Shit I'm almost 30. Been using this site since I was 16.  
There's too many people voting yes. I am deeply concerned. 
Evilnine    That poor fly. I don't know which is more disgusting
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Do tell, I mean this has the the potential to be an awesome stand alone thread: Things I experienced on my job in the porn industry.

Possibly. Off the top of my head:

Since I was the new guy I had to edit a big chunk of the gay photoshoots including the tranny stuff. I was teased about it so much and everyone could see what I was working on since we used these 27 inch iMacs. "Oh what is that metaldud? The party at your house last weekend? LOLOLOLOLOLOL"  Fuck those guys

The gay stuff: 
- I once saw this young guy who had these disgusting warts/moles all over his back. He was the pepperoni guy
- They had once contracted this poor chubby trailer park emo guy who had the worst video game/anime tattoos. He had a sonic tattoo that looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old

Whenever I did the tranny stuff my boss would come over to actually find out if it was a girl or not. He was strangely attracted to that stuff

The straight stuff:
Many of the Brazilian girls I worked on, you could not tell if they were men or not when they had clothes on. Those women were hideous. 
I saw plenty of poor girls who were cutters (razor marks all over their wrists/thighs)
Girls who accidentally pooped on the sheets during anal (had to edit that stuff out)

One time my boss had to cancel an update on the site and call whoever did the shoot because we saw in the pics that the male actor had some strange warts on his dick???

And the office was located in a busy area near the beach so we would constantly hear the crazy bums walking by and yelling at nothing below us. Once there was a SWAT raid at the hotel across us. No shoot out however.

Good times
Nero Galon Yea I guess of some of the disgusting stuff we saw, both in gay and straight porn
Well the interesting most interesting one was when I started working at a porn company as a photo editor a few years ago. First day was signing papers, the office pit bull jumped on me and almost knocked me down. The bros all said I was going to get swole at the gym with them (I never did in the years I was with them). And then I was cleaning up stretch marks off a Brazilian girls ass for the rest of the day.
donender Yea it sucks when it happens at a job you were comfortable at. To be fair, the whole company downsized. All 3 of us designers that got hired last year were laid off the same day. That day must have really sucked for my boss since we still had so much work to do.
My boss made me team leader of video production. Then I got laid off a month after my raise.
Not even the 3 bed 2 bath home in Hialeah Florida?? Looks like a solid deal..
I only watched the video of the dog. The rest of OP or this thread is not important
I don't know why these people can be anti science when they themselves are posting their bullshit on social media with products of science 
Who remembers FassaAlbercht or something like that? And that guy Chung?
Simple: Buy a bunch of other stuff along with the condoms/lube. That way the cashier has to scan everything faster and there's less embarrassment.
Graphic designer with specialization in motion graphics and some video production
gotta be able to deep throat without gagging
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How do y'all feel about this?

I'm for it but let's be realistic, who will pay for it? It's expensive as hell.
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1. Teachers are paid fine.
2. In fact yours were overpaid since they allowed you to graduate with almost no reading comprehension skills.

1. Not enough to make life and death decisions
2. I read his comment and agreed with it. My comprehension skills are fine.
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Arm teachers Here's me thinking this might finally get America moving forwards with gun laws

Looking forward to the reaction when inevitably a student is accidentally shot and killed by a teacher

We don't pay our teachers enough already. Now we expect to arm them all and grow balls of steel in the midst of a shootout?
Find new job first then quit.
I would roleplay in AOL chat rooms at the age of 12. 
I'd watch the trailers for Reality Kings videos that took like 5 minutes to load.
I'd print out anime pictures.
Later on I was pirating shit on limewire
Become a furry
Ok guys back again from OKCupid...of the 10 girls that "liked" me, 6 of them are black girls. I've always been curious to why I attract black girls lol
I signed up to OkCupid and there's a lot of chubby girls in my feed. Maybe I should finish answering their never ending questions?
I was a NEET for a few months a few years ago.
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my boss sent me a friend request on facebook 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩

Me and my boss follow each other Instagram but I'm cool with her

Last drama I had.....was with a shitty coworker who was way too outspoken and inconsiderate of other people and their personal space.
Ask her if she wants anything from Whole Foods
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drinking alone at a microbrewery, going to a show alone, getting high alone in my bedroom, playing video games alone in my bedroom. 😃

well, a work buddy is supposed to meet me for the show soon, but other than that...


It gets worse the older you get
I like Swallow the Sun and As Daylight Dies. It's the more accessible stuff for someone who likes catchy music.
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Washer by slint is obscure af just take credit for it

Also send her your real wood not some fake phallic substitute

Nah don't send her dick pics. Send her Wiener Art

Office job guy here: I enjoy it as I do graphic design and animation. On Thursdays I get to work from home.
I have met plenty of girls in there mid 20s who are still obsessed with Disney princesses 
Saw this earlier on reddit. Two thumbs up. Would cringe again.
I always ask myself why the long term homeless ones dont kill themselves? If I was homeless for 2+ years I'd just kill myself. I used to drive through the same areas for 2+ years and find the same homeless guys asking for money. One of them was very crippled. 
 How often do you get hit on by strangers? A few times every couple of years
Does it happen often enough to become a nuisance? No
Would you consider yourself a victim of catcalling? No

I've had black girls hit on me at work. One time I was driving through a parking lot and I see two girls walk pass me and I hear "HEY PAPI." Never had a black girlfriend though
I was 24 (3 years ago) and working at Toys R Us. A guy that took a computer class with me back in high school walked in with his wife and kid looking for a toy. He recognized me and wanted to catch up but I kinda just tried to help him quickly to avoid the conversation. Eventually I found him again wandering around the store and then I became more friendly and open and asked him if would let me know of anyone looking for a graphic designer. He leaves and comes back a few minutes later saying his old company is looking for a photo editor. We exchange info and 3 weeks later I was working as a photo editor. Nearly 3 years later and now I'm working as a graphic designer. Take those opportunities guys.
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You better learn how to stop.

I meant it as a method to moving up in the world. Not in the sense that he'll end in some dark alley pleasing other men.
You better learn how to start sucking dick.
Haha look at my 6 year old thread. LOOK AT IT.