never tryed that well maybe i go and check the Digitech Multi Chorus
Idd MT2 is junk i dont lik it either
Will band like Six ft Ditch
And old skool hardcore bands
Madball and stuff like that

Ive been looking at de Randall V2 but hell tubes cost alot i dont have that money now
i dont have money for an amp like that it will cost me 3000€ or more

I planning on buying a guitar with EMG pickups LTD i think EC-500 or putting EMG in my Jackson

i heard a boss MT to and i dont like it is sound to bassy

I like the sound of the Dunlop MXR Dime if i use a 10Band EQ i can get a nice sound out of that. de MXR Dime gives that razor-sharp tone i want
and i'm a Dimebag fan ^^

I'm toned down btw Drop D,1 Step, Drop C thats the most i use
Me an some friends are gonna start a hardcore band bit it like the sound is missing something.I want it heavy empren still kranky
like this band

I use a Digitech metal master atm would a compressor help with that ?
or should i pick a new distortion pedal
Anyone got
good settings for Down
I found some cool settings for Pantera songs
Presence: 8-9

Gain: Digitech Metal Master
Low: 3 o'clock
High: 4o'clock
Xmorph: 1o'clock

Amp in sig

i heard that digitech's pedal is good
lots of people says its way better then the boss one's
I play deathcore to and i use Drop C and 2 steps down
2 step down with de C on B but i dont use that alot you can cal it Drop B but its only for exteeem heavey songs
I love to use Drop C
so go for that
Liar but thy quited a few mouths ago
there where ****ing awsome

Belguim Hardcore/Metalcore
I always play in drop tone like drop d and c en 1step down
I use Power slinky (11-48) and it sounds great
got a great heavey setting here will i like it anyway

Mid:10/Mid shift: 10(if you have it)
Bass: 6-7

Pedal: Digitech MM (in o'clock)
Low :3
High : 4
Xmorph: MAX

if you like a heavy/fat tone
Sound great in Drop D
I wonder if this is a good guitar read great things about it
but i would like some comments of you guys about it so i dont miss buy.

I think change the Duncan pickups to EMG 81/85 and its fine
i would take the peavey its give's a great sound
Well i'm gonna save some cash for the TU-2
And if you turn it on it stops the sound so you dont hear it in your amp?
Auto Wah really sucks
I'm not a Wah useing dude i dont have a wah pedal
but played with a auto wah and i was getting crazy of it
Just practice like R H C P says and it will work out
I'm maybe buying a new tuner
My Marshall tuner is not working good sometime
I dropt my eye on the Boss TU-2(Pedal tuner)
Is that a good one because its like €99 and my other tuner is only €32 :p

There not bad at all
A friend of mine has a 212 Combo and it like really great
The local music store here sells a Peavey Special 130 for ?250
What do you guys think a good buy?
I read that this amp was the best combo peavey ever made
i Prefer Ernie Ball Regular slinky strings in not the D'Addario EXL120
I started with the D'Addario EXL120 to and the Ernie Balls are mutch better
Very long life and great for drop tune's like Drop D and 1/2 and 1 step down,...
The ESP from Alexi Laiho
and the double guitar from micheal angelo
My setting for guys with a digitech metal master
Gain:clean sound

Digitech MM
Lvl:1 o clock
Low:3 o clock
Hi: Just a bit befor 3 o clock
Morph:3 o clock

good setting for heavy music
its recorded with a mic but you get a pretty good idee wath i sounds like
the metal master is a pretty good pedal it got i a few days my self
And it has a AC input and i prefer useing it :p it eats batterys
anyway de MM give a nice sound
the Boss Churos ensemble with a Boss super shifter sure sound nice with a metal pedal
I'm looking for a good pedaal that fits with my Digitech Metal Master
i love to play in style of Children of Bodom
Also like to play metallica and stuff
I got my Digitech metal master and it great for metal
for heavy distortion or a more hard rock tone its great
recent song Enter Sandman from Metallica
i learning CoB - Downfall atm
I can if get tone od Downfall children of bodom i really love to play that song
but can get the right tone
So my sig for gear info