Tom Petty - Roll Another Joint : )
flogging molly
Jack Johnson!!
Bob Marley's great too
thirteen reasons why!!!!!!!!!!
soo good.
that is totally mean guy. stop being so like conceided and crap, honestly. like that is SO mean.
i think that beauty should totally not even matter. like people should think people are attractive because of how they are and not likee how they look and stuff. that would totally be sweet
ever think about wearing a tuque? or maybe a scarf haha
HAha.. i dont think it is possible for your hair to stop growing.. but it can start growing really reaaaaally slow... if its barely over your ears now.. it'll probably be in your eyes in abouttt.. 6 weeks if your hair grows THAT slowly... and to answer that qyestion, it took me a Lonng time to grow my hair :P
hearts busrt into fire by bullet for my valentine is a good one in some circumstances as well... idunno if thats what youre looking for, but its worth a try
london england?
or london ontario?
when mufassa died in the lion king and then simba thought it was all his fault, so his mean uncle scar told him to run away and never return!!! :'( so sad..
wow, thats really really good, congrats!
i really like it, good job!
thats awesome. clap clap clap.
i say, if you wanna get em, just do it, and if she breaks up with you because you have dreads, thats really gay, and it wouldn't have lasted anyways
that is so cute! yeah man, youve got skills. good job buddy!
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Meg white would be hot if she had a tan, or blonde hair...

you sir, are a dickhead.
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What do girls generally think of shy guys? I'm the skinny-shy wallflower type, I guess. I can talk to girls pretty well though, they usually think that I am cute and i find myself liked by the girls I want to like me. they are all, cute oddball girlies

I certainly wouldnt call myself girly, but is it good to be thought of as 'cute' rather than like, incredibly manly

I personnally love shy guys, especially cause the super manly type are generally the ones who think theyre better than everyone else. my advice is to be yourself, it seems to be working so far.
i wear girl jeans... then again i am a girl, but i like it when guys wear tight jeans, its pretty cool, seems like they are somehow more confident or something, i dont know.
im a drummer in jazz band, its not the most stimulating, but its good times though, you should try it out
OMFG! i just have to say, i hate toronto. i want to shoot that ****ing team. omigod!

thats all.
ask her what kind of music she likes, if its crap, just ask her about herself, people love talking about themselves
when i was ten, my uncle Billy died, i inherited his old acoustic guitar. my mom wouldnt pay for lessons so i decided to teach myself to play and sing. by the time i was eleven, i got an electric guitar from my dad (he is a drummer and lives in seattle so i have only met him once) , that year, i joined my first band, it was with three guys who were thirteen, they were looking for a guitar player so i pretty much played for them and they picked me, an eleven year old girl to play lead. it was pretty crazy.... when i was 12, i played my first show by myself, it was this talent show type thing, i sang and played nothing else matters. the response was awesome, i came in second, next to a guy who was an insane gymnast. when i was 13,i was invited to sing at the town festivaal thingy, ( i dont live in a big city)
and i played a song i wrote for my dad, how he had left my mom with us five kids. and Mr. H, the big music guy of the district said that i had talent so when i was 14 he gave me a train ticket and sent me to toronto, which was 3 hours away, i was scared ****less, i had never been in such a giant place, **** i had never left oxford county! so the guy at the record place refered me to some guy who instead of listening to me play signed me as a model. i wanted to make some money so i could actually get an amp. so i said yes. now, im 15, my mom takes much of my money from modeling gigs but i still manage to be in my sweet ass band and be a cheerleader. arent i special?
if she dumped you, shes not into you anymore, do what you wanna do, if she doesntlike it, then **** her. (i dont mean actually **** her.)
omg guys thankyou sooooo much! {im giving you all mental hugs right now}
you mean you want to get fat?
hey, so i'm sorta starting a program thingy for underprivileged kids in my area to learn to play guitar for free. the only problem is that they dont have guitars, so if i was to lend them one of mine, what aboout all the other kids? and if they take turns, how will they practice? i really am bummed about this, anybody have any suggestions at all???
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"is there a fish in here"

lmao, not that i could say it but still,
i live in canada, bummer, im 15 and we were looking for another guitarist lol
it is pretty sexy, not the sexiest though........