Demon Wolf Haha I get what you mean. I don't think I've been in this thread since late 2015, early 2016? So yeah they were brutal last year, and mediocre before that, but I haven't been here to discuss. But suffering through 'Wings fans' balk at the on-ice product after years of being spoiled is getting to me. 

And holy fuck haha, I hope the Niemi waiver train keeps chugging after you guys get your goalies back. 
Damn, you guys still going eh. Been on reddit a ton lately, but theres too many soft fucking idiots. Wings suck now and the r/DetroitRedWings is a shit show for the most part and a lot of 'fans' refuse to watch the Wings any more lol. 

So I thought I'd pop in. 
no fantasy this year eh

guess im reigning champ an extra year

also leafs fans don't deserve this
lol hooooly fuck hall for larsson, then fucking subban FOR WEBER my dear god

MTL just lost 1000s of fans hahahahaha

fucking stamkos, takes a bargain for a cup run, what a god damn dick /s
toronto could use such a dedicated, experienced veteran scorer like kessel
no one posted about gordie howe

fucking despicable, i had a fucked migraine so thats my excuse
oh man i was a young lad back then christ

those things were fucked
not what i meant lol, not like he had a choice in the matter, he was traded

i thought he and cole were doing reasonably well as a 3rd pairing

i mean theyre in the finals, and up in the series, why change whats working
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I'd like to see that Grizzly Adams looking mafk try that 4 uppercut shit to Boyle when they play

but boyle is a giant pussy
these game 7s are bittersweet cause the teams i want winning are winning but the games are fucking blowouts wtf
lmfao lehtonen and niemi shitting the bed, 4 goals on 13 shots, Stars out shooting the Blues by 10 too, damn
well i predicted caps in 6, blues in 7, knew pens and stars would go on, but other than that my bracket is pretty shit
well that was a fitting end for this season. new pp coach next year pls

oh datsyuk......obviously going to miss the guy but him leaving just signifies the end of this streak. no way they pull it off next year, but holy shit fuck johnathon ericsson
thank god, this could turn out to be somewhat of a series based on the team that showed up tonight
lol this series is heated. its too bad this is the worst detroit team in 25 years, cause id like to see it go 7 games.

holy fuck i forgot reddit is filled with 14yo, been spending too much time oer there since the regular season thread started to die down.
larkin getting called for a weak hook, okay

blatant interference on glendening entering the zone, uhm

glendening getting hauled fucking down by boyle, yo wtf ref

boyle who then proceeds to score the go ahead goal seconds later, choke on a cock ref

consistency at the very fucking least, this is the fucking playoffs

edit: hahahahaha datsyuk loses a tooth on a high stick by hedman (right in front of the ref) then hits hedman up high and immediately gets a call, idk even know what to fucking say
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well age is a problem when the coach only throws old guys over the boards though,

Larkin and AA could be difference makers, but not if they get passed over by guys like Abdelkader

Like they might make mistakes, but is a guy like Glendening who really only knows get it deep then change that much more dependable when he brings nothing to the team offensively?

I'd probably role the dice on youth given that the veteran leading scorer racked up 50 points to lead the team.

i agree with you, i want the young guys to get a bigger role, mistakes or not, its about time

but you are wrong about abdelkader, hes been phenomenal the past two years, 23g last year, 19 this year and 40 plus points while playing a gritty game is something we desperately needed, dude plays his heart out

problem is guys like ericsson, richards, helm, and kronwall get more ice time than they deserve
oh the d is lame as fuck and the team can be a mess but age isnt the problem, its the fact that the young guys arent as dependable yet
Quote by fishmunky
Pens in 4 (cheating cause Lunny is hurt, i would have said 6 if he was healthy)
Caps in 6 (Philly doesn't lay down)
Panthers in 5 (and that's being generous, the isles are decimated)
Tampa in 6 (Tampa's hurting but the Wings are old, young depth > old bones)

Blues in 7 (flip a coin, this matchup is ridiculous)
Stars in 6 (Minny backed in, but Dubnyk is better than the Stars guys combined at this point)
Ducks in 5 (Rinne is over rated, Ducks d is strong, and BB is the best coach rn)
Sharks in 7 (another coin flip, feel like Reimer steals this series and jumbo lays the ground work for Conn run)

lmfao did you honestly just use the 'wings are old' argument. not that im exactly excited about their chances but wow this is the youngest wings team in a while lmao.

and yes i know dats, z and kronwall are old
my bracket choices ended up in a Ducks Panthers final. Would be so down for that
I was hoping at least some of you guys were trying. Didn't want to start bragging about winning and then finding out you guys all fucked off.

Whos starting the playoff thread
yaaaaa Hail Satan finally clinches top spot it after coming in 2nd or 3rd the past few years

somehow ended up with tarasenko, jamie benn, brent burns and ekman larsson so you fools had no chance
lmfao no i do not go there

holy fuck, thats pretty surprising even for that cesspool. ya it sucks were left with the cap hit, but youre right he doesnt owe us. and seeing as he played this past season after 'destroying' the tendons in his foot and then getting them replaced with ones from a cadaver its extremely selfish and despicable to be mad at him.

even the shitheads in the wings subreddit arent mad at him
well gonna need to deal with my favorite player retiring unexpectedly again