Heard it right after 20. Phew. I was getting scared because on my car stereo when i put it on the same volume now it doesn't seem as loud as it used to be.
I was sitting down waiting to bat playing indoor cricket and was talking to my mate sitting next to me. When i looked back at the game, the ball was coming towards me fast so i ducked, forgetting that there was a net there. But it's not really an 'i hope no-one saw that' moment because everyone saw
I remember that show! It was the effing bomb!
We've had a couple of games called off because of fights. The first one was a trial match, the ref clearly favoured their team and there were nearly a couple of fights already. Our team got a penalty on our 10m line and because there was around 1 minute left put a kick in. Their captain (i think he played front row) caught the ball and then got ****ing drilled by 2 or 3 of our players so their team started running in throwing punches then ours did. As i was running towards it from fullback i saw our skinny little halfback run past one of our guys and one of theirs both that were on the ground scuffling then got their player with a massive cheapshot in the nose then keep running. So cheap yet so funny.

The other game was a week before i started playing again from a broken wrist so i wasn't actually playing. one of my mates pulled one of their players out of a tackle because he was in there for ages, but the guy he pulled out got up and started swinging so it turned into a massive brawl, ending in our captain who's a five-eighth, one of my best mates getting ganged up on by 3 of their players, one of which was effing huge prop, and ending up on the ground getting kicked in the head repeatedly by 2 of those 3. And I couldn't even help him out > that still makes me mad
snowboarding is the ****ing bomb. went to the snow for a week, snowboarding every day, possibly the best week of my life.
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Masturbate outside a school.

i have witnessed someone doing this outside my school. strange times.
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Go for a single tenner or two tenners in a sealed box. Tubes are overrated garbage in my experiences.

Ugh, RF stuff is mediocre at best. Try some Alpine Type-R's if you want quality.

Hells yes. I love my Type-R.
Kind of sad that you have nothing else to do but hunt around facebook tracking people down to insult...
St Patricks day? Everyone wears green? Green Day?

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No that fact that, my buddy did that as a bet.. And we would give him money for that.. And some random ass dude somes in and say" Why dont that retard get a real job instead of doing that type of sh1t..." So thats when i replied and so some real smartA§§ comes in doing his god.. You know what? never ****ing mind, you all are wayy to smart for me... Wow retards and else what will you do if i come insulting you smarta§§ even if im new to a forum? what changes the fact that i'm new... And now talking about grammatical ****.. Are you mentaly illed? i mean wtf WHATS THE GODDAMN POINT? SAY SOMETHIN DOUCHEBAG.

You're cute when you're angry.
what i'm saying has nothing to do with losing, i realise that nsw played better than qld tonight and deserved the win. haha gidley can take it, he cant get much uglier anyway
haha steve was going well i thought til that pearler in the chin. poor old geezer. i doubt that though, creagh was goneskies! hiding. hodges walked as far as he could to him.
gutless? ben creagh pushing hodges in the back then running away? haha definitely not gutless. or waterhouse the pussy.
goddamn i wanted hodges to get his box on. theres some ****ing dog nsw players i tells ye
QUT is the bomb. Don't be hating.
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Black bears have dicks, don't mess with them either. It is illegal.

but this is ok, right?

EDIT: Damn you swear filter
I have girly wrists
im sick of these mother****ing snakes in these mother****ing rivers!
that should have said 'pretty sure', my bad. Also, hate to be a stickler but unless you have some new fandangled technology, you're seeing the words yeah, ill leave you alone now.
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If you go over and have sex with her, you don't have a leg to stand on, at the moment you have wiggle room for both of them to see it was a misunderstanding, so you could either go for it anyway just to get a good shag before you are maimed/murdered, or you can hold back on having sex for a little while and retain some chance of getting out of this, your call.

That's a good point. I'm sure i won't end up doing it because i've been cheated on before and know how much of a drag it is, yet my penis is trying to convince me i'll miss out for no reason if i don't do her and her boyfriend goes ape**** anyway. Plus there's a fair chance he'd be getting some in prison, why cant she Just kidding.

Ah well, i've seen photos and he's not that big. Better start saving for kung fu lessons or something just in case i suppose
I may have a problem.

On the weekend i went to a party for one of my mates that i went to school with. I ended up hooking up (only got to 3rd base) with another girl i went to school with. Ever since she's been trying to get me to go visit her, also making it pretty obvious what she wants. An added bonus was that my ***** ex-girlfriend of over 2 years was there and I'm pretty sure she was pissed about it because she tried to make moves on one of my best mates.

Anyways, catch is i've found out this girl has a boyfriend, who is currently in jail for arson and attempted murder.

Part of me is telling me that i shouldn't visit her, mostly for moral reasons and partly because i'm not really in the mood to be murdered by her psychotic boyfriend, but another part tells me that i may already be ****ed and i might as well get the most out of it. I know i'm going to seem like an ass for even considering it but the last couple of months have been dark times for my johnson.

Please talk me out of doing this.
not a pencil, but my mate stabbed me with a black pen and now ive got a black dot under the skin on my knee.
I'm going to be honest, atm there isn't much i wouldnt do
Yeah same thing happened here except after about a month of that she chose me and later ****ed me over again. In my opinion it'd be best to move on bro. Don't fall into the trap of trying to compete for her. Don't give her that satisfaction. It sucks pretty hard, especially since we were together for 2 and a half years, but it's for the best. Im only starting to move on now and that happened months ago. On a positive note, I went out with a damn hot girl today and she is awesome. That is all.
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Okayy, I'm in a complicated love triangle here..

I love my ex..
She fancies me,
She fancies ANOTHER guy too.

She won't go out with either of us because she doesn't want to hurt the other..
I'm thinking about just telling her that i'm going for a few months, just so i can get over her..
This a wise move?
Or should I hang in there?
Not too sure what'll happen either situation.. Hmmm?

Thanks :]]

I was in a situation like this a while back. If i could have my time again, I'd **** the idea of getting back with her right off. Then again, your ex may be less of a ***** than mine.
They look exactly the same?
My english teacher in year 12 was awesome. Kind funny and had huuuge boobies
Another story guys.

Around a month ago, my girlfriend of 2 years moved about an hour away with her friend and her friends brother and his mates to be closer to work. I told her that i was worried about how it would work with us not seeing each other as much (i will admit i had serious trust issues with this girl, seeing as she's hooked up with other guys during our relationship before this).

A week passes and we both go to one of our friends parties. i dont stay long because my friend had to drive home at 11pm because of his provisional licence. i didn't talk to her much at that party. 2 days later i tell her that we should probably go our separate ways because ill be busy with uni and she'll be busy with work etc.

the next weekend there is another party that we both attend. I am fairly shitfaced at this party. one of my friends that stayed at the first party tells me that after i left, she got drunk and fucked some other guy. i realise i probably dont have the right to be angry because i broke up with her 2 days later but the fact we were still together when she did it made me unleash the fucking beast. i walked out the front to walk home from the party, saw her car and just went apeshit and started punching the fuck out of it. i scared myself that night, because even when ive had a bit to drink i never lose control of my emotions, im always pretty chill. but i raged against that machine like no other. ended up leaving a big dent in her bonnet.

I kept walking home, but i only got 2kms to the highway and then turned back to get more beer. when i came back i got two beers and started talking to my mates and the whore came up and started trying to talk to me so i walked off and pegged the bottles at the concrete floor (still raging). she follows me and asks me wtf is wrong with me and i tell her i know about her doing the other guy then she starts crying and saying she thought i didnt love her etc. then shes all over me. so we go back to mine and i do her (yes, i know im an idiot).

so we kind of get back together because im a retard, i stay over at hers a couple of nights before uni because hers is closer. then last weekend she keeps telling me to come over sunday night, seeming pretty intent on it so i said i would. sunday morning she texts me telling me not to come anymore because shes going out.

on monday morning she texts me saying that we cant be together etc. i know that this is a good thing. but what pisses me off is that her friends brother, a skeleton looking hippie who is 6 years older than us has a thing for her and she said she kind of likes him.

So even though i know its better for me not to be with this disgusting whore, im having a hard time not thinking about her. ive even had a hot as chick virtually begging me to do her but i dont even feel like it. its like ive lost my sex drive or something. Also,before anyone starts flaming the shit out of me, yes i know i shouldve moved on once she started doing this sort of shit. Ive tried to move on but its hard as im still making friends at university and i still have a lot of alone time there to think and its driving me insane.

Sorry to pollute the thread with this but it really did make me feel better just typing this out. thanks
i bought an ultimate burger meal from kfc and got that + 2 more burgers. she totally wanted my penis.
I've found that whenever my group of friends gets together and drinks hard, we always end up having massive talks about politics and all sorts of intellectual topics. It's actually pretty annoying.
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Yes indeed.

If only they still did Vanilla Coke, that used to go awesome with rum.

We still get Vanilla coke here in Australia. I effing love that stuff.
You have to be 21 to join to po-pos dont you? I think that's what my mates mum said, she's a cop.
You dirty paedo.

Jokes, I've done that before. But she wasn't taken. You asshole.

EDIT: I didn't trick her either
Wow dinosaur of a thread here. Ima go with eva
Rise Against - Sydney

I also have girl wrists. Don't tease me.
The hottest chick i ever saw was down at Coolangatta during schoolies. Dayum.