Okay cool, I guess I'll drop a little extra cash for the Deluxe

Thanks for your help.
That was what I was hoping to avoid because I didn't want a wah that was one-dimensional. (I realize that's a little bit of an exaggeration because I'm sure the Standard has many sounds )

This might be obvious, but does the Jimi setting on the Deluxe match the Standard sound? I know the product description states that it was modeled after it, but I figured I would ask human beings lol.
I have checked Google and the search bar without any clear results, so I thought I might get some feedback from you guys and especially people who have played/owned both versions.

Do you think if I purchase the Standard I will eventually want to upgrade to the Deluxe?

Price isn't really the big concern, although the Standard is slightly cheaper

I play blues and rock kind of stuff and I'm not really trying to imitate any sound in particular. I won't be able to play either wah before I buy so I'm just looking for advice to think about.

And yes, I've thought about other wahs but I think I like the Fulltone sound best.

Oh okay, cool. I was hoping I could save about $100
Plus, the GFS tuner appears to have pretty much the same features...
I'm shopping for a quality pedal tuner to replace my old CORG hand tuner. I'm not sure what the accuracy of my old tuner was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't quite good enough. I've looked around a lot online, and these two caught my attention.

Model ST-200 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner
Extreme accuracy: ±.02 cents guaranteed


GFS Electronics Digital Tuner single Footpedal Space
Tuning accuracy is +/- 1 cent.

Is the first tuner worth the extra money? Is that amount of tuning precision necessary? I won't be using it to set the intonation on my guitar, mostly for tuning in a live/studio situation. Opinions and alternate suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
My submissions:

Wake Up - Coheed And Cambria
For You I Will (Confidence) - Teddy Geiger

They're on my profile, we'll see what happens
Try cutting every frequency except a couple middle frequencies.
Since you probably have different parameters than me, you might not have these frequencies exactly, but I'll show you the only ones my EQ preset suggest you don't cut:
500Hz ---> only cut a little bit of this frequency
1KHz ---> boost this one quite a bit
2KHz ---> boost this one just under the 1KHz one
So yeah, make sure you completely cut the other frequencies, should work.
Well, you can run the vocals through an EQ pedal (or software), I use an MXR 10 Band EQ and in the manual it came with a radio setting...

The other way you can do it is to use a distortion/overdrive/wah pedal (or all three lol) to distort the voice to something similar to a fuzzy radio station. Depending on how you use your settings on these pedals, or what position the wah pedal sits in, you can get a useable effect for your vocals.

Is this for live use or studio? Cause it's easier to make the distortion pedals setup work better there
I'll do vocals, but I play guitar as well, if that can work...btw, how did you want to make this work online?
Oh, and check my UG profile for mp3s...
How would you arrange these pedals? I just picked up a MXR 10 Band EQ and was trying it out in different places to see what I liked best, and this is what I came up with:

(from guitar) ---> JDF2 (Fuzz Face) ---> M-108 (EQ) ---> GCB-95 (Wah) --->
TS 808 (OD) ---> PH-3 (Phase Shifter) ---> (to amp)

Anyways, I just wondered what order you guys would use, because I'm still looking for the best sound and thought you might have interesting ideas for me to try.

Thanks in advance,
Check out the SKB pedalboard series; I bought the StageFive model, and it's awsome. It costs a bit more, but it's a quality board with tons of great features. If your pedals won't fit on the board, use Musician's Friend and go through the other pedalboards, which is how I found mine. If you have somewhat regular pedal sizes, it ought to be a good choice for you.
Ok, I figured my Crybaby might be the problem, mainly because it isn't really the best wah available. So it looks like I'll design my pedalboard with the fuzz first, because I couldn't ditch it And when I upgrade to a better wah, I'll try and mess with the order of effects again, hopefully I can work it out on the pedalboard if I switch the chain around. Thanks for all your help, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was way too trebly.
I picked up a Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face (the reissue) a little while ago. It works great, but I find when placed after my Crybaby wah (when it's on), the sound becomes unbearably trebly and screechy...its a bassy effect to begin with, with is why I was surprised to see this happen. However, when the Fuzz Face is before the wah (when it's on), the sound is great.

I use a TS-808 Tubescreamer as well. I place it after the wah, which is usually the way to go with overdrive/distortion, right? The Tubescreamer sounds fine like that, but when the Fuzz Face is set up next in line, the sound is all treble, and pretty much painful.

Did anyone ever experience this with this product, or other fuzz face product? Did I maybe get a defective product? I'm currently designing a permanent pedalboard, so I really need to find a fixed chain for my effects...right now, excluding the rest of my effects, the chain is:
fuzz ---> wah ---> tubescreamer ---> amp

Thanks for any input,

PS ~ To be completely clear, the treble problems occur when the fuzz + wah are both on (with or without the tubescreamer), and the fuzz is before the wah. Also, my cables, guitar and amp are not an issue. I also don't think the wah is the problem, or any batteries. Thanks!
Hey, we were hoping to get a few reviews of our self-produced, home-recorded EP "Fallen Hero". Let us know what you think,
Problem Child
well, i can see the jokes will come flooding in, but yeah, she's my sister lol. As for her drumming, she never had any instruction or anything, but she picked up the basics pretty quick...I think she drummed both tracks (even though they are White Stripes songs) very well, but our kit is so crap that the symbals (which are pretty much paper thing) dont pick up on the yeah, thanks alot for the feedback, means alot,
Hey, would really appreciate some feedback on the track "Fell In Love With A Girl" by the White Stripes, particularly on how the track was mixed...just trying to make sure the volumes are in proportion to each other...thanks alot,

Well, after we recorded the drums, which are really horrible and cheap, it took all sorts of EQ features (courtesy of Pro Tools lol) to make them sound more like drums...but when I listened to the final cut of the song on a different computer, I noticed the drums were too loud...the speakers in the studio had been messed up, so I only heard some parts, and I must have turned the drums up a little too much, especially the bass drum...thanks so much for the crits, I can't believe you guys haven't laughed at the snare yet (it sounds like it echos because the kit is so crap)

Just hoping for some feedback on my band's latest recording, "Seven Nation Army". Tell me what you think,

hey, could anyone recomend me a high end, or excellent sounding overdrive pedal similar to jimi hendrix's tone? i also play classic rock...and if you know the price, please post that as well

PS ~ i realize there is no pedal currently in existence that makes you sound exactly like jimi...i'm just looking for his overdrive/fuzz tone

thanks alot
Well, I'm a 17-year old guitar player with an effective setup; my equipment has met my needs to date, but I'm starting to feel some parts of my rig don't quite cut it (see sig below).
Mainly, I have a problem with my inherited multi-effects's fairly aged, seeing as how it's probably 15+ years or doesn't have a manual anymore, which may be why I'm having trouble finding the tones/overdrive types I'm looking for...
Does anybody have any experience with such an old piece of equipment? If so, I could use some programming/general advice...I just don't get the right kinda sounds out of it...I'm mostly interested in getting better quality overdrive similar to Jimi Hendrix and classic rock artists...which is why I wondered whether I would be better off getting something more modern (like the boss ME-50 multi-effects unit) or a vintage/quality overdrive pedal...any thoughts?

PS ~ i was hoping the new addition would complement the rest of my rig (cause my amp is a tube and very sweet, but only has a volume knob lol)