, so the mini-keg was on top of my mini-fridge, and since space is limited, I had to set up my guitar stand beside the fridge.

The buzz is apparent when amplified, and unplugged. Although, it was weird, since I just went down a floor to see a friend about it, and it like stopped buzzing as bad down there, but as soon as I got back to my room, it kicked in again.

Very strange.
Okay, so... Fender MIA Strat.

A while back someone spilled beer on my guitar. I have reason to believe it was my roomie, and his Heineken mini-keg. It is partly my fault for leaving the guitar on its stand, but come on, what the ****? Who sits a keg down on the fridge next to my guitar and foams it everywhere?

The neck and body were covered in beer, and I had to wash it all off... the pickups had beer on them, too.

But now, I am getting massive string buzz. Like, is the intonation off? I had it set up literally in late July. It's insane. I think the beer got in my guitar and ****ed it up. Also, it sounds a lot weaker when I play it with my Traynor YCV50 (which could be the tubes or something)...

I dunno, guys and girls... there's no Long & McQuade in London. I'm gonna get my friend to look at it, but uh, should I just take it to a local store and have it looked at?

****, I don't have money for repairs like this. I don't bring beer near his laptop.
I just turn the tone down a little on my neck pickup and use it on clean with some reverb.

I dunno, it works alright, but I dunno how to replicate it exactly. Probably an expensive rig.
"Hi Mark,

Go with the RUBY EL34BSTR's and for the 3 x 12AX7's, do a Tung-Sol in V1, a Penta Labs 7025C in V2 and a Sovtek LPS in V3.


That's what Doug e-mailed me back with. Jesus, that was fast as hell! Good call, I take it?
I like the YJM for cleans, so maybe that as your middle pup?
K, so my YCV50 Blue stopped working yesterday. I thought it overheated, but no. It simply won't turn on.

So I called L&M and they said it could be a fuse or tubes.

I have a gift card, and the amp probably needs new tubes, so should I just e-mail Doug at dougstubes or whatever? I need to somehow select what tubes I should pick. If anyone actually has suggestions, fire away. Just a good all-around set of tubes would be nice.

But that band that was interested in it may actually buy it now. I let them test it at 3 shows, and they said they loved it. I got it for $100 from a coworker, but he needed cash for something, and said I was getting it cheap.

So, I said I'd want $200 for the speaker and head... it's 25w head I THINK, SS, but the cleans are pretty good and it's got four channels, I believe. More of a vocal PA I think. The speaker is a column, like, 4x8 possibly.

$200 a fair asking price? I see these amps and similar models going for $300, $400ish on Kijiji and CL sometimes, so...

Original thread is here, with pics of it.

Traynor Thread
Is this amp a tube amp?
Amazing. You're gonna be a very happy guitarist.

$100 lol...
Small Clone is analog, right?
Quote by BlackandSilver
Well, if you want analog, I highly suggest you get something with Analog. :P

Also, I've never heard of Dano Milkshakes, so that doesn't say much for popularity, but I'd need to hear them in action to compare.

I don't know how much I wanna shell out on this stuff, though. I don't have a lot of cash.

And apparently, this Milkshake pedal is out of production, after the Cool Cat series came out.

EDIT: I don't really like the crazy ass warbles. I just want something to shimmer up my sound. It doesn't need to be crazy versatile, just good at what it can do.
I bought the Dano Milkshake Chorus for $33.

It's alright; the sound is good I guess, but the knobs are really flimsy, and it feels like they're gonna break off.

The guy said I can return it if it's not my thing...

The other options I saw there were the EHX Nano Clone for like $50ish, the Small Clone for $125, the BOSS DD-7 for $185 , and probably a few others. Would any of those do me better? I kinda wanted analog...

K, it sounds not bad, but then again, I am not experienced with actual chorus pedals... so I dunno how to compare it. Would you think it's better than the Nano Clone by EHX? Because that was there for $59... and the Small Clone was $125...

Also, I hooked up my pedals; bought some connector cables... so my chain basically is MXR-10 Band EQ --> BOSS SD-1 --> Danelectro DJ-7. The OD makes a terrible buzzing sound, so I imagine a noise gate is in order. Should I reorder my pedals in any specific order?
Quote by CullenT
^If I had a pedal company, this would be on all of the boxes "100% Analogue, True Bypass, Tone Machine!"

Does this mean my pedal is likely no good?
I just bought this at a store in town.

It was cheap, $33.00, and the box is really old. I can't find it listed in any reviews on UG, or Musician's Friend... anyone know anything about it?

I can't afford to drop like $150 on a good chorus, and I don't gig yet, so for now, maybe this will do?

I'm rigging it up tonight and getting a pedalboard set up, so I will give it try. I can always return it.
What about the EHX Nano Clone? I was going to get that... it's cheap and does what I need it to...

My friend had the CE-20 and I don't think he liked it much. But then again, I never got to try it through my amp, maybe it would be good...
Quote by ILiKePiNeAppLeS
why dont you just try it ?

I have before, and it was okay, but I really didn't know much, and then everyone just saying BOSS makes subpar pedals... I dunno.

I guess I could try it. I'm lacking in the cord department right now, but I'll see if I can find any.
Well, do you think it would sound better than say... the Boost function engaged on my Traynor? Because it's all I have for my lead tones right now.
Could I get it modded somehow by a shop? Or would I have to buy a mod?

And to clarify, it is the SD-1, the Super Overdrive, the yellow one.

I also have the DS-1 but might try and get rid of it.
I have the MXR 10-band and I like it.

I would suggest it.
Just wondering.

Need a few pedals, but I have this already, and not a whole lot of cash.

Is it usable at all as a general rock/blues overdrive? Using a Traynor YCV50-Custom Blue and a Fender Strat with DiMarzio pups.

Any answers would be appreciated.

Quote by JLT73
Great to hear you are loving the pups man! The YJM is just an insanely clean articulate woody sounding pup. Just great. Hell, all 3 are great. Someone made a good recommendation! hahaha.

that cream looks great with the white guitar.

PS: the first main guitar I bought for myself was that same exact style/color/fretboard strat!

I'm very glad I listened to your suggestion. Out of all 3, the YJM is my favourite, but that's because I play in the neck position a lot more. So beautiful... makes me weep...
Quote by HeavyReverb
Ok Im swapping the pups out of my strat. I would like something similarly "strat"-y in the neck and middle for melodic/celtic DADGAD playing (Im thinking 57/62s). And for the bridge Im thinking of a single coil sized humbucker (because i dont want to ruin its esthetic s my fitting a proper humbucker) for Pearl Jam/Soundgarden-esque lead tones.

Any suggestions?


I totally just decked my guitar out with the DiMarzio HS-3, HS-2 and YJM. Bad ass combo. But I don't really quite know how it would sound for you. Good, I'd imagine. They're all hum-cancelling single coils. My thread is there, but I don't have sound clips.
Quote by AngryGoldfish
What kind of tones are we talking about with these new pick-ups? I'm in the process of modifying my old Squier but still undecided on which pups to opt for. I'm very in the dark with single-coils.

Well I guess it would depend on your amp too.

But, I like this pickup combo for blues, fusion/jazz, classic rock, etc. The cleans are excellent now; the YJM is very good in the neck.

I tell you that you wouldn't be in the wrong with these, that's for sure.
Quote by gregs1020
I want that guitar.

Been fooling around with it more!

It's really damn nice. I thought you had a Strat?

Anyways, I recommend the pickup combo I have now. They work well together.
Quote by Zoso1994
Cool story bro.

Yes, I thought so.
Yes, I finally have my Am. Strat back, with new DiMarzio pickups. HS-3 in the bridge, HS-2 in the middle, and a YJM in the neck. I am satisfied with all of them; the hum is significantly reduced, and the tone is definitely an improvement. I am particularly fond of the YJM; nice, smooth sound.

But ****in' Long & McQuade didn't tell me my warranty was over, and charged me up the ass for installation and labour fees. SWEET! Would have been nice to know that when I was putting the downpayment on it!

But that aside, yes! I am a very happy guitarist today.

$40 for that VisualSound? Oh my God, I just might have to get that ordered in.

There's no way I am powering all my pedals with individual batteries.

EDIT: To be honest, their pedals look cool too! I'm needing a chorus so maybe that Liquid Chorus could work.

EDIT: ****in' nice, Long & McQuade sells the adaptor for like $26.50 + taxes. DAMN. And here I was thinking I'd need to shell out $130 for a Dunlop DC Brick.
I'm gonna need one soon.

The Dunlop Power Brick or whatever is like $130...

Are there any cheaper alternatives? I mean if I gotta get that, I will...

There's gotta be other options, though.

Any ideas?
Okay, so.

Went to L&M yesterday and dropped off my Strat.

Turns out the reason it took a while is that the guy ordered them in creme for me... even though I said white... so that's why it took a long time. Now one more week, and I'm good to go.
Eh, free amp is a free amp; tube or not.

Nice, man.
Ugh, but I don't know how and I don't wanna **** it up, which I most likely will.

I have to get them in Oshawa, anyways, which is 45 minutes from me.

Still, another 2 weeks? I can't ****in' wait. And now I gotta go and get them next Wednesday instead. Frig, guys. Frig. I'm really pissed off at L&M. Gonna hit the mom 'n' pop shops near me next time, for pedals. I'm going to inquire about some sort of compensation.

And the reason I was wondering about putting the HS-2 in the bridge was that it said on DiMarzio's site that the HS-2 was good with high gain amps. I dunno, I think you're right, Matrix. I'll just go with the original choice.


EDIT: I put $50 down on them before, so they should cost me like, another 200+. ****, I don't even feel like paying that much for them now. I'm really turned off. Apparently the installation is free, though... if it's not, I'm taking all pickups with me, and going to Ed's Music in my town. This is insane.
Okay, so finally, after 6 weeks, my pickups (DiMarzio HS-2, HS-3 and YJM) are at L&M and ready to be installed.

Problem is... it's gonna be another 2 weeks to have them installed.

Such a long ass time... I think it will be worth it.

My setup will have the YJM in the neck. Originally, I wanted the HS-3 in the bridge... and HS-2 middle... but I'm thinking the HS-2 would serve me better in the bridge.

Any thoughts on that? I need to know soon what any experienced person thinks, as I believe I'm heading down tomorrow to go get them installed.

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should i try breathing only through by mouth?

It's really whatever you feel comfortable with.

I completely disregard my breathing patterns, haha.

I'm still alive and breathing afterwards, right? So I mean... your body doesn't just stop breathing.

Maybe you breath slower or something, but it's not like you just stop breathing.

It's kind of hard to tell you how to breath; I think you just gotta relax and try your best. I find if I practice enough, and I know the song well, I can just "play" it. No breathing troubles or anything. Maybe if you practice it a lot...?

I don't think I'm very helpful, but it's hard to give you pointers... it'd be easier if I could show you in person, but I obviously cannot.