Yeah I just opened it and everything seems fine. It's really odd though, the two small circut boards that are wired are wrapped in electrical tape (Like she used to do I assume) so I'm not sure if anything could have disturbed those. Also it'll change oscillating frequencies if I tap on the housing which made me think it's a grounding error, but I have no idea on exactly how, since none of the wires look out of place or anything. I Don't mind the oscillation if I could control it, but it's getting frustrating having a loud zipping/oscillating sound when I'm trying to tweak settings on it just a tiny bit
Alright GB&C, It's been a long while since I've been here. I have this question that may seem like it's SUPPOSED to happen with the thing in question but I know it's not- at least hopefully.

I have a Devi-Ever Hyperion (Anime picture version with a battery adapter inside, if that's any help) and well, when ever I fiddle with settings on it, I get noise and feedback- much like if I were to fiddle with settings on my Fuzz Factory with the Gate knob turned off or way down. I can make a short video if someone needs, but it's getting really aggravating because it's...NOISY. it wasn't always like this either, it's a fairly recent occurrence. I'm not sure if it's just my guitar/amp combination either but the sustain seems to be...not there, both on my Talman and my other guitar with a swamp ash body.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of something like this? I haven't ever fiddled with any wiring inside of it so I'm not sure what might be causing something like this.
Thanks guys, this is actually pretty helpful. I'll pass the info along to a friend and he'll get to work restoring it soon!
Sup UG, been a while since I posted. Anyway, here's some stuff

So my friend got this guitar off Craigslist, and it doesn't have a serial number or logo on it. It needs some replacement parts and work, so we are trying to figure out what year it was made or even the name of the manufacturer. I honestly have no idea what it is and I was wondering if maybe some of you guys do.

so far I think the nut needs to be replaced as well as the bridge, but we wouldn't know where to start unless we could get a little info on the guitar itself. Pictures linked below:

Head 1
Head 2

Any idea on where I could get a replacement bridge? I assume StewMac would have what I need, but I'm not sure the exact TYPE of bridge.


EPIC page to enter into.

Scow I have nightmares of that happening to me.

I don't have a reverb....

Maybe a Metal Muff nano + a Dan electro chili dog octave pedal? Hit me up bro!

If you need mroe stuff, I'll be glad to send a list to ya. just PM =P

Its been a LONG time.

TOO long.

I should get back on here more often...

Merrrrrry Chrrriiiiistmassssss GB&C!

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So....anyone here know how to make a guitar hook up to a KP1? Not mod fully, just cable wise.
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So uh....any info on guitar to KP hookups?
Brock: Well, thats too bad. lol. I'll tell ya about it though. lol.

Jason: I might have to go check out that thread on it then, I haven't been on in a while. Damn MMO's and time sucking...

EDIT: Now I got about finding a way to connect it so its Guitar > KP1 > Amp

@bv: If you come over I'll let you play with it ;D

@Jason: Dude, how IS the Legocaster going?
No. It's me. now I need to learn how to put one inside a guitar. Be a badass project.

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DAMMIT. I wish I had the money to buy Fuzz factory isn't working at the moment....
Sup guys? Guess whos finally getting a Kaoss Pad?
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I miss the old thread =[ I don't know alot of the new people in here..
aha,I see. well I suppose I'll ask him. know anyone else on this forum that does repairs?
Jim is on hiatus, remember?

but I'll go ahead and test the waters.
No, its a clone. so its the same circuit, but not a pedal from Z.vex =[ Which complicates things.

I can find a schematic for it, and send it along with the pedal if anyone can actually fix it..
might as well try this thread...

can anyone here fix a Fuzz Factory?

mine is dead and I don't know why...
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Is an FF a fuzz face or fuzz factory?

Fuzz Factory =o

know anything about em?
So can anyone here repair pedals? preferrably a FF? =[
That is a BEASTLY pedal board. I may keep you on tap, just in case I want one. I probably will soon.
I've been around. I didn't know I was missed in here. lol.

TBH I just haven't had the time for UG =[ Its saddening how much Magic can take away a persons soul. that And Odd Man Inn.

I assume you can't help with my pedal though? XD
Jim thread a disaster has occured! My fuzz Facotry ( clone, but still one) Has stopped working!

I need someone who has good pedal skills to help find out whats wrong with it and help fix it...

It won't let signal through, with or without the adaptor and the battery. The soldering and all the wires seem in order, but it wont let any signal through. Checked the knobs and everything, as well as the cables. Pretty much seems like its a pedal related problem. Can any of the wiring geniuses in here help?
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