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It was pretty strong a few years ago, not at all now.

I hear that. Haven`t been on here in a few years now, thought I`d give it another chance. I wanna see how it is these days and so far its tamed down
20 but people tell me 25-27 all the time. No complaints
Sometimes I'll write the full tune first and get lyrics to go along with it. This usually takes me longer cause I like to fit the lyrics to the already finished tune. Sometimes when I write lyrics first, I'll make the tune to fit under them. It all depends on how you work, write, record, or practice.
Rest in peace fellow lefty.
Ive been having something like this for a while, where I cant fall asleep at night and then in the day I am up at school or at work so I am still somehow functioning, then when I come home tired as ****, still cannot fall asleep and end up doing this for 3 or 4 days untill I just pass out. Its ****ed. Take sleeping pills.
There's been a few pretty crazy ones. W.A.S.P on their Crimson Idol anniversary tour was really amazing. My favorite W.A.S.P album played live perfectly with really good opening bands (Sin Dealer, Liquid Violence, Exile and Fatal Smile I think).

Mastodon doing their smaller venues tour of Crack The Skye live + another set full of mixed material, mostly blood mountain I think. That was another show that I think is very high up in the favorites.

Arsis, Exodus and Arch Enemy is gonna be in here as well because Arsis is one of my favorite bands, and the energy from Exodus was insane! Arch Enemy were really good too, second time seeing them then, and still not alot of older material.

Last one and the best one was Carcass on the Exhumed to Consume tour with Suffocation, 1349 and Aborted. That was one of the best shows I have ever seen with Suffocation playing an insane set, then Carcass doing an amazing set filled with songs from all the albums. 1349 are one of my favorite black metal bands, but that night they werent too good, shortened set I think. Got to meet all the bands too that day which really added to the experience as well.
Haven't posted on here in a really long time now, but thought I'd make a good start with a thread on my band Profaners CD release show in out here in Hamilton, Ontario (all you Ontarians on here, come on out). Our CD was recorded and mixed by Colin Attlesey (Will of the Ancients, Detsorgsekalf) and mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity). We play melodic thrash metal tunes and you can check us out on myspace

As big a Kiss fan as I am... Gene Simmons.

Same goes for Deicide and Megadeth... as much as I would love to meet them.. Glen Benton and Dave Mustaine sound douchey.
I had my bass do a terrible clicking noise once while playing. Turned out to be the pickups after all. Got rid of those and havent looked back since!
Because if we stand together, we give it or all, we fight all thats evil, love conquers all!
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What's your excuse this time?

None this time. Just wanted to explain myself.
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At that post, I didnt know it was an old thread yet. I told you it popped up as a new thread.
Oh **** my bad. It honestly popped up in my as a new thread.
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On a serious note...

Green and Red Peppers
1 or 2 Slices of Cheddar Cheese
Montreal Smoked Meat
Tiny Bit of Mustard
Oh ****. I didnt know this was old. This is in my Pit page. Glitch?
The beginning and end of Dying Fetuses Praise the Lord. Every instrument is perfect, the drums, guitars and bass are amazing. Cumworthy
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Step 2: knock that bitch out
Step 3: have "girl can't say no" sex
Step 4: return the book
Step 5: gracefully slip out

Council of Man deems you a winner. Join my group.

On topic, i think soaking the book in coffee fully is your best bet, you can say thats how it was.
How much sex are you expecting to get in return?

The Council of Man needs to know.
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I would like to tack on a Job Secrets to this thread.
Anything by Necrophagist. Obscura is pretty hard too.
Im pretty sure you can do Praise the Lord by Dying Fetus. They do it live pretty well with one guitar.
Play what works with the song. Know some theory, dont just cluster**** a solo with every note imaginable played. If you want random, make sure random works, cause if random doesnt work with the song... What can I say?
I like Jizzmaster. Quick and rolls off the tongue (no pun intended )

Mustwang ill keep in the maybe's. Its witty, I like it.

I will post the pictures of the almost fully sanded body tomorrow. Any advice on paint is appreciated people. What kind of paint, what to do after the paint? Advice and tips and tricks, all is needed.
Hahah well it doesnt matter what the neighbors say. Plus I have a carpentry shop in my condo so I do all my wokr there.

Sonis: Wangcaster was originaly one of the names. We have the Fender Shaft, Wangcaster, Penitar (Working name). Please keep them names coming, we need a model name to put on the headstock so any ideas are appreciated. Fender Shaft is the for now name, but im sure there is something much wittier.
Uhh the headstock is gonna be like the cum. Were gonna paint that whiteish. It was the best idea we could come up with for the headstock.
Honestly, we need more kids bringing guns to school. Teach those smart mouthed teachers whos boss.
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As a recent high school graduate who never did their homework (apart from major things like research papers, etc.), I will say that while a teacher yelling at me did not cause any major psychological harm, I do believe it wastes class time that could be spent doing something meaningful, like teaching me the next lesson. Honestly, just because I didn't do the homework doesn't mean I don't know the material. In fact, I passed most of middle school and all of high school because of tests and projects.

Thats me to a tee.
You can jerk off and eat a sandwich all at once.

Youre a ****ing genius.
Another band thats not instrumental but has amazing musical work is Cynic. Check them out.
Bump. Started sanding off the black paint and sanded any rough edges and spots that needed smoothing. Will post pics by the end of today as I have to do this at school and cannot connect my camera to the school computers.

Keep the ideas commin'
666 - Toxic Holocaust
Wild Dogs- Toxic Holocaust
Sister Sadie (and the Black Habits) - W.A.S.P.
Praise The Lord - Dying Fetus
Armageddon Death Squad - Impaled Nazarene
Trespass - The Haunted
Stormrider - Iced Earth
Screaming for Vengeance - Iced Earth (Off of Tribute to the Gods)
I Wanna Be Somebody - W.A.S.P.
Jesus is Dead - Altar
Devoured Elysium - Vital Remains

That covers it. Those songs get me PUMPED.
Alright guys. Got some major work done today. We cut the body out, and we cut the headstock. Tomorrow we are gonna sand and glue a piece of wood back in where the old pickguard leaves off in the cut.

Heres the pics.

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James Labrie did Solo stuff? Wow. That's bound to suck. If it wasn't for him I would absolutely adore Dream Theater.

Seriously, get a normal singer.

Alright, you do it.
I like Arch Enemy a tad bit more than carcass. Its still really close but its a fact.

S.O.D > Anthrax

Vital Remains > Deicide

Goat***** and Soilent Green are close but Goat***** would take the cake as well.
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If it's "spurting" out, the small bit would come from the top of the body. The way it's presented on that model fretboard, it looks like it's coming "out" of the headstock. It should be the other way around.

I'm trying to keep it from sounding dirty.

Oh I hadnt thought of that. Youre right.

Keep em comin'
Oh my god. This is the funnyest thing I have read in a while. Win
Stick your dick in a hot dog bun and serve on a platter. It can only end well.

But seriously, everyone loves steak. You cant go wrong with it. Corn on the cob is a good idea as well. Potato salad perhaps? Seems popular. Baked Potater?

For desert, ice cream cake if its a hot day.
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here's what that says to me:
A penis guitar just isn't that great, yanno? And do you really want to pick up a penis and play with it?

I'm sorry if it seems harsh, but that's my opinion on the subject. Although, I have to say, if you pulled the shape off and made it look good/right, I may have to commend you just for the work you will have put in to it.

Honestly, it is immature, it is stupid. But it will kill time, especialy the creative wiring, and I think it would just be one big joke. Its a free ****ty squier guitar... I cant make it any worse. Otherwise id just smash the guitar or something.

Starting work on the neck/headstock today. Going to cut it into a splash like shape. Will keep you all updated with pics and posts.

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Great idea, but you'd have to reverse it.

It is a great idea, but why would I have to reverse it? Would that matter? Cause this will be just for looks, otherwise I have fret markers on the side of the guitar.
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^ I'd definitely say make a new pickguard if you're really set on having one. You can buy a pickguard blank from stewmac, or just make one out of any random sheet of plastic. Where do you plan on getting the pup?

I dont wanna deal with an active pickup for sure, uhh id probably go to the local music store and just get one there. Ive also wanted an Icebucker (Jon schaffers of iced earth) as well. I may get one for my Ibanez and put in my ibanez pickup in the Squier ****.

A blank pickguard is a great idea!

Keep hitting me with questions/idea/suggestions. It gets the ol' brain muscle thinking about things I havent thought about.