heh ive heard of you guys. Don't think i've seen ya'll yet though I'll check it out man
Yeah I've given a few lessons at parks as well.
Typically because it's easier to write negative lyrics than positive lyrics....I use to have the same problem...It's simple to sound poetic when being dark and pessimistic but is much more challenging to show the beauty in the world without sounding cheesy.
^ What he said. Plus it takes a lot of time and practice too bend accurately to the desired pitch at will. A good exercise would be to run through a scale and bend to each successive note in the scale. Start with half step bends, then whole step, and then a whole and a half and you should be pretty set. (Rarely see bends of more then a step and a half). For example play a blues scale and find all the places you can do a half step bend (4th to b5th or b5th to the 5th) then move on too whole step bends (7th to root for instance) then finally step and a half bends for example the root to the minor 3rd.

Hope that makes sense, this helped me a lot with bends. I find that adding vibrato accurately is much easier when you can bend accurately. Many guitarists I've encountered either fall short or overbend...Also try bending on your G string a whole step while playing the note your bending too on the B string. Common device used but it helps you to match the pitch and will make you bend accurately.

Oh and theres several different types of vibrato (Wide, Narrow, Wrist) explore all of them so you can find which one suits you best or have access to all of them!
Yeah really diggin Did I let you know? And Meet Me at The Corner too.
After listening to it once through I'm actually surprised to say my favorite tracks are the more "Mellow". Brendan's Death Song and Police Station are probably my favs...but I'm usually a fan of their more upbeat funky numbers..
I concur with the above statement Brian Ritchie is dah man.

It really depends on how you'd define "Lead" bass. I'd say Primus has very prominent bass but the guitar still usually plays the leads while the bass holds down the rhythmic foundation of the songs..

But check out lightning bolt...Just a drummer and bassist...very leady bass..

Rick Danko- The Band
Toby Leaman- Dr. Dog

and I can't believe im the first to mention
Paul McCartney- The Beat Less
I'd have to say Mr. Bungle since that was the first project of his I got into but I love everything he has done. Fantomas is one of my fav bands.
The major, minor, minor, major, major, minor, diminished pattern is your pattern for playing triads in a major key...For example In C Major it would be

C major, D minor, E minor, F Major, G Major, A Minor, B Diminished

In classical theory the 5th chord is usually dominant so it would be a G7.

Your correct that major 7ths can be used for major chords and minor 7ths can be used for minor chords but dominant chords can not be used for everything while staying in the key. The only play it can be used is at the 5th scale degree (G7).

This is because a dominant chord is a major triad with a minor 7th

G7 = G B D F (all natural notes in the key of C)

Hope that helps...I don't know if I explained it well or not...
As previously stated you really can't go wrong with the SM58. They are always a SHURE thing! ha
I'd suggest doing both..It's always beneficial to learn something thats within your "range" or "ballpark" in order to keep your confidence going and your level of enjoyment from practicing high.

On the other hand you'll improve more drastically and rapidily if you take something pretty challanging and hammer it out really slow piece by piece until you can play the whole thing. Then just gradually speed it up bit by bit. Metronomes are good for this kind of practicing
Well I assumed with all the praise they have recieved they must have something to offer...I play rhythm guitar in a metal band but my backround is more in blues/jazz so I'm trying to build up my rhythm chops in the metal style...

So if you can elaborate on why they suck that'd be nice.
Can anyone make some reccomendations on soom good anthrax? Their pretty much the only "Classic Thrash" band that I haven't dug that deep into.

I remember my brother having "State Of Euphoria" so i was thinkin bout starting with that but any other input would be good.
Hey bro, im also a huge john frusciante fan and have found myself pondering the same question as you many a time....

Typically, frusciante uses the minor pentatonic/blues scale for his lead playing...
Make sure you learn good vibrato and how to use string bending effectively as well..

As far as his actual tone goes, a strat or tele set to the bridge pickup out of a marshall amp should do...You might want to get yourself a wah pedal and start messing around with that.

Listen to as much Funk music as you can and start learning the rhythms of this music.

Most of all play from your heart and put a lot of emotion into your playing John is excels at this and I think that has a lot to do with why he is so loved and idolised as a musician.

Hope that helps, Good luck man
You have to really dig blues to like clapton.. I like his earlier work a lot and although I wouldnt put him on the same level as hendrix I personally feel that he blows page away... Ive never heard anything Jimmy Page has done thats even in the same ballpark as clapton but thats just a personal opinion.
I mainly play guitar, bass, and mandolin. The first instrument I learned was piano but I gave it up and only recently have been noodling with it again...I also can play recorder and harmonica but only at an elementary level... A couple monthes ago I got a tabla from India and am learning the basics of it but it is a very difficult instrument.

Ive always loved the sound of horns and would one day like to learn trumpet or trombone but these things are drastically different from string instruments so it would be pretty difficult at this point.
^ Yes those are great albums, Ive realized that ive been into shoegaze for a while now but just never really used that label haha. But basically thats the kind of sound I always went for in previous bands and didnt quite realize it.

Any more recomendations for my stuff like Ride/My Bloody Valentine/ Old Smashing Pumpkins/Slint/Tortoise?
It always amazes me to hear of players who have mastered a lot of technical aspects of guitar but express difficulty to write their own music. I have always had the opposite problem. Never had the discipline until recently to sit down and practice technique. My mind always wanted to just "Jam" or "Mess around" all over the neck.

For me personally, I think it helps too not overthink what Im doing on the guitar. Instead of trying to cram in as many of the techniques is possible... Try writing a chord progression and then noodle around in a scale...Let your ear be your guide...Just play whatever melodys pop into your head at the time and dont be too critical of yourself!

If that doesnt work...Try learning/listening to new styles of music...A lot of times if we dont branch out we become a little uninspired.

thats all I got for now but theres tons of things you can do man. Good luck
I saw them last year when they opened for Dr. Dog... And will be seeing them again this year with Dr. Dog. They were pretty good when I saw them.. I bought their album "Ode To Sunshine". I thought it was decent enough when I got it but I got sick of it after a while...I didn't really like their production style a bit too pop for my taste. This is a band you must see live to fully appreciate imo.
I remember thinking when I first heard lazy eye "This is a great song, but would be much better with a different singer". So I bought the album thinking I would just appreciate it for the music and overtime learned to love Auberts vocals. They are just so unique and expressive.. For this reason I understand how I lot of people can be turned off by them but you should at least allow some time before you write off this band because they are very talented.

They have that sound...I guess is associated with shoegaze or whatever but its the sound im addicted to.. Heavy, Fuzzed out Warm Bottom end...None of this high-pitched clean twang stuff that is entirely overdone in Indie music nowadays.
Well you can approach playing over dominant chords in a variety of ways....

For me its helpful to break up the chord and examine the notes. So lets say your playing a song with a C7. The notes in the chord would be C E G Bb. The most obvious approach would probably be to play the C Major Pentatonic scale. However if you were going for a more blues sound the C Minor Pentatonic would also work. Also there is a different pentatonic scale less commonly used that I think gives my solos are more unique sound and works over dominant chords. It uses the 1 2 3 5 b7 of the scale so in the key of C that would be C D E G Bb.

To expand more on these scales you may choose to play a mixolydian mode. You may want to look into modes a bit. Basically you can play an F Major Scale over a C7 because the key of F major has a Bb.

Don't forget to learn Major and Dominant arrpegios. Thats the simplest way to decide what to play over a dominant chord!
I guess it really depends. I personally use my ring finger. If you think using your pinkie would be more comfortable or beneficial in some way go for it but I dont think its something you really "need" to practice doing. Using your index and ring just seems to make more sense ecspecially when using the "Spider Fingering" technique popularized by Dave Mustaine.
Hey guys ive been lurking around the forums the past couple of days and have been reading a lot of good stuff so I thought I'd share a poem I just found written a few years ago.

Lemme know what u think. Im interested.


Following the footsteps that lead to
Your graveyard
A spare waking moment
That lies in the red heart

Which blood flows through
Out and in like that of red wine
Pumping steadily throughout the day

The most majestic of all miracles
It never stops beating
From the moment you are born
Stopping only when you are laid to rest

It's inexplicable in its nature
Our minds cannot wrap around
The idea that something can exist within ourselves
For so long

You can walk, but not all the time
You can talk but only every so often
You can eat drink, sleep, and run
But your heart is the only thing
That is in constant progress

It's repetitious pattern
Is something we should all be accustomed too
But how many of us just stop
And shut the **** up

And just listen to our heart beats
Pounding like a hammering on a railroad spike
It can be mesmerizing and intoxicating
Our heartbeats that is.
Maybe I'll critique this "properly" tommorow. Its 5am here and I jsut got back from a tom petty show so Im pretty tired...But I definately like this poem. At first I wanted to try and decifer it somehow but as I read it a few times.. Most of what I like is the statements themselves. What they mean I am still unsure of but this poem contains elements of love as well as hate and sadness.. But done very beautifully with such little words.

Nice job
One of my favorite bands... I'd say there roughly tied with the beatles for best rock band of all time..Their ****in' amazing live too. I've seen them twice so far and will be seeing them again in september.

I have Toothbrush, Easy Beat, We All Belong, and Fate... It's impossible to compare them all but Easy Beat is probably most favorite because its the album that got me into them. However I'd highly recommend Fate for newcomers because its a very accesible album. Points of it remind me of Beach Boys, The Band, Beatles, Tom Waits, some dylan and perhaps some Motown type stuff.
If your going based on cliches I'd say for classical start with the harmonic minor
For Jazz- hmmm maybe the mixolydian? Jazz is a little hard to pinpoint.
Blues- You'll want to learn the minor pentatonic

Oh yes and as previously mentioned learn the MAJOR scale in and out. If you master all these scales you'll be a pretty compentent guitarist! Good Luck!
Well if you broke your fretting hand....Time to work on fingerpicking... Learn some finger patterns and just practice them with open strings. Or you can tune your guitar to an open tuning if you want it to sound better..

Actually if I broke my fretting arm it'd prolly be good for me because I never have the patience for finger work.
Yeah basically power chords are derived from normal chords you just play The Root and the Fifth so....

G, C, D becomes

G5, C5, D5
Not sure where your from but Folk, Indie, Rap and Screamo are all American radio plays..
I wasnt a huge fan of the song water curses but the rest of the E.P is amazing!!!

I really dig "Street Flash" really puts me in a trance.
Amadeus was good, so is No Direction Home.

The doors movie was prolly one of the most elaborates pieces of **** i'd ever seen though. Shame one of my all time favorite bands were portrayed so fictionally.
that chick from the donnas.
If you want to write good songs smoke weed.

If you want to write GREAT songs smoke even more weed.

If you want to write **** listen to green day.
what is the dumbest topic for a thread ever?
Why? definately has grown on me. Too be honest I didn't really like them that much at first...the vocals took some time..

Then I heard some tracks off alopecia and decided to see them a couple of weeks ago in phoenix.. Amazing live show.... Really made me appreciate them a lot more.

I love their lyrics...great stuff.
They are coming here towards the end of the month and Im planning on seeing them.. I originally was gonna see them with modest mouse but tickets were sold out. I dig their new allbum rabbit habbit really interesting music. Is their older stuff worth checking out too?