Going through pages right now. If you see "Max Warwick" liked your page that's me.

Here's my band:
I'm into thrash metal!

Check us out, too. Any of the links in the sig, especially our new website!
Hey there, I'm Max Warwick of Besegra. We are a thrash/death metal group from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. We have a strong following in our province and have been gaining following in Quebec and Europe.

We just recorded our debut EP with Bart Frydrychowicz (Quo Vadis), it is being mixed/mastered by Dennis Israel of Clintworks (i.e., Amon Amarth, 3 Inches of Blood, Misery Index, Ensiferum, etc...)

We will be getting reviewed in Hard Rocker Magazine (Poland), Legacy Magazine (Germany), and Brave Words & Blood Knuckles (Canada/International).

Always looking for more media.

Check us out in the links. Try out our better quality old recordings (as opposed to our home-recorded preprods to the album).

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And not a single like was given that day.

I liked yerr page awhile ago!
Click the picture to reach our Facebook Page!

Liking all recent pages, too!
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Here's mine. Currently we're giving away a shirt+cd, all you have to do is to like & share Thanks! will like thoose who quote me

You guys are actually ****ing sick. Cheers!


Going through and liking everyone's shit right meow.
Updated the original post.

Read that shit!

Sedimentary Sepulchre

Lions rolling
over snake eyes
in their graves. Chances are
they're down too far
to taste the Sun, anyway.

Molten rock
and memories keep
the heart warm. Forging fond
moments, gone
into the Ides of storm.

Break the nails
off the surface
and sweep them
under stone. Beneath the
breath of the ocean, alas,
you are always alone.
Pierce Brosnan
A hardcore band doing a cover that is funny because the original song is far from the hardcore style?

Please go on about the rampant humour, talent, and originality.

Sorry, I just woke up, so this may sound rude. But stuff like this was only interesting when I was anywhere from 14-16 and thought it was cool to follow the trends of the scene. There are -core bands I enjoy, I'll have you know. But that vid made me not want to look further.
Links are in the signature!

We are going to be recording an EP soon with Bart Frydrychowicz, the guitarist of Quo Vadis. Stay tuned!
Queens of the Stone Age, Iron Maiden, Opeth, Symphony X, and Amon Amarth were definitely the tightest of all the bands I've seen as far as musical and stage performance goes.
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Do you ever say anything intelligent? Or just lurk and reply with something to make you look cool.

Also, living in Canada I know more modern-integrated Muslims than radicals. So I can't express a sense of threat.
Band Name: Nyborg 9
Genre: Progressive Metal (Sci-Fi Themed)
Looking for: A futuristic-style logo, just the name (no background image). Perhaps in the style of the painting of the name of a ship on a spaceship.
1. Cold by At The Gates
2. Burden by Opeth
3. Under the Knife by Exhumed.
4. Trapped Under Ice by Metallica
5. Eaten by Bloodbath
Great, Hollywood support to invade another country. Look, this Kony guy is bad, but he's a small part of a bigger problem. ****ing fools.
In my old band, we played a show that got double booked with an industrial show, we were metal. They decided to keep us and one other band from our bill on this show. The only guy that wad there early enough to see us was a legless dude in a wheelchair.
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Stop calling me a homo, or else.

This guy, as he is my evil alter ego.

And a homo.
Not shitty enough to be a funny parody. And, not good enough to be enjoyable to listen to.
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**** you fate you late to the party ****er

I was on the last participants list... lol. It was made pretty clear multiple times


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Fate of Mind
Fat Lard
King Donkey


1. Well.... and xX.SirenSong.Xx
2. GoxGetterxGuy and Bob_Sacamano
3. Talk Box and devourke
4. Thrash and Fat Lard
5. Trowzaa and PT Johe
6. MetallicSka and caeser1156
7. Tangle and GenghisGandhi
8. BrainDamage and My Hands!
9. Spay and marchoso
10. Captain Ron and behind__you
11. Leperaffinity01 and Owenlee55
12. smartguyreviews and Duffman
13. CamSampbell and Fate of Mind

But, now that I've been removed for whatever reason... Uhhh... **** all y'all.
So... Uhhh... Can I be put on the participants list again? I finally got added to the last one and then shit went down!
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Srsly, why the **** am I not on the participants list again?
That feel when you won't be drafted because you're not in the OP

Anyways, room get?
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There's always room as Trowzacrous's hype man!

That offer goes to anyone. We may not be the best team (or maybe we will ), but dammit, we will be the hypest.


Also, I hope Metallicska drafts me, me and him destroy.

FYI, My Hax name is Luigi
Somebody ****ing pick me!

Also, why I no "Participants" yet?
Right before Domination by Pantera, Dime (?) shouting "This fart stinks like a mother****er!!!"

Also, I believe it's during the song Sober by Tool that if you have the volume loud enough you can hear Maynard yell "Turn that shit down!"
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If there's a limited number, put this guy in my spot. I can't connect to a game I'm not hosting anyway.

The words we use to represent what we perceive as colour, are descriptive words in themselves. To say that something is red and not green, is a contrast similar to saying something is rough and not smooth.

The only difference is, you could make a blind person feel the difference between rough and smooth. Describing colour to a blind person is pointless.

If they've been blind since birth and have NO perception of colour. Even describing it as "warm" or "cold" won't make them think of the actual colour.
I regularly Hax and I'm not even in the "Participants" after wanting in
Yeahh... Don't do that in highschool. If I knew someone when I was in highschool that defined themselves by wearing a suit allllllll the time, I wouldn't be inclined to like them. Chances are you probably come off as one of those "I'm so unique and nonconforming, Im changing society!" types.

Trust me, I knew a kid who wore a trenchcoat and fedora all the time. Everyone knew him as the weird kid.
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It was never cool to hate on System of a Down, and Slipknot have, if anything, gained in credibility since their 3.0 album.

Linkin Park have gone from epic to horrible, but they're still one of the highest-selling rock acts out there, but they suck now so whatever

Slipknot has been shit since Iowa, IMO. System of a Down is awesome. Lincoln Park was never good.

Also, I like Muse, and Manowar. I don't know how uncool Muse is but Manowar gets plenty of shit. I also like Steely Dan.

Edit: also, an unpopular opinion I have regarding slipknot is that Paul deserved to die. OD'ing in a hotel room while in the same city as his pregnant wife. I used to be a die hard fan, but I have no sympathy for that scumbag.
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Not really, if TS is over 40 the likelyhood that he will be into newer styles is greatly lowered. Liking a show that just has the same 5 crappy bands on it would really not be a stretch if you grew up listening to those same 5 crappy bands.

The ignorance isn't that he likes the show. If he likes the same 5 bands that are on rotation on this show, ****in' awesome. He is the lucky prime viewer of said show. The ignorance lies in that beyond those bands, people like that are able to say... Ignore any middle ground between "Godsmack" and "KANNIBAL GRRR" (Let's just say, "Cannibal Corpse")? Or that some death metal bands involve themselves lyrically outside of the shock value? Many of them, actually, prefer to take political stands.

But, anyways, I don't really care thaaat much. I just think it's funny how rude people can be when talking about music they don't necessarily enjoy.

EDIT: Sorry, I wasn't meaning to sound like I was explaining those things to you. I'm sure you aren't that stupid lol.
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Pretty sure he's serious.

Oh... Oh, dear...

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TS is either less than 14 or more than 40 years old, most likely.

Sounds probable. If less than 14, forgiveness can be made for the lack of education. If more than 40, forgiveness is not applicable as the ignorance, despite education and years of potential wisdom, has seeped into the very foundations of the brain.

But, in any case. I lol'd.