you know ur a bassist when u pick up a guitar and keep skipping fretts cuz they are to close together
i dont have the money as i said
well i play bass but close enough

year 1 - i started really getting into music when i was around 14 and i watched my friend play guitar and my uncle play professionally. i picked up a guitar whenever there was one there learned the easiest stuff ever like smoke on the water and 7 nation army.
year 2 - i was listening to really heavy stuff and loved really low sounds. like stuff tht would blow out speakers like mega fast. i liked guitar and drums but wanted to play bass for so long. i read tabs and music as much as possible but never had the money for a bass. id play bass parts on guitars and bass beats on drums.
year 3 - on my 16th birthday i finally. FINALLY!! got a bass and havent stopped playing it since. i kept learning scales and music notation and chords (even though u dont really se them on bass) and learned fun stuff and hard stuff. and i love playing still.
ok thanks
im a little short on cash for new strings so i just wanted to know if boiling ur strings actually works or not and if so what exactly do u do
i spent like 3 hours on guitar pro tabbing out this song my and my friend wrote and im no where near done but i will definatly post it once its done
i just decided to make a thread where people can post their own stuff for others to play. and im getting bored of stuff i know so if any1 has anything POST AWAY!!!
u can use guitar pedals but if they are cheap ones then they start to sound ****ty after a while.
5 and 6 string basses give u a higher and lower string respectivly
and pretty much anything over 80 watts should be good but the higher the better
do u know of any good bands or any1 that hass good bass riffs or techniques cuz playing 0's alot and rolling stuff gets really boring
my advise would be to just use a cloth and wipe them down when u are done practicing. otherwise just boil them
i know chord theory and stuff but i hate playing a guitar so do like any songs actually use bass chords
i have been playing for a few months and i just wanted to get some info on chords. i know that alot of bassits dont play with chords so any info would help
back in black by ac/dc
also that rouge amp may sucj but rouge makes good guitars. i bought a 4 string a few months ago and it sounds great and i only paid like 150 for it
behringer makes really good bass amps i have a 30 watt and it sounds great but they make a 60 and a 90 that are pretty cheap and are amazing