Been Overlooked

Was wondering if somebody could make my band a logo, Where called Babylon Pink and where an Indie/Rock/Pop Punk band, no dark colours please its for online and offline use

other than that go wild and be as creative as you want

Does anyone know where i can find a tab for Animator by pull tiger tail.

Ive been looking everywhere.

Ive youve never heard it youtube it
So basically if it said --0h2p0-- i would play Open then while its still ringing put my finger on the second fret then strike the second fret let it ring and release again for the pull

if you get what i mean
Hi, Im really stuck trying to learn Cannonball By Damien Rice because i cant figure out how to play hammer ons (i think thats what theyre called) it looks like this in the tab
--0h2p0-- can someone please explain to me what the "h" means after the "0" and what the "p" means after the 2 and can you then explain how to do it.

I would really appreciate your help
Thanks i was thinking of spinal tap but i cant do to many of there songs maybe 3 at the most so please keep giving suggestions
About a year now and i can play more songs then i can count on my fingers and toes hahahah
Hey, theres this thing happening at a local club and me and my band are going to play it, its an 80's pop/rock theme night. We've got are cheesy glasses, wigs and outfits ready and we've tightened are guitar straps. Theres a problem though, we dont have a set list Where going to be playing a lot of songs as where the only band on for the whole night please give as many song ideas as you can.
REMEBER: Must be from the 80's and must be rock or pop and must be well known

The guy who always scores after a gig, Joke!

Im probably the guy who's vocals can go from soft and melodic to really rocking it out!
Vocals/Guitar: Pete Doherty (I Really Like The Way He Sounds)
Bass - Flea
Guitar 2 - Slash
Drums - Animal From The Muppets
Now Wouldnt That Be An Interesting Band?
1 hour before about to play - feet up relazing
30 mins beofre - in the zone with mp3 player, probably listening to some of the songs im about to go play
10 - 5mins before - stretches getting deeper into the zone

Well thats what i do lol
When ever im learning i solo i split the solo into a little bit at time, run through it slowly and gradually pick up the speed till i can completely play that part of the solo at the right speed then i do the same for all the other parts and gradually bring it all together to play as one. hope that made sense
I Had The Same Problem To at First, Im Sure A Lot Of Us Did, What i did to get over it was absoloutly ace the actual playing of the song first then slowly trying to introduce a verse at a time, if that doesnt work just keep practising and im sure you will get there eventually
Concert Tommorow, This is What Ive Put Down As Im Playing:
Pete Doherty - Beg Steal Or Borrow
Jack Johnson - Bannana Pancakes
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

Thanks for all the help
Ok, Ive Noticed Where a lot of these logos are coming from, and to make your own just go on really simple.

Hope it helps you all a lot
A good accoustic thats not ridiculously expensive is a Crusier model By Crafter, i got mine for £120 convert that into dollars if your in The U.S.A im sure it'll come underneath $300. Wont it?
Im Thinking Of Playing.
Oasis - Wonderwall
Jack Johnson - Bannana Pancakes
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
Quote by la bamba
This might be a stupid question, but you or someone else is singing correct?

Try any Jason Mraz
I like Plane in particular. The Remedy might be a more popular song

Ill be Singing
Well im going to be playing in an Unplugged accoustic gig soon and i need ideas for some great accoustic songs i could play that everyone knows and loves, im an intermidiate on the guitar

B.T.W Im playing 3 songs at this gig but if you could all post a few ideas then i can select my favourites
I Love It, It Painted So Many Different Pictures in My Head
Yeah i like it, it seems to have come from deep within whcih is cool
(Note: In Working Progress, Any Ideas For Title Please Post , Im a Newbie To the World Of Writing Lyrics So Please Be Patient)

What Is The Feeling I Get Deep In My Stomach?
I Have An Engraved Image Of You In My Head
You Tease Me With Your Smile, Your Legs
Let Me Hold You Close So I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

Let The Emotions Flow
Let It All Out
I Think Your The Love Of My Life
When Your Away, Your Still With Me

As I Said Working Progress. Im Writing More Soon When I Get Another Boost Of Inspiration.
If Someone Could Tell Me What They Think That Would Be Great