I had the amazing opportunity to hang with Zakk on Oct. 25th. He came to my Best Buy where I work and did a signing. I got to talk to him and he said he's been doing good with his legs. You can tell from the way he looks he's had it rough lately. He's an awesome guy and very nice. I have a couple of pics on my page. I saw BLS the next night with Children of Bodom as part of their Berzerkus tour.
They're coming to Florida in December for Powerfest II and I'm so stoked! I'm sure it'll be the only time they come to Florida anytime soon.
Maybe an improper picking style (not to say there's one "good" way considering we all play a little differently). Try making smaller and more efficient movements with your hand. You'll find that even big strums can be done with smaller hand movements.
I work in the musical instruments department of my Best Buy and I've never sold those. I tend to steer clear of coated strings like that. But everyone else buys the coated Elixers. Try those.
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Best way to solve this:
1. Stand a yard apart, face to face.
2. Knickers down
3. Grab each others dicks and start wanking
4. First guy to jizz loses the argument


Unless they've got some really long dicks, I doubt they'll be able to reach each others cocks from a yard away, or at least do it comfortably.
I laugh at those who keep empty bottles of alcohol. Just a trophy collection for an alcoholic.
Just work on it. It sounded like a beginner to the blues, not necessarily a bad thing.
Did you just learn the blues?
Pentatonic scales can be used in anything. Minor pentatonic scales are most popular in blues and hard rock, major pentatonic in rock and country. There are half steps in the scale. Every scale has a few half steps (except, of course, whole tone scales which is all whole steps). Easy way to remember where to find half steps in major/minor scales:

Major scale formula (W=whole step, H=half step):

Minor Scale formula:
Are the "A" chords A major or A minor? Because A major sounds a bit off but that could mean your song's in F major. A minor sounds more right.
I remember the good ol' days of releasing singles. Back in my day they were tapes with a B-side of a song that usually didn't make the final cut of the album. Do they even release singles anymore (in CD form)?
Audacity, definitely. Simple and easy and free.
Well, keyboard lessons will teach you a lot more and it'll seem to progress more efficiently. Confront your guitar teacher, though. Tell him you feel unchallenged and that you feel you aren't being taught enough. If he's like many teachers (myself included), he'll listen and rearrange his lesson agenda to what it should be or what you want it to be.

or local guitar shop

For suggestions, it's about personal preference. I use a Bad Horsie 2 wah or a Zakk Wylde Wah and a delay through GarageBand.
It's all about sound. If you practice enough, you can get great speed with downstrokes. I can say I downpick very fast, but that's thanks to Metallica and playing their Master of Puppets album all the time with downstrokes (with countless hours of practice, that's actually a decent routine for developing downstroke speed)
Go over there all casually and ask him what kind of amp he's using and look at and then set it on fire. Works 60% of the time, everytime.

In all seriousness, just go over there and tell him to shut up
Try new cables or an AC adapter

...or maybe you ARE cursed
Oh kids and their illegal downloading...amateur illegal downloading.

Try other software. Ad-aware has always saved my old PC. Or do what I did and switch to a Mac.
Just letting the note ring out with some feedback and using the whammy bar. Not really a "technique".
I'm looking at my JEM and here's what I find different (these have mostly been said):

*Headstock: The lower (longer) spike at the tip is short and the "Jem" logo is fake
*Monkey grip: the distance between the grip and the pickguard is way too small and the finger grips aren't pronounced enough.
*Bridge: Not an Edge Pro
*Neck: Can't tell if the 21st-24th frets are scalloped or not
*Pickguard: There's at least 2 screws missing (not even drilled in the body)
*Body: The bottom of the body seems too big (really wide)

FAKE. Bad one too.
The video was kinda cool. Wasn't impressed but I'll give ya props anyhow.
Use it as a baseball

or eat it
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UF is a state school just like UCF and the others mentioned. Anyone who can afford UCF can afford UF too. Ha just admit that you didn't get in.

Didn't get in? I didn't even bother to try to go to that wretched place. Gainesville sucks ass.
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I guess I'm a stupid douchebag who stereotypes all UCF students as stupid douchebags who couldn't get into UF/UM then. You'll go far in life kid.

I'm sure I've gone farther than you already. Oh and I like you refer to me as a kid. Funny.
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Someone's bitter. You realize pretty much anyone who can get into UF can afford it because (almost) full bright futures has practically the same requirements. And you can say that about pretty much every private school, UM is no different.

Not everyone has Bright Futures. Even so, Bright Futures is counting for less each year. Like I said before, everyone at UF and UM are douchbags and stupid. They have money and the smarts but waste both on getting high and drunk and they fail. I could've gotten into either school easily but UCF is more of my kind of school. And in terms of location, it's so much better than UF or UM. I'm not they're really bad schools, only that I wouldn't go there nor do I encourage anybody to go there with the experiences my friends have have had.
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Someone seems a little butthurt they didn't get in.

Yea, like I tried to get in those schools. **** that.
Quote by sk8boardbob2
I'm guessing you didn't apply to UF/aren't good enough? Honestly UF and UM are the only quality schools in Florida with FSU/UCF/USF making up a second tier in that order.

Oh **** UF and UM. You only get in if you can afford it and you're likely to fail anyway. Everyone I know that went to UF and UM are douchebags and almost failed out of college. Seriously. They're only good because they have good football teams. That's it. PERIOD.
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I live in Florida and scholarships confine choices to only Florida. I am thinking either FIU, UCF, or USF (although if you have a better suggestion tell me why). And to give a little background I am wanting to do engineering (most likely Biomedical) or medicine. But as an added bonus I am learning Russian and therefore would like have a minor in the language and possibly study abroad.

Give me your personal experiences and knowledge. I would just like to hear at least a few thoughtful responses .

Go to UCF. I'm a student there. We have great programs for Engineering and BiodMed students. One of my roommates is in engineering and loves it. It's a great campus and really big. It's more of a modern campus than other Florida universities. There's always something to do and we're only half a hour from the theme parks (40 minutes tops, except if you're to Disney, maybe 45 minutes. Depends, but it's not far!)! Plus, anything and everything you want in terms of food and retail is only within a few miles of the campus (Best Buy, 3 Wal-Marts, a billion Game Stops, various outlet stores and shopping plazas are only with 1-2 [maybe less] miles from campus). It's so much fun and living isn't that expensive. Right now I pay $600 a month for everything. All I need is grocery money and extra spending money. Next year I'm getting a house with some friends and rent is $288 plus $100 for utilities. Not bad. Go check it out. It's a fantastic school. Currently the largest school in Florida and 3rd largest in the United States.
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Demi Lovato (Shes hot)

You're kidding, right? You actually think she's attractive??? Wow. Just wow.
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Chuck Norris x4 - Infinite
because Chuck Norris can multiply by himself.

I thought we were done with that Chuck Norris mania.
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Lol yeh SSB64 was a complete task to finish off, enjoyable but completely mind bendingly frustrating

I didn't know people actually had a problem with that game. I found it quite easy.
1) The first time playing Halo
2)The first time playing Super Mario Bros.
4) All of Brutal Legend
5) All of FFVII
6) Waiting in line for 3 hours at with 160+ other people for midnight release of Halo 3 (not necessarily related to something IN a game, but video game-related)
7) Just like no. 6, but I had to get through a whole day of high school to wait to get Halo 2 on Nov. 9, 2004. Felt like the longest day ever.
8) Learning how to smoke and knock on walls in Metal Gear Solid on the PS1
9) Beating the first Tekken game
10) Going through 120+ hours in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
11) Gears of War. 'Nuff said.

there's so many I could keep going....
Tosh.0 pisses me off. I don't think he's that funny. He's actually coming to my campus next week to do a stand up show. I hear he's actually funny doing stand up. Web Soup is awesome. Chris Hardwicke is ****ing hilarious
Try and try again to understand theory. If you're reading books and guides and are not getting it, something's wrong. You're probably reading the wrong stuff or you've got no one teaching it to you in a way you would understand. I would say come to central Florida and enroll in my guitar program so I can teach you, but that's not possible. I'd say go to a guitar shop, find a teacher, and start taking lessons. Obviously learning on your own isn't working out for you. It doesn't work for everyone.
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just as long as you're not in Slytherin. Those greasy bastards.

The Grudge is one of the worst movies ever made. It's not scary whatsoever. I turned that **** off after 45 minutes because it was so bad. If you think albino japs meowing is scary, then you must be one huge pussy.
I usually check pretty much the same things that darkcheef^ checks. I also check:

*Weight of the guitar
*Feel of the body contours
*Acoustic tone and amplified tone
*Sound of the electronics
*Neck contour and width when playing chords and leads
*How the bridge feels when my hand rests on it
*If the guitar has a double locking tremelo system, test out the whammy bar and see how it feels
*How the entire registry of the neck sounds, acoustic and amplified
*How it feels sitting and standing
*Fret size (a biggie for me!)
Randalls or Marshalls(no MGs) or Peaveys. But good luck finding a good Marshall or Peavey stack under $1000. For price and good metal sound, go with a Randall half stack, I'd say. Although the last Randall stack I played was from like 5 years ago so the model's probably not in production anymore. But there's others.
Say "You're a good girl, I'm a good boy. Eh?"

Works every time. Then again, I haven't been in high school for 3 years so I don't know what the kids do these days.

Or do what I used to do and write a note saying

"Wanna go to the dance?" and give her these options: A)Yes B)No C)Maybe D)I like pickles.
If she chooses A or D, you're good to go.