won't you believe its just my luck?
Aqueous Transmission by Incubus
Happy birthday Kurdt!!
If anyone has played it or owns it, What are your opinions on it?
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I don't understand what you mean about the recording live thing, as in everything is one take?

yeah everyone would be playing in the live room at the studio all at the same time..
So me and my band want to record an EP and we want it out by summer. I called up the studio and they said they could book us for a day in 2 weeks or we could wait until May cause they're really booked. I am going to be really busy in 2 weeks and im afraid we might not be rehearsed enough. This is going to be a very fast recording session....only 5 hours or so....and we're doing the songs what do you guys think? should we take this opportunity or wait for another 2 months???
no they don't...theres usually some on ebay for sale though.
requiem for a dream, 'nuff said......
2+2=5 - radiohead
I need some help from the pit.....well heres the story. Me and my friend have booked a DJ gig at a christmas party and just recently me and him had a huge falling out that he started. Now he refuses to talk to me, I have emailed him reminding him about the gig but I have gotten no response. The gig is on december 18th and time is running out for me because he has all the equipment and music for the gig. I basically have nothing. What makes it worse is that the person who told us about the gig is my uncle and he is counting on me to DJ it because its his party. He's basically the best uncle anyone could ask for and I really hate to let him down by being forced to back out because my friend refuses to talk to me.

So what should I do???? I'm really confused.......
all I have to say is try the EHX Polychorus. You will get some very strange noises from that thing
musta been a typo.....meant to say 259.99, thats still a ripoff though.
are you sure you didn't mean 12 inch sub???
steve albini can produce my music any day
1) 5 scores and seven years ago- Relient K
2) Chase this Light- Jimmy Eat World
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wow this has been really helpful, that yamaha one sounds pretty good.. if anyone knows any good ones for around £300.. (thats like $520 or something) it be great if you could let me know

this is an alright kit, I've tried it out, for $400 its a good deal. I wouldn't go any lower than that though. I still say the Yamaha is the best kit you can get for $800-900 though.
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I like my ME-50. It's wah is a little weak and so is its distortion (Though you don't have to worry about that), but other then that, solid state equipment. Love the wierd sounds you can make mixing phaser or chorus with delays like tap and analog delays. Cool presets and simple to use. Bring your own distortion and wah though.

Grace by Jeff Buckley most recently, also OK computer by Radiohead. I was obsessed with that album, I never heard anything like it before.
i regret volunteering to work tommorrow.
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hey yeah i've got a Yamaha DTXpress II which i pretty good, it has a drum module with over 100 songs and voices, you can record with it too, it has 3 tom toms, a snare pad, a kick and 1 hi hat and 1 crash and 1 ride pads. I find i really great and the rest of the yamahas are good too i've heard. So anything in the line of yamaha drums are ok.
I think i paid around 300 for it or something, not too sure.

me too, its a great kit, worth the money.
camel filters and black and milds, i dip copenhagen straight on occasion too.
How many more times is this gonna happen before we ban imports from china!?!? Everyday I hear another damn recall, this is getting ridiculous.
Blue October has some really good violin parts in their music!
anyways, anyone else think that Vena Sera is their best album yet?
^^^phail, why are you reading thread anyway?
Grace is so far, I still have to get my sweetheart the drunk. He was a phenomenal musician, the album is beautiful. I can't believe theres not a thread on him yet!
So tommorrow I am DJing a wedding for the first time. I have a list of songs that need to played at certain times but do you guys have any suggestions for some good music to dance to?
yeah just fire him, chances are if he doesn't show commitment right away then he's not gonna stick with it. Plus you know so many other guitarists anyway that it won't matter.
get a yamaha, you can get a pretty sturdy one for about 800 or 900 dollars. I have a DTXPLORER and its great, never had any problems with it!
Don't buy a Behringer! get a Mackie, you'll thank me.

^^ hopefully that helps a bit.
I have a morley bad horsie 2 and I've tried other wah's but nothing compares to the Morley. go for it!
dept. 30. The lights are pretty lame name.
"Well I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you're standing still"

Finger Eleven- Paralyzer

I can't believe no one has mentioned Joy Division yet.
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great use of reveerb and delay... awesome.. i don't want ot waste 25 cents on a single.. i might just have to buy the album.. would you sell a hardcopy?

sure can, message me. thanks man!
this is pretty good music man, i like the vibe you all have going there. keep it up.
hey thanks for listening! we appreciate the feedback.
Hello, we're Relik, a alternative rock band hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our most popular songs include: Goodbye, Their Love Ain't Free, Blazing and Salutations. Our debut album "Into Infinity" is streaming and available for download at

Our myspace is

go have a listen and let us know what you think