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Two broken Porsches. Webber did it.

At least it's a nice change from the monotony of Audi 1-2-3s
spoke too soon apparently.
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The wec stream has been absolute balls for Spa. Buffering like mad, and theyre deleting all the posts about it on FB. I'm so disappointed, given the Silverstone stream and race were so good and I've been looking forward to this race all week.

Edit: so I've found a redistributed Motors TV stream of the race on that's more reliable than the official and paid stream. What a farce. At least I have something solid to watch.

I've been watching it on Motors but frankly nothing's really happened yet. Still two and a half hours to go so maybe it won't end so badly but.. Mrh.

On the plus side DEGA
I'm okay with this result.

Great quali
Boxxy - Gonna expand on what you said and give a detailed post about my thoughts about this year's GP2 crop.. And see how you guys think it'll pan out. SO

1 - Mitch Evans - Webbah's protege, but.. Well, he was a little disappointing last year. That said, he's got Russian Time this year.. But again, they're run by iSport rather than the Motopark team that crushed everyone's feelings last year, and their old boss, Mazepa, is no longer with them, so..
Could be a threat, he's certainly quick, but it depends if he can be consistent as well.

2 -Artem Markelov - His only credit is a 2nd place in German F3 last year, with 2 wins but 21 podiums; so.. If he can make the transition properly? He could surprise, but I don't know why he wasn't dropped into GP3 first.

3 - Felibe Nasr - Williams test driver. If it falls his way he'll win the title or certainly come close; he's always been fun to watch (And as an added bonus, his car looks bloody beautiful)

4 - Julian Leal - Pay driver. He won Italian F3000 in 2008 and has been precisely nowhere ever since. Last year was his best year in GP2 by miles, but I don't think anything special will come from him.

5 - Raffaele Marciello - Ferrari's young driver, so I guess there's exceptionally high expectations for him in Maranello. He has a reasonable record, winning 3 karting titles and the European F3 title last year, with podiums in European F3 and Formula Abarth and such in the past. Could be a shout, but as a rookie? Maybe not.

6 - Stefano Coletti - Solid, if unspectacular driver who thoroughly should have won last year and only has himself to blame. I honestly doubt he'll be able to repeat his start-of-2013 form, even with Racing Engineering.

7 - Jolyon Palmer - He's.. Well. Totally a pay driver, but he's been quick and he won a few races by using alternate strategy and got very unlucky the last couple of years. Switching to DAMS, who are normally a pretty powerful team, could be a good move, but again, he's inconsistent. (While Jo is a pay driver nominally, with Jonathan Palmer paying for, or at least sponsoring the drive, he's shown that he can be quick enough, I think)

8 - Stephane Richelmi - A solid number two driver for DAMS, but I think he could surprise if he can get himself regularly qualifying at the front, he's certainly quick, but he just seemed to lack a bit of focus last year. We'll see, I guess. (Pay driver?)

9 - Stoffel Vandoorne - Sure, he's a rookie, but his track record is incredible. Stupid to write him off, but we'll have to see how well he handles a GP2 car. Watching him against Marciello as Ferrari vs McLaren juniors will be interesting, and Vandoorne's racing for ART, who need to get back to winning ways soon, really. Expect fireworks!

10 - Takuya Izawa - He's a driver who's won a few races in Japan, but he's also been racing in Super Formula for the last six years and hasn't won the title (or really come close). That said, he's beaten the likes of Andre Lotterer and Kazuki Nakajima to race wins, so maybe the field in Super Formula is better than expected.

11- Daniel Abt - Honestly I really expected him to do better last year, after the finale in his GP3 year. A change of team to a -less- successful one and another failed GP3 title attempt teammate are going to make him faster how exactly? I guess we'll see. Perhaps his father's racing experience might be able to back him up, anyway.

12 - Facu Regalia - Missed out on GP3 title to Kvyat on merit of Kvyat not ballsing it up, but he seems quick, and it's nice to see an Argentine racing so close to F1. Has reasonable experience, but until last year I never really considered him a threat in anything.

14 - Adrian Quaife-Hobbs - Rapax really should've done better last year, but taking on Quaife-Hobbs is.. Well. He's quick, that's for certain, but whether he's a title contender or just a race winner is hard to say. While he is technically a pay-driver (Quaife is his father's company and his main sponsor), I think he probably deserves the drive.

15 - Simon Trummer - He's been racing in GP2 long enough and shown no real consistency or high-points scoring ability. Yawn.

16 - Rene Binder - Moves to Arden, who really should've done better last year, away from Lazarus GP. The Lazarus car was awful last year, and honestly I expect him to be able to score points, if not podia. His record isn't brilliant, but it's better than a fair few others, certainly.

17 - Andre Negrao - Ex FR3.5 racer turned GP2 racer?.. But he's never been that great, with only a handful of podiums across 3 seasons, and honestly I wouldn't expect anything too special from him.

18 - Rio Haryanto - He was quick but very inconsistent in GP3, depending on tracks, and has very few points to show for his GP2 appearances, though there is a podium - If he really gels with the Caterham car, maybe he could do a good job, but I'd expect a thorough bitch-slap at the hands of Rossi.

19 - Alexander Rossi - Title contender; or at least he should be. He's highly recommended and with good reasons because he's impressed just about everyone, but I'm still questioning the Caterham's potency against the other top teams (though at least he'll be faster than Kobayashi and Ericsson).

20 - Daniel de Jong - Pay driver. Yawn.

23 - Johnny Cecotto Jr. - Ha.

24 - Nathanael Berton - Another pay driver, though one of the more successful ones, and one who appears very good at defensive consistent driving. Unfortunately.. Not at the front of the grid.

26 - Arthur Pic - See, now Campos have made an interesting choice with their two drivers. Pic is consistent but not top-5, at least he was in FR3.5, so if they can get the car sorted out, they can likely be quick and perhaps reverse grid winners?

27 - Kimiya Sato - This guy. He has potential, for sure. The last couple of years he's been top 3 in the championships he's raced, though admittedly I don't know how the fields compare to GP2. A little part of me is hoping he'll do well just because it's nice to see a returnee team and a Japanese driver doing well, but we'll see. Could be quick!

So. There's a few slots that haven't been filled yet, but that's my 2c!
Very cool helmet, one of my favourites already.
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Boy do they need some sponsors. How do they stay afloat?

Probably by spending small amounts (relatively)?

Marussia Cars must be a pretty well paying sponsor, and they've got AON money from Chilton as well
I don't really like it.
Red Bull, Caterham, Toro Rosso and Lotus

As it stands, today's fastest Renault lap is 20s off the pace.
Times are still meaningless, but interesting to see how much trouble Renault are in.. Bizarre.
Cars I like:

Red Bull

Cars I meh:
Force India

Cars I NOPE:
Toro Rosso
I really have no idea how to interpret anything we've seen so far, but Scarbs seems to think RBR and Merc are ahead, so.. I guess we'll see!
I think that was probably Lewis' reaction too..
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Scumbags at IMSA have cut their live feed with MRN commentary, so now there's nothing on until the FOX coverage starts again - when I'll probably be in bed

Won't be up for the Sauber launch today either, but if their nose design is similar to Ferrari then I'll be making a lot of similarities between Sauber the F1 team and Sauber the vacuum cleaner company (yes it actually exists).

I'm waiting for that too.. But this race. Holy shit, it's pretty good!

Though admittedly any time I watch it goes Yellow for three quarters of an hour..
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He's alright (as in alive and moving), trapped in the car.

My FOX Sports feed was canned on, so I had to switch over to one that's Motors TV video and MRN audio. So the footage and commentary isn't in sync, lame.
I quite like the McLaren, actually. Not entirely convinced that lotus isn't bollocks either, it doesn't look plausible.
OOH. I like Saxobank.
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Kubica kept his record of blistering pace followed by a resounding crash.

I lol'd.

I'm not sure if I'm impressed with everyone in WRC, Ogier seems to be doing what he did last year, predictably. I expect Ostberg to be a lot of competition for him, and Meeke should maybe do quite well too..

I don't really know anything about Bouffier, other than the fact he seems to be a Monte Carlo master
This is like something out of Monty Python I swear..

I really can't believe this is still going around..
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A serious shit/fan collision is coming

It's amazing, he's effectively dropped all requirements to serve on the board while the case is ongoing, but he's still 100% allowed to run the sport. He must be either incredibly charismatic or have a looooooot of strings being pulled right now, because that's ridiculous.
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EDIT: Seen it, the pic is from Malaysia 2013

Ferrari used an old pic for their "teaser" too

Thanks for clarifying that, I was definitely unclear

I am rather excited for this now!
Red Bull unleashing their new car on the 28th as well. Looking at the picture, I'm not sure if they're using this year's car or a previous one on the image, but if the pic is anything to go by, it looks like their nose is enormous..
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Well Lotus are just in the spotlight, and in truth I don't really know how involved GENII is overall. It's a hard call, but in general all companies have debt because they would rather use the profit to make more profit, and only pay a tiny amount of the debt off at a time. Kind of like credit card payments (but not at all like credit card payments ) And if that debt is internal, which means basically all the goods/services are being bought within the company by the company, then that company can delay repaying itself almost indefinitely since there won't - or shouldn't - be any interest, at least not a vast amount.

It's a difficult thing to breakdown. I suspect Lotus are being made an example of because they haven't managed to get a positive cash flow for an extended amount of time (where you have more money coming in than out) recently. They also placed great emphasis on the bollocks Quantum deal. This likely inflated their share prices - good for business - for a time, which generated some money, but ultimately they're now likely in a decline because it fell through.

McLaren are already stretching themselves thin. F1, super cars, both are heavy development programs. And they only recently (in business terms) started the super car business, so it's unlikely they're booming. Not to mention they're investing in the future of both of those mediums whilst developing inside them.

Ferrari are doing the same as McLaren probably.

As for RBR finances, well it's safe to assume they're doing dandy.

That does make a lot of sense.

At the moment, the only other rumour I'm hearing is Maldonado is going to end up going to Caterham if Lolus fold, hence why Caterham have delayed announcement..

This is all sounding way too much like a conspiracy to make me entirely happy about it, but it's interesting nonetheless.
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80m of in-house debt (liabilities) isn't that bad, Genii is likely to be smashing that total in profit alone. I mean if you were to look at Ferrari or McLaren, they'd probably have the same amount if not more.

So long as they have a +1.00 ratio in regards to liabilities vs turnover then they're as good as any other western company. No company ever abolishes all their debt, it's a mentality of 'spend money to make money'.

Honestly I don't know anything about economics, those are some big numbers though, and it makes me wonder whether it's being reported on because it's unusual rather than anything else, if every F1 team had similar, wouldn't it be a rather irrelevant story?
I think Sky generally has better coverage, but the BBC are quite good too, at least they were. We'll have to see now, though.. I wish I wasn't missing this WRC, it sounds and looks like a -great- competition this year.
Ericsson's rumoured to have about 10m euros of sponsorship (100 million Swedish Kr.), not sure if that'll lead to anything though, he's kinda bland.
i'm looking forward to seeing how Kvyat does against Vergne, and also how many people mispronounce his name throughout the season..

Final championship will be..


I think. Or something like that, I certainly think the top 4-5 teams will keep their advantage.,
I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the new livery or the car shape..
It's a nice video, and I'm really looking forward to the 24th..
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When my old R32 Skyline GTR split a water hose and overheated right before xmas the odometer was at 94444. Creepy.

Although I saw plenty of 4th floors when I was in Japan.

Yeah, I dunno how accurate it is, I think it's just one of those old tradition things now, can't say, never been there..
shi in japan means 4 and it's also the first syllable of 'death' (shini?) isn't it?

Which is why there's no 4th floor in japanese buildings
Max Chilton is now #4, which is ironic in that he'll never score any points and hence would never have obtained said number under the current scoring
It's a shame, he was a really great man from everything I've seen.