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Meh, Starlight it is then. I was leaning towards it also. Thanks again for the input guys.

Wow, im going to kill you.

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Lose Supermassive Black Hole or Starlight.

this is all your fault dammit!!!
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whats wrong with pop huh ? wanna fight xD

anyways watch mine *cough being annoying cough*

yeah and it wasn't even a cover...."lloLZ I MkE fUn OF BlInK 2 bE cOOL in dA Pit"

wow you're smart aren't you
Yeah, thats just cruel. That girl probably is quite upset about her weight and doesn't need some DH yelling mean comments at her. How do you think she felt? huh?

You need a good slap.

EDIT: and not only did you call her fat, you called her a bitch. How do you know if shes a bitch? you dont know anything about her, she could be a really nice girl and you just ruined her day
I quite like Showbiz, the title track is awesome (as well as all the others)
I don't like the "IIIIIIIIII'll never let you gooooo, if you promise not to faaaaaaaade awaay, never faaaaaade awAAAAAAy!" part.

Plus, the song goes on just a little too long. After the climax, it goes back to the intro again, unnecessarily.

Exactly. Starlight is carried on far too long, and the lyrics get washed out very quickly. The climax isn't really much of a "climax" either.

Its just a simple song but it is way too poppy and the lyrics suck causing it to be loved by emos

The video is pretty bad as well. I was really surprised, when BH&R was released, how downhill it was compared to its predecessors. I was like: "What...?"

Several times I checked the CD cover to make sure I bought the right one.

Nice bass, but overall to me, the songs a little boring, especially for a band as exciting as Muse.

Lol, guess we're not too fond of Starlight...

*passes out at hatred of starlight*

you people sicken me...

shes also very sexy
I hate it when pop stars think they can act and visa versa.
OoS now?

1. Plug in Baby
2. Bliss + New Born + Space Dementia + Microcuts + Feeling Good + Hypermusic
3. the rest...
^ wtf? OoS is sexual now?
ok, lets see what happens...

1) Starlight + Knights of Cydonia + Take a Bow + Map of The Problematique
2) Exo-Politics + Supermassive black hole
3) Invincible

i dont listen to the rest
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For you Australian cricket fans and yes he actually does play bass.

Brett Lee, Nice.

Christian Bale > guy who plays spiderman
Led Zeppelin fan boys, the guys that worship page

man those guys are scary
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Left: '83 Ibanez Roadstar II
Right: My first bass, Barracuda J-Bass copy w/ eletrical tape pickguard

wow that Ibanez must be quite rare

it looks awesome as well and i bet it plays smoothly
@ asian borat
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Like someone said, it you are helpful, people will most likely know you already.

Yeah, thats about right.

And what are these "UG Awards"?
Haven't you guys seen the Family Guy episode where lois gets fat?

"ohhooh peter are we having sex"

"wait let me lift up the flaps......yep....yeah we are"
Muse - Hysteria

and just so you know, telling us you're drunk isn't impressing us
Some song by Kasabian clearly rips off Black Night by Deep Purple.
Never heard of them...
its totally out of synch but you can tell when flea is talking...he says something about killing a cat as well....
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I don't understand why they had to tell Bush and the relevance of him knowing?

Still, truly shocking and sad.

you're stealing smokey amps avatar and stuff

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Assassin is bad in general. >_>

Seriously, I listen to the intro, then change the track.

It's not that bad.....but i think there are better songs on that album.

Take a bow is great.
Did anybody see the interview with anthony and flea (not together) on rove live?

Flea: is this not the Global Warming interview?
Rove: no...

Anthony: he really thought it was a global warming interview?
Rove: yeah...

Flea: i like being naked ALL the time...
You make a list of what seems to be all UK bands and you don't include Muse?

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The creepiness level of this thread is rising.


but the pics are hillarious
download it using torrents

come to the dark side
This should be very boring for you....UNLESS you do a punk cover of it and play with a pick and have your strap down to your ankles and jump around yelling and spiting on people

then people will notice you...
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i've just alienated and insulted everyone who posts in here apart from mr hankey and you.

and yourself
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Natalie Portman:

Rachel Bilson:

Finally, someone who posts HOT chicks (apart from burpin worm).
I saw the thing about the Holocust surviving teacher who saved the students by blocking the door and holding him off. Good man .
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Those aren't that great pics compared with the B&W one of her someone posted a while back. I saw the film Desperado last night (right load of nonesense) but I hadn't realised how hot Salma Hayek is. Damn. I might post some of her later.

Yeah, shes quite the sexy lady. Post the pics!
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@ some_guy. i don't believe that is "slightly illegal" in fact i don't think anything can be slightly illegal.

it either is illegal, or it's not illegal.

certainly that thread approaches the boundary, but it is likely not illegal.

i guess how disturbing it is, would have to do with the individual seeing it.

i think it's a bit silly, but i don't find it disturbing, personally.

i was just commenting on it, not stating a fact

and it was distubing because they were trying to hack into some girls photobucket to find nudes......
I have no idea what this is but i guess im in too.
Cave - Muse
Space Dementia - Muse
Citizen Erased - Muse
Knights of Cydonia - Muse
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Should we ban everyone who makes a game thread, or a slightly odd, perhaps sexually-themed thread? UG Forums are what you make it. You don't have to hang out in the places where these things exist... I find the "Good Old Days" phrase to be a little... fake... Though I am only an 05er, occasionally, when bored, I'd read the forums in 03, 04... UG hasn't gone downhill.

This isn't a Site Issue... "I don't like UG anymore, fix it".

they got a naked thread now.....a bunch of naked 14 year olds with a guitar infront of their penis

slightly illegal....and disturbing