ive just started a new band and a couple of the songs were covering for now are Who The **** Taught You Snaps? by Carpathian & The Truth by Break Even, im pretty poor atm and i really need these songs so could anyone link me to a working download or better yet if you have mp3 versions of the songs could send them to me at

btw if anyone has an mp3 of Enemy Sex By Evergreen Terrace could you send that aswell, i love that song

thanks in advance
Clenching The Fists Of Dissent- Machine Head
My Will Be Done- Unearth
Awoken-Heaven Shall Burn(album intro)
Why So Serious?- Hans Zimmer/The Dark Knight Soundtrack
August Rhapsody- August Rush Soundtrack
Let The Flames Begin(Live)-Paramore
Meaning In Tragedy- As I Lay Dying
Idols & Anchors- Parkway Drive
Seqouia Throne- Protest The Hero
Down From The Sky- Trivium
Grace- Lamb Of God
Composure- August Burns Red
Before The Damned- All That Remains
Eclipse- Chiraw

yeah it was impossible for me to pick just 5
to girlfriend- i love you with all my heart, why havent i seen or talked to you in a month. its hurting me. after all the times weve been there for each other & the time that weve spent together, why?

to parents- get it through your thick traditional skulls that i want a job so i can finance & play music & have fun.

to friend- stop complaining about not having a job when you dont even try

to employers- GIVE ME A ****ING JOB!!!!!

to the perth hardcore & metal scene- get some originality, copying a day to remember or bullet for my valentine is ****ing boring!/ I NEED A BAND
Hi i was just wondering if any of you guys would know where i could find a working download or .torrent of Dj Sammy's Heaven 9-11 remix that has the little girl talking in the chorus. Or even if one of you has it, if you could send it to me @ it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
machine ****ing head

Rose of Sharyn, Holy Diver-KsE
Nothing Left- AILD
robb flynn or max cavalera
Meg: ooh ooh guess what i am?
Stewie: ummmm..the result of a backseat gropefest and a broken prophylactic?
you know you live in australia when you realise that even though australia is first world nation, we dont have a cultural identity and instead we are cultural mish mash of boat people, white's, aboriginals & 75% asians.
to the metal bands out there. im a 17 yr old guitarist in perth WA. Inflenced by Machine Head, Trivium, Parkway Drive, DevilDriver, I Killed The Prom Queen, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage & 36 Crazyfists. My style is like groove/ thrash/hardcore riffs & melodic leads. I scream and sing aswell. anyone want me?
my english teacher this year paused spinal tap right in the middle of nigel tufnels guitar solo to yell this at this muslim kid who was listening to hip hop on his mp3player way to loud: "thats ****ing music, it has talent unlike your pussy hip hop" the teacher then started the movie again and walked away. my friend seb and i laughed for the entire lesson because we were just dicussing that the muslim kid had his "music" up too loud.
Quote by SomeEvilDude
Get to know the twin sister anyway?

If this girl is a good friend of yours, she really oughn't mind, and besides, it's the twin sister's life, not hers, so it's not any of her business if you two decide to get together.

thanks that helps a lot.
So ive never asked for help before but here goes..

I have these two friends who are both girls. we all go do stuff like shop and go to gigs and get pierced etc. Well one of them has a twin sister and she comes with us sometimes. im interested in her and i want to get to know her better but im worried that it could hurt my friendship with the other twin or worse.

What do i do?
Derek Hess draws most of his work. he did album covers for in flames, sepultura & behind crimson eyes and many tour posters for bands from pantera to manson and countless obscure bands
Opening Credits:
Clenching The Fists Of Dissent-Machine Head

Waking Up:
New Millenium Cyanide Christ-Meshuggah

First Day At School:
Follow The Wolves-Demon Hunter

Falling In Love:
Love?-Strapping Young Lad

Fight Song:
Seasons Wither-Machine Head

Breaking Up:
Romance Is Dead-Parkway Drive

Talk Dirty To Me-Children Of Bodom

Life's OK:

Mental Breakdown:
The Mirrors Truth-In Flames

In The Fire-Roadrunner United

Blood & Thunder-Mastodon

Getting Back Together:
Come Whatever May-Stone Sour

Birth of Child:
Nothing Left-As I Lay Dying

Spirit Crusher-Death(****in lol)

Final Battle:
The Enemy-Roadrunner United

Death Scene:
Closure-Divine Heresy

Funeral Song:
A Cold Day In Hell-Parkway Drive

End Credits:
Down Again-Chimaira
Body: Jackson King V
Mahogany, Painted Olympic White with black binding
Neck: quartersawn mahogany 11/16 radius, white finish, Abalone binding, neck thru
Fingerboard: Ebony, off centre arrow head inlays(abalone), medium jumbo frets
Hardware: black
Bridge:Tonepros tunomatic, strings thru body
Pickups: EMG 81-60 or SD Blackouts
Headstock: ESP F Series headstock
Tuning Machines: Sperzel Locking
Nut: Graphite
Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone, push pull pickup switching
if possible could someone please make a picture of this on photoshop and sent it to me
pink floyd
the who
electric light orchestra
bullet for my valentine
fanz ferdinand
9/10 for dance of eternity
halo-machine head/imperium-machine head
Quote by grunger
now you can never shred. ever.

what about steve vai?
Little Wonders-Rob Thomas
Welcome Home-Coheed & Cambria
be yourself. dont tell her your autistic, tell her once you get to know her bcoz you might find out theres something different about her aswell. hope this helps, i know it helped me.
Im looking to form or join a metal band in perth, western australia. my influences are machine head, trivium, arch enemy, pantera, killswitch engage, shadows fall, paul gilbert, parkway drive, slipknot and rage against the machine. im 16 and you can drop me a line at
White ESP "Gibson" Style V made of mahogany and maple neck and ebony fretboard with black binding, mirror pickguard, Blackouts in bridge and neck, sperzel locking tuners, tonepros locking bridge, reverse "swayed" v headstock, 1 volume, 2 tone and toggle switch.


Custom Amp designed to have the bass response of a dual rectifier, the low mid range of a peavey 5150, the mid range of a marshall jcm800 & the high frequencies of a bogner uberschall. The cabinet would be 4x12 built from jarrah and leather and have 2 celestion vintage 30s and 2 eminence patriot speakers (one blue, one red)
Im Looking For Some Good Metal Songs In Drop B. I Know Machine Head And Slipknot Songs In Drop B but i need to know what else there is out there.
thanks i just really needed to know
Hi im new to wahs and ive just got a vox wah pedal. can ne one tell how i should hook it up with my rig. i use drop tunings regularly and have a machine head/pantera/trivium sound if this is any help. plz help me.!!!!!!!! my gear is in my sig
Paul Gilbert; for inspiring me to not give up the guitar and constantly inspires me to try new things & push myself.

Robb Flynn; who inspired me to strenghten up my rhythm work and taught me that the most simple of riffs can be the most memorable and brutal.

And These Guitarists for constantly pushing me, helping evolve my own style & love of wierd time signatures, brutal riffs and melodical/technically fast soloing (not shred); Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Randy Rhoads, Phil Demmel, Dime, John Petrucci, Eddie Van Halen, Mark Morton, Claudio Sanchez, James Hetfield, Alexi Laiho, Michael Amott, The Parkway Drive Guitarists, Mick Thompson, Synyster Gates, Vinnie & Dave

And finally these select drummers who constantly amaze me; Mike Portnoy, Dave McClain, Scott Travis(Racer X), Joey Jordison, Chris Adler & Travis Smith

i realise some of these names are scary and new to the "metal" forum and may not be recognised but its better than listening to cRAP
Aeolian (Natural Minor)
with extreme fuzz of course if your a grunge band
Any guitarists, bassists or drummers in the cannington/parkwood/thornlie area (perth) for jamming or form a metal band. Influences include: Machine Head, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Dream Theater, Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, Racer X. im a lead guitarist but i love riffing. contact me here, on myspace or my hotmail(

Dean ML:
Trans Black w/ Gold Binding
Mahogeny Body/ Maple Neck(neck-thru)
Ebony Fretboard w/ Custom Inlays
Original Floyd Rose (gold)
Gold Hardware
Seymour Duncan JB(b) & '59(n)
Tuning: Drop-D

Schecter C1:
White w/ Black Binding (25.5")
Basswood Body/ Maple Neck (neck-thru)
Ebony Fretboard w/ custom Inlays
Original Floyd Rose (black)
Black Hardware
EMG 81(b)/85(n)
Tuning: C# Standard

Jackson RR1:
Black w/ White Binding
Mahogeny Body/ Maple Neck (neck-thru)
Ebony Fretboard w/ Custom Inlays
TonePros Strings Thru Bridge (chrome)
Sperzel Locking Machine Heads
Chrome Hardware
Seymour Duncan JB(b) & '59(n)
Tuning: Standard

White w/ Black Binding (25.5")
Mahogeny Body/ Maple Neck (neck-thru)
Ebony Fretboard w/ Custom Inlays
Original Floyd Rose (black)
Black Hardware
EMG 81(b)/60(n)
Tuning: Drop C

All Guitars equipped with Ernie Ball 10=52's*, DiMarzio Clip-Lock Straps
*(Except The King V which has a 54 instead)


Peavey 5150 Head x2(original)
1. for Rhythym Parts(slight Mid Scoop)
2 for Solos(increased mid & treble)

Custom Marshall Cabs x4*:
4x15/ 120 watts
Fitted With Celestion Vintage 30's

* 2 cabs for each Head


Korg DTR-2000 Rack Tuner
Rocktron Hush
Boss Dual 31 Band Equalizer
Line 6 Rack Mounted P.O.D (for cleans & fx)
Shure Wireless System

Jim Dunlop Crybaby From Hell
Digitech Whammy

Custom Black & Green Jim Dunlop Jazz III's
Planet Waves Cables
Shure SM57/ SM58 for studio & stage use

You might be able to tell but ive put a great deal of thought into this
ec necks are finished but get the hellraiser
i recommend a strat or les paul. strat for brighter tones and a real rocky bluesey sound and les pauls for darker heavier styles. but if u like weird shapes get a any ltd guitar. they are good all round guitars and have excellent build quality.
Lamb of god
Lars Ulrich: "Hi this is Lars from Metallica, Im about to shove ten thousand dollars up your ass"

James Hetfield: "One dollar at a time"
try prs thier really versatile. opeth play them, santana plays them
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I have seen Germans full grown men been outdrunk by 15/16 year old Irish kids (i.e. me)

epiphone les paul, both rise against & mcr use les pauls
germans, because they make the best and drink it the best
yeah hes the only australian virtuoso guitarist