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The fact that you're even thinking about this worries me. Not that you could be right, but you might have some issues yourself. But to adress your concerns... First off, it is common for women to date men who are similar to their father or brothers in personality as they are the first example she has for how a man should act and how he should treat a woman. If she is attracted to you for any reason in relation to her brother it is probably because you subconciously remind her of him so she subconsciously expects you to treat her the same way her brother treats women.

Sorry, sometimes I forget how weirded out people get with incest. I can tell you right off, I don't issues with this myself as far as having incestuous desires. I have no desire to date anyone who resembles my sister in either looks or personality. So please don't accuse me of having such desires. I've already stated that on a realistic level, I know it's more about familiarity and the subconscious. That being said, you cannot tell me that you wouldn't be at least a little bit weirded out by the whole matter. Let's pretend you have a boyfriend whose sister looks eerily similar to you. Just think: he's kissing, caressing, fornicating with someone who looks almost identical to his own sister.

Well, after talking this out with you guys I am finding I am more interested in the dilemma in general (doppelgangers as incestuous loopholes) than I am in my own case. I'm not worried about it anymore. I'm more wanting to start an intellectual debate on the matter but finding out no one finds violating socials norms an intellectually stimulating topic. Or maybe it's because I'm in the relationship thread.

Anyways, thanks for your words guys. I realize I'm just being a little crazy and that the issue is not of incestuous desires, but of familiarity via subconsciousness. Just helping me vent and talk it through has eased my mind a bit. I just have to accept the fact that my girlfriend's brother is my twin. Weird.
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Yer kinda creepin me out here, man. A substitute for incest? I don't think you should go there, man. Prolly not the basis of her attraction to you. If you DO go there, be prepared to spin this to a joke or smth. But your spin skills had better be really good. If she is as put off by this as I was just by reading it, you ain't gonna get no play for months unless you make a miraculous save.

Otoh, there is a very remote chance you're right. If so, will she admit it? I dunno.

So I am crazy? And I didn't mean to creep you out. I know it's taboo and that's why I was bothered about it. In an interesting turn of events however, she mentioned the similarity to a recent photo after I posted saying she "wasn't sure how she should feel about it" but she said it in a joking manner. I tried to (passively) pursue it further but she changed the subject.

It's just weirding me out. How could she not see such similarities right away? If I met a girl who looked like my sister, and I realized it, I would be instantly turned off even though my sister is good looking. I don't want to date someone who looks like my sister.

You don't think, at the twisted core of this all, there is an interesting point to be made about incest and our society's imposed norms? That incestuous desires could be fulfilled through the twisted fate of meeting your sibling's doppelganger? What a loop hole, right?
Dear Relationship Thread,

It's been awhile since I have posted here or in the pit in general but I come to you with an interesting dilemma. I have been dating this girl I met at college for a couple of months now. About a month ago, my friend came across a photo of my girlfriend with her brother. He pointed how eerily similar I look to my girlfriend's brother. At first I denied it, but recently have come to except it. We look like twins.

This is really starting to weird me out. She has stated before that she thinks her brother is good looking (she didn't mean in a sexually connotative way however). On a realistic level, do you think she could have found me attractive because she subconsciously found me to look similar to a familiar face?

On a more taboo, weirder level, I can't help but think that maybe she secretly finds her brother sexually attractive and I am an outlet for such perverse desires. Should I be bothered by this or am I out of my mind? How do I bring this up or do I even do that?
They are using solid state combo amps. I'm not sure about a PA system or monitors. Is that normal? I'm pretty sure there is something. There was for the last show I played (which was our first).

$960 is pushing my price limit quite a bit. I'm half tempted to buy some used equipment I saw at Guitar Center (if it's still there).

It was a GK Backline 600 head and a Hartke 4x10 cab which must have been this model. Both the head and cab were used. Both of those came to about $500 or somewhere in there. But I hit the same problem there.

In this case I would have a 300W @ 4 ohms head with a 4x10 400W cab @ 8 ohms. So I wouldn't be getting the full 300W right?

EDIT: Well GK says that I would only be getting 180W which I don't think will be enough to overpower the drummer and two guitarists.

I think I'm leaning more towards the Carvin stack with the 2x10. It seems like 500W would give me much more power than 180W no matter what speakers they are. I mean, if worse comes to worse I can just deal with the 2x10 until I have more money later and I add another 2x10 or a 1x15. I can two 2x10s with that 500W head with no problems, right?
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If you are going to run only one cabinet, you should choose one that allows your amplifier to run at its maximum RMS load, or as close to it as is possible. Since the 4x10 cabinet you mention will cut your RMS load beccause it is an 8-ohm cabinet, you will ot get the full measure of your amplifier out of it. Then again, if you love the sound it gives you, then you should go for it.

You didn't say what kind of band you'll be playing in, or what kind of amplifiers your guitar player(s) will be using. You'll need about three times the RMS output of the guitar amplifier in order to keep up, as low frequencies are much harder to amplify than are high frequencies. If your guitarist has a 100-watt tube head and a 4x12 cabinet (or more), that 2x10 cabinet won't cut it unless you all play at relatively low volume.

We're a four person punk/indie band (2 guitarists, bassist, and a drummer). I'm pretty sure my guitarists both have around 100 watt combos. One of them might be 150.
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Alot of physics prooves that 2 2x10's vertically aligned or speakers vertically aligned, will be far more effecient and produce sound over a wider spectrum then a 4x10 will.

Okay, that's understandable but I'm talking about only 1 2x10 - not two of them.
The GK 4x10 I played at Guitar Center was much louder and beefier than the GK 2x10 that was there.
The cab in the Carvin stack is 4 ohms and 600 watts.

I know that a 4x10 is better than a 2x10 but the GK cab says it is 8 ohms - and the Carvin head says that at 8 ohms it will only be running at 300 watts.

That being said though, the 2x10 is 4 ohms and at 4 ohms, the head is 500 watts. So which combo is better? Am I making sense?
So after years of playing bass I have finally found a band and I am need of a good bass rig. I have been looking at a Carvin stack but I decided I should probably get a 4x10 cab instead of a 2x10. In that case, I would probably buy the Carvin BX500 head and a GK 410 BLX.

But what would be more powerful? What's going to get me the most volume? If I buy the Gk cab, the head is only running at 300 watts but through a 4x10. With the Carvin stack, it's 500 watts but through a 2x10. Also, I don't know if I calculated everything right. Can the GK cab and Carvin head be paired up together?
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Last time I saw those kinds of cans was in Hawaii and on the plane back to Minnesota from Hawaii.

I dunno. i liked them more. More lip traction.

Come again?
I have no idea what this man is on about.

EDIT: So I see what you mean now but I have NEVER seen those.
Writing/English classes? Journalism/newspaper courses? It's pretty obvious. Hell, you could even take an art course. You might discover a new way to express your creativity.
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What pisses me off is that none of them can type properly ("im rele tired rght now how r u?"), and they post pictures with them and their friends making that STUPID ****ing kissy fish-face.

Holy **** yes...what is that? Don't even get me started on the damn gang signs and bug-eyed sunglasses.
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You're on the liminal boundary.

This is really good...never even heard of this. I might use this but there's still like a word or phrase that's on the tip of my tongue and I just can't place it.
I'm trying to think of a metaphor or even just a word, an adjective maybe, that describes a feeling of being stuck in between two places - you're past one point but not quite to the other. You're in the middle. There is a specific word I'm thinking of but I can't quite think of it. The best metaphor I can think of is an airport terminal but I want to do better. Thoughts?
I just recently watched Little Children. It has Kate Winslet in it. It's a very good, emotional suburban drama. A better movie with a similar feel to it is American Beauty. Check 'em out.
I just watched Unusual Suspects. It has Kevin Spacey in it. It was very interesting.
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My irl friend said the exact same thing, but nah i didn't i was ****ing totally shocked/speechless
at the start of the convo it was like

me: sooooo how far are you in
her: 8 months
me: wow damn... are you gonna keep it
her: uh obviously i'm 8 months in

i didn't know what else to say lmfao shut up

TS I'm in fucking tears man...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Wow.
The thing is is that 13 year old girls (and let's not stereotype...there are plenty of college chicks reading these books) don't care about "respectable books." They are more worried about silly romances such as the ones in Twilight. Chances are a book with actual substance and respect is going to bore most 13 year old girls.

The bottom line is that there just isn't a great way to combine the themes of literary classics and the fantasy romances of Twilight. I don't really see a way. Any romance depicted in a book of respect is more than likely going to be realistic therefore uninteresting to the fantastic mind of a girl.
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The fact that people still watch MTV depresses me.

Too true.
Look past the messenger and study the message? That's my two cents.
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What that actually means is that unless you have drugs with you, they can't arrest you, because just doing drums is hard to prove without any evidence and could possibly fall under the protection of the constitution.

Sometimes it is easier than others...
She probably just wants your money.
Any takers for the proofread job? I could really use your help! It's only a page and a half.
Hola Pit. I have a request. Can someone proofread my paper I wrote in Spanish? If I could get a native speaker that would be great but a Spanish major or something would be a big help. I need someone with a lot of exposure to the language. Thanks.
Rabidguitarist - you're my hero. :v

I made a new electronic song with vocals in it. Is that alright? Or is the album supposed to be strictly instrumental?
I'm gonna have to say that anything over 3 years isn't right. I've been talking to a girl who is 16 and I'm 18 going on 19. If she was any younger I wouldn't be (attempting to) date her. I voted for '20' because I think 19 is the oldest you should be.
I would just like to take a moment to necro-post and let everyone know that I just realized (yes, Wayne I do...haha geddit?) The Flaming Lips won! Do You Realize?? is the official state "rock" song. Go Lips!
This thread is relevant to my interests assuming I'm thinking of the right commercial.
I've been noticing this push for people to say "People with disabilities" instead of disabled people. The thought is that you are putting the person before the disability - the disability does not define the individual.

What do you think of this? I personally think we are just kidding ourselves. Does it really make a difference? While talking about it in my Human Development class, we were constantly being corrected, making the whole thing an even bigger deal. We even watched a documentary and one of the disabled people (see it's just natural speech?) interviewed called themselves a "disabled person" without even thinking. That makes me think they don't even think about it.

What do you make of all this?
My reason for not really liking that album as a whole is that it just isn't really Radiohead. It just doesn't live up to everything else they've put out. That isn't to say the music on Pablo Honey is's just missing that Radiohead-ness.

Not to mention they don't even play anything off of Pablo Honey live. If the band themselves has shunned an album then I can't really be proud of it either.
My first choice would be an Airedale Terrier. I used to have one when I was little. He was a BA.

My next choice would probably be a black Russian terrier because they look BA.
I don't believe in freewill. I think it is just an illusion. That being said, I don't think it really matters. The world is what it is. Live with it.
Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
Many classic 90's hits

That's all I got. =/
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Your Head A Splode?

My vote goes to John Mayer - say what you will about his poppiness, he knows how to write a tune that everybody likes, and he shreds like a cheese grater. He knows where his musical roots are.

I also had a hard time finding bands/artists I really enjoy who started later than 1999 and aren't too obscure. Not even Aphex Twin fits that, even though I'm sure that his music is the music of the future.

So I'm not in complete distress about a situation but It'd be nice to get some advice, especially if anyone has been in a similar situation.

Basically it goes like this: Girl has boyfriend of 2 years. Their relationship was on the rocks. I started to get to know her (we'll call her Dominique) about a month ago. She ended up admitting she likes me (we made out once last week after I wrote her a song). At this point she was single though. Now they've broken up twice...and are currently BACK together.

I'm not really sure what kind of advice I want here. I guess I'm just curious if you have any advice on how to keep the chances high for getting with her. How do I stay in that potential boyfriend range while her relationship (hopefully) falls apart for good? Does that make sense? I'm sorry...kind of rambling.
I get this every so often but it's only with a particularly emotional song and I'm feeling emotional as well. The other day I got the chills from Silversun Pickup's "Lazy Eye" when he starts yelling.

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Anything by Sigur Ros, or Gregor Samsa.
beautiful and relaxing vocals

Glosoli does that to me.