Checkity check Hellwitch. awesome prog/thrash
This is the most stupid post I think Ive seen (okay maybe not).
Ulique: you are stereotyping metal and its fans as "anti-this and anti-that" and "elitist". Firstly, this is just ridiculous misconception on your part, but secondly, you then say that you are in fact a fan of metal!? Your contradictions are incredible.
Also if you have any idea whatsoever about human psychology you should know that people are social animals and ENJOY fitting into a group, this is how humans gain feelings of acceptance etc. So saying that you dont understand this or think that it is 'below' you just shows your on hypocrisy again.
On the subject of 'close-mindedness', I have found that the majority of metal fans are some of the most musically open-minded people Ive met. And the fact that you have recognised Mastodon as 'experimental' and Cynic as having fusion influences means you have contradicted yourself again!

So unless you are the most anti-elitist (which you are obviously not from your views in this thread), the most musically diverse, open-minded and unique person on this planet - which i highly doubt you are - SHUT THE **** UP
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Holy F***

I Came To Hate

That is the most technical bass I've ever heard. I need to find my jaw that is now on the floor. That blows Origin's bassist out of the water, even though he is very good too.

crazy crazy ****.
That drummer is ridiculous, hes minimised his range of movement soooo much, you cant even tell from the vid when hes using the double kick or not haha
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Download their "Panaramic Twilight" demo if Tumultuous Travelings is too rough for your tastes, better production overall.

Took your advice....AMAZING stuff
God the production is horrible. Too bad, coz they sound awesome.
do you have question or what?
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for example megadeth, anthrax, avenged sevenfold, atreyu, or something of that sort.

BAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! he has to be trolling. please god
why on earth do you need 4000 pictures!!!!!????
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I'm 6", and will probably have one last growth spurt soon. I've never had that happen to me.

LOL you better hope you have another growth spurt coz my dick is as long as you are tall! baha
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Eh im only 5'11" right now, but I'm supposed to be a late bloomer height wise and be around 6'3"- 6'4" when im like 19 or 20.

There there, sure you are....
just measured, im 6'1" exactly
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I reckon Drone appeals more to ambient fans rather than metal ones. You don't have to force yourself to like it.

Try this

wow, i really digged that
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All I can say is why did it take so long?
'bout motherfucking time.

Hmm. This or clubbing my first NYE being 18..


i dont know if you're being sarcastic or not, but clubbing in sydney is the same every weekend (average), NYE at a club will still be the same ****. Punch Screamfest for sure.
wait, ur gonna do a road test while on 2c-i? hahahahahahha
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nah it's still on in Aus, it was changed to 1am though cos no one watched it.

i stand corrected
****test. miniseries. ever
it started airing here in Aus, after two weeks it was pulled.
surely your trainer can tell you how to eat/train to lose the weight....
losing weight is just the same process as gaining weight: Eat more calories than your body uses, you will gain weight. Eat less calories than you use, you will lose weight.
I would say **** not eating after seven, keep eating meals at the same times you are now, just have smaller portions. Also, do a hell of a lot more cardio work.
Youd probs get more help in the metal thread ts...
Whyd the plane crash?

The pilot was a tomato
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It's a general rule that all drummers **** their mothers

wait wat?
Its funny, i find myself reading through more of these types of threads than proper ones... just purely for entertainment.
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His name isn't "Michael" either, it's "Mee-kah-el." He says Michael because that's just so much easier for the English speakers (I figure the majority of their fanbase).

nah more of a "Mie-kay-ehl"

but seriously
Talented band, I'm not a fan of deathcore at all but I really liked their previous album.
The new song sounds alot more proggy... I dont think the direction theyre going is wrong, but 'Now Arise' sounds like a bit of a mess to me; NOTHING REPEATS!! at all lol.
I am missing the big melodic choruses of open arms to damnation though...

EDIT: Surely theres a Born of Osiris thread already... I dont think this warranted a new thread...
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Ugh, utter tripe... but it did provide a good laugh, vocalist looks incredibly silly while 'flopping' around.

Don't think they were going for comedy though... bad bands taking themselves seriously is a lol

I have to agree.... that was terrible
ok, I didnt actually look at the vid...
I though Lord Worm got kicked out coz he had terrible sense of rhythm and timing? So how does he now play bass for a band?
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-_-" god damnit i hate being underage. I'd go to the Sydney gig but. yknow... Oh and anyone who goes Aeon of Horus will be a real treat live!

*posh british accent* "Yes, they will be a real treat to see live, good sir!" /*british accent

Im lost. Im "UGwins" , I dont know if im allianced with everyone though...
Hows about "The Aurora Hijab" lololololol
Nah, seriously though, i dno
...shouldnt you, the band, be coming up with a title? not UG?
Pretty weak list IMO. All except erhaps Wintersun can be srcapped......?
Ooooooooh, Virgil Donati with T J Helmerich AND Bret Garsed...... Must check this **** out

EDIT: Quite similar to Planet X, which isnt surprising I suppose.
OK, I vote C. Lets go do some other stuff, and we'll get our steelix back later... somehow...
Im confused... can we please join them and someone write a new one which satisfies both story lines?
Yah, B and C. Get the Steelix
E. NO! i likes our pokemon

EDIT: okay C!!! get that steelix
Ok so this isnt about guitars but it happened in a guitar store.

So i was looking some basses and trying some out, wasnt really planning on buying anything just bored. The sales guy comes over and asks if i need anything i told him not really but asked if i could give the Gretsch drum kit in the middle of the store a go,he said sure but just at that moment this little kid walked up to it and asked if he could try it. he was with his parents and only looked and sounded about 10 so i let him go. he proceded to play a simple rock beat for about 20 minutes followed by a little fill and stopping. his dad asked him what he thought. He replied that he didnt like the way the bass drum sounded and began hitting the floor tom repeatedly. i later realized he was 13 and had apparently been playing for quite a while

NO WAY! I think this is the best story so far guys!!!!!!!!!!
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I dare anyone to find a better live performance.

****ing epic!
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Can anyone explain to me why the Navy has planes? I thought they were the boat people.

Nah theyre the Village People.
hahaha hohoho