Moving time + don't play so much anymore = stuff has to go. All pedals come with velcro on the bottom. Prices do not include S&H.
Wilson Funk Factory Wah (comes without feet) - $120
Great versatile wah based on the Ibanez WH-10. Works well clean or with gain.
Wilson Delay - $120
Wilson Sparkling Blue distortion - $100
Versatile distortion with 3-band eq and mid scoop switch.
Voodoo Analog Chorus - $80
Based on the Boss CE-1.
Phase90 clone (I forget where this one came from) - $80
MXR MCE401 - $50
Used Randall RM100 with 3 preamp modules. Since you have a nice budget I would suggest getting 3 modified modules rather than 3 stock modules. Check out to get an idea of some of the replica tones you can get. He's based in Europe too.
It's probbaly got processors that are optimized for signal processing rather than general purpose CPUs.
The heads I've seen have rubber feet that elevate the main body of the head slightly above the top surface of the cab.
Swap out individual preamp tubes for a known good one. If that doesn't work swap the power tubes. If that doesn't work call a tech. My money is on bad preamp tube.
That's the kind of question you usually ask before you decide what degree to get. Back on topic, no idea.
Look into a Randall MTS amp; they have swapable preamp modules so you can literally customize each channel to sound like anything you can find a preamp module for. With a Fender module and a Marshall module you can nail all of the stuff you want. If you go used it should be no more than $900 or so.
Another option to consider is a Randall RM50 1x12 with two preamp modules, one for cleans and another for the distorted tone of your choice. There are three modules I know of that are designed to sound like the Mesa Mark series. With $1000 you should definitely be able to get yourself set up.

Disclaimer: I'm selling an RM50 1x12, no modules though.
The vast majority of tube amps don't have built in effects. What's your budget? For insane amounts of gain a 6505 is a good start.
For sale is my Carvin DC127. The stock pickups have been replaced with the Air Norton/Tone Zone combo as well as the Duncan Liberator system for easy pickup installation. I'm asking $550 shipped and Paypal'd in the continental U.S. International buyers can contact me individually. I would be interested in partial trades for a good reverb pedal or modified Randall MTS modules.
Hi all. I'm looking for a midi foot controler with the following characteristics as I'm planning to transition to an Axe-fx II pretty soon. There are quite a few that meet some subset of my requirements but I'd love to know if there is one that does exactly what I need or if I will have to go custom:
*Built-in expression pedal with stomp switch (think wah pedal)
* No scrolling. When you're blind scrolling is a recipe for disaster because you have no idea where you are.
* two or three rows of buttons that aren't cramped too close, maybe an inch or two between them.
If anyone is aware of something that fits I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
I've never played with that particular amp, but have you tried boosting the base a bit? I have a distortion pedal with 3 band eq and the bass actually contributes to the midrange honk I can get out of it; dropping the bass entirely yields a tinny sound no matter where the mids are.
I played one a few years back and got a good Frusciante tone with it.
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"Versatile" is not as much in the pickup as it's in the amp.

Statements like this always confuse me. If Dime himself took a strat and plugged it into a Twin he couldn't get his signiture brootalz tone because the amp was designed for the exact opposite.
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She looks pretty good without all that damn makup.

With it, well...Blind men need lovin' too.

I take offense at the idea that as a blind person I'm likely to find Snooki at all attractive.
I can think of maybe three guys out of all the guys I've met who fit that mold. Then again similar people tend to group together so it's not entirely surprising.
Also look into a used SZ series.
Inb4 "new amp!" x 1000, which I agree with.

Edit: so close...
I want one of those Dragons now, along with just about every other mod in existence.
I'm blind so can't comment on how the power tubes look. The preamp tubes all sound the same and there's no weird humming or nonsensical feedback squeals. Power tube bias is in the middle of the acceptable range.
Nope, switched out the cable and it still happens. It happens at random intervals though- in this case I played for a good five minutes before it started to fart and the volume started changing . Also the fart only occurs when a string is vibrating.
It happens both when plugged into my board and when I just use a direct cable connection. I'll play around with swapping the cable to see if that does anything.
Hi guys. My Randal RM50 1x12 just started doing this weird tremolo with the occasional distortion that sounds like a bad fart. Obviously something is failing but I can't find any info that points to what causes the volume to go haywire like that. Any ideas?
I made some yesterday and they turned out pretty tasty. Cleanup was relatively painless too. The coolest thing is I have a talking thermometer that will announce the temperature both when you push the button and when it changes significantly. Anyone else ever make them?
It sounds similar to when my amp had a microphonic preamp tube. Tap on each one with something non-conductive (typical suggestion is a pencil) and if you hear the tap through the speaker at an unusually loud volume relative to the others, replace it.
Once I heard of this one quote but I have no idea what it said.
Gotcha. Sounds good then.
Hmm. What will initially constitute the box then? Stuff has to start somewhere.
Do donated pedals count as a value contribution in the event that you decide to keep something?
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You have any references?

I've been doing deals on Harmony Central for years and I've got 4 good deals on the MTS forum since I joined this year, all under the same name. I can PM you some names to check with if you like.
I'd check for a bad power source or a microphonic tube. If you crank the master, will it squeal? If so then a tube has gone microphonic and needs replacing.
So can I join? I'm in SC, have a Barbar Dirty Bomb, Wilson Compresser, and Little Big Muf that are just taking up space.
I'd love to be in on this. I've got three quality pedals I don't use anymore that I'd throw in.
If you can scrape up an extra $50, get one of these:
Wilson funk factory. It's supposed to be a WH-10 on steroids. I found a setting that lets me get a real strong sound with both clean and high gain. Oddly enough I never bothered to find out which setting was the WH-10 setting after I found my favorite.
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Also, Ned Stark. Is it just me, or does George Martin kill off characters for shits and giggles?

Seriously. Everyone I actually like is dead by the end of the fifth book. Not enough of the people I don't like are dead by the end of the fifth book. Rob Stark had it coming though.
I want one with a coil split.
Classic rock sucks.
Low gain distortion sucks.
Blues sucks.
Jimi hendrix was brilliant but got it all wrong except for All Along the Watchtower. That was perfection.
The guy from Pink Floyd can't sing.
Radiohead is boring.
Tool have three good songs but pretend they have more.
Early RHCP is retarded except for Knock me Down. Again, perfection.
John Frusciante's solo stuff is pointless except for four songs off shadows.
More to come.
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