Do you like math?


If no, what makes you dislike it? If yes, what do you like about it?

I could go on about structure and how it just fits bla bla, but really when you get into it it's not like anything else, you can loose yourself for hours trying to wrap your head around stuff.

What is the highest level of math you know & when did you learn it?

I studied for a BSc in Mathematics, but between work and classes I never gave myself the time to wrap my head around abstract algebra; group theory and so on and dropped out. I'll get my degree someday I need money first though!

Are you bad at math?

For someone who studied it at university for 3 years my mental arithmetic is embarrassing, but on the whole I am good when I put my mind to it.

One word that describes your feelings towards math.


What academic subjects do you like apart from math?

Physics, engineering

What is it about those subjects that makes you like them? If there are none, why not?

Problem solving and gaining an understanding of how things work.

What is something you are good at? (Don't say "nothing")

Logic and problem solving

Do you like languages/reading?

I enjoy reading, but academically I find it tedious.

I also agree that the problem with maths is how it's taught; I have no doubt more people would attain a higher level of understanding, and enjoy it, if it were taught better.
Don't know that this place has changed all that much.
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^ I don't remember much abstract Algebra to be honest. Group theory is not particularly interesting to me. Which book are you using for your course?

I know what you mean; I find it immensley boring. All we've really been given as complementary reading are these notes
I hate abstract algebra

There is a trivial homomorphism from S_5 to C_5 which takes every element of S5 to C5. Show this is the only homomorphism from S_5 to C_5.

The combination of finding group theory to be a pain in the arse and a poor lecturer means I don't have much of a scoob where to start. I've also been asked to find composition series for S_2, S_3, S_4 and S_5 and I'm not too sure how to go about it (S_2 is easy enough, though). Some help would be appreciated, cheers!
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Lulz, my bad, i meant MAX: f(1,0) = 6, MIN: f(-1, plusminus 1) = 6. Long day... (I'm a sophomore in college taking Calc III, btw )

Aye, it's been a long one for me as well a lot of coursework has piled up due to me being ill and now it's all full on until next week. Is the min not (1,0)? My bain's pretty much dead atm; it's 3:30 am and I've barely slept the last few days I may vey well have gibberish down on my page

EDIT: saw your edit bed time I think
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Also, callum, I'm gonna take a look, give me a couple minutes.

EDIT: Ok, the max should be 6, and the min should be 0. Let me know if that's what you got or if you need anything else, I'm pretty sure I did it right.

I don't know what the high school curriculum in the US is like, but I assume you haven't done multivariable calculus? the maxima and minima of a function in R^2 are points (x,y), and with this function being a paraboloid, there is only one critical point, which is a global min, at (1,0), though the constraint in the question defines it in the closed region -(2^(1/2))<=x,y<=(2^(1/2)) and so maxima exist as well!

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I think you need to use the 2nd derivative test and directional unit vector (I think that's what it's called). Give me some numbers/equations and a more specific question.

I think I've got it, but the question is f(x,y) = (x - 1)^2 + 2y^2 subject to the constraint x^2 + y^2 <= 2; find maxima/minima. If you want to have a go!
I need some help with Lagrange Multipliers/KKT; I've got all the equations, grads etc fine, I'm just not entirely sure what to do with them to get the maxima and minima.
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Fuck school, slay dragons.

Well, a few years ago that's exactly how my thinking would've went, but now I'm in my third year studying for a degree in pure mathematics and I don't think I can quite get away with it now! I'll likely end up buying it tomorrow anyway and not sleeping for a few days to get my ork done, mind you
I'm still debating whether to buy Skyrim tomorrow or hold off for a week. I have a hell of a lot of coursework due over the next week, but it is Skyrim. Dilemas.
No; it sounds moronic and most people seem to pronounce it wrongly as well.
I'm not sure to what degree of excellence "fanfabulitastic" is, but it sounds pretty good; perhaps I should try more watermelons in hope of finding a good one.
Not really; I've found the taste quite weak whenever I've eaten watermelon.
Hopefully able to sign my name with BSc, MSc, Ph.D .
Even though it's fake, I'm going to have to live with the mental images for the rest of my life.
It's a laff, init?
Arse mates has a better ring.
They split up, but never divorced; dad's dead now, though.
I'd assume it has to do with kids spilling things, but we were allowed water in High School.
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EDIT: Also "whiskey" with anything (even "whiskey") is inferior to whisky.
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In hypothesis. I never said I was going to commit a crime lol. I just said if I could commit the perfect crime why should I hesitate?

Well it would depend on the individual. If I could, I wouldn't, but in your hypothesis, the person is a sociopath with no belief in consequence to his action; there is no reason for him not to.
How old are you Grim? If you think you can get away with it and want to do it, then do it, no one here really gives a fuck, or I don't at least.
Question 3 should be "Why do you think alcohol is so widely enjoyed?"
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Imagine I could murder, steal or cheat and nobody would ever find out. Give me a reason why I shouldn't do it. I have little to no moral values and do not believe in god.

Fill your boots; I don't give a ****.
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You guys are idiots...
I am unemployed and any job I get any time soon is going to have to be fairly generic part time work.
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Quite a few moments with the Rev. Smith in Deadwood and when Ellsworth was killed.

Been done and I might as well point out atheism is not a religion while I'm at it and say I guess I'm an atheist.
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I don't agree with this. Every time the scene changes I'm like "What the fuck just happened, did they just teleport, what the hell?" it makes comprehending movies impossible.

Actually that's a fair point; I know what you mean. I recentlly watched the new A-Team high and I got to the point where they're shooting up some harbour for reasons I still don't know about and thought "Hey, wasn't Mr T driving in the desert a second ago?". I've found being high makes comedies better, though.
Intense comedies? Also the "he was high" argument is shit; being high makes movies better.
Looking at the footage again, it looks like he was aiming for the police. That was a terrible analogy, unless you can control the flight of something once you've dropped it.