yeah its in C standard, ive been wondering too, one of the creators posted some video explaing it.
Dude, it doesnt have to be like Satanic to be metal. your right about a few things but have you heard anything off of Killswitch Engage's new albumn or their last one. As Daylight Dies and End of Heartache were both amazing. And Chimaira, and Shadows Fall, both have new albumns coming out, and Sevendust's new cd comes out tomarrow. Children of Bodom is another band you should give a listen to. And i dont care what other people say, But Lamb of Gods last two cds kicked ass. well, this is how i feel about it, it may not be what other poeple think, but this is my opinion.
very true about the short scale neck. 11's are not bad at all. Im running 12's on my Ibanez 520 wich is also a short scale, once you put some heavier string on it, the G will sound more in tune with the guitar.
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it all depnds, put all the tone nobs and volume controll all the way, then try tuning your amp to were you want it. if that dont work, look for a decently priced amp in your price range and how many wars you want.
hey, heres a few ways to tuffen your fingers. before playing stretch your fingers out. if yourfinger tips hurt, tap on a desk or something. To tuffen your fingers, do some hammer ons and pull offs for a few minuets. (if you dont know how to, play a note once and then hammer on another note without picking the string again) and pulloffs are pretty much the opposite.
hey, if you have atuner heres how you do it. Put your first finger on the first fret and play the note, tune it till it reaches the 0 in the middle. do that on every string. then just do as you would normally. might wanna do it 2 times though. and there you go. Peace.
hey bro, well personaly I think if you can play all those solos accuratly your pretty damn good. maybe have someone video tape you playin and compare it the original versoin. Try learning (if you dont know it already) Beast and The Harlet - Avenged Sevenfold. If you can play all of that near flawlessly I will take off my hat to you. (and I dont ware hats) I can only play 65% of that. Peace.
well, the esp viper is cool, but Ibanez guitars are great for harmonics, and alot of faster more heavy metal stuff. If you want me to take a look at it tell me what site it can be found on. Rock on dude.
I just use drop D. love this tuning for the metal riffs. for one bassicaly all the covers I do are in this tuning. Sevendust, Slipknot, Staind, some Metallica, Seether, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, that kinda stuff.
you could prolly do something like that, or you could have each band do 2 covers and 2 originals.