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I updated my swag today.

Also, does anyone else think chinos are awful? >_>

It depends on the person and how they wear it.
The problem with things that are trendy is that people wear them just because they're popular and don't think about whether it actually suits them or not

You all probably think I look like a wanker but whatevs
I live in Australia and it's Spring and it gets pretty warm down here
I've been shooting some street photography after school, it's really good after ages of not shooting. This is probably one of my better shots

Yellow line by timbeech, on Flickr
I shop at thrift stores because I am poor, period.

I think the whole baggy ugly hipster jumper thing came about because of hipster girls who could never find jumpers that fit so it became this whole fad
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I know you're a Mac user, so you could also consider Aperture. It's an alternative to Lightroom, some people like it.

Aperture is great and has one of the best interfaces but it takes up so much space and lags your mac beyond belief. I thought it was just me but it turns out a few other people have that problem too, but I think its good to try anyway
Well if you don't want to fork out that much you could always try Vinnies or something. Chances are you won't get exactly what you want but you can't really complain for the price
Get an unstructured navy blazer, they're less dressy and still pretty versatile. I have no idea where to get them from though :|

HDR by timi -, on Flickr
This is my first try at HDR. It doesn't look that much like a HDR shot because I tried not to overdo it. I accidentally forgot to shoot in raw so it's not as good as I could have done but still.
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Jacket over a sweater? Really?

If it's a fairly lightweight sweater I don't see what's wrong with it, but only if it's a crewneck or a v-neck, not shawl like in the pic
If you really want to keep it casual though, at least keep the denim dark and wear a casual tie like a knit tie or something at least.
The younger you are, the more you can get away with it.
Because we're like best friends and it would suck if went out and it didn't work out
Nah, it was at a signing and they gave me a deck they were raffling off because we were all dressed up and whatnot.
I had my own skateboard and I put a Gaystyle sticker on it and he signed it and wrote '**** you Tim'

being badass with my lady friend
First or last or the red vans.
Red shoes work well to add a kind of pop to what you're wearing, so you can pretty much wear them with anything neutral
These are from the first time I really got into a trance while shooting street photography. I really didn't end up with many keepers but it was an amazing experience

Houndstooth by timi -, on Flickr
It isn't really a good photo, but there's something I like about it

20110720_0473 by timi -, on Flickr

Flutist by timi -, on Flickr

I went out this morning to take photos of people. I'm still trying to get over my fear of street photography, and it helps that I have a 60D with the flippy kind of screen thing.
All of them were with my 50mm f/1.8

Trying to unleash my inner Will Manning. Now I just need a forest

What do you guys think about this colour combination?
I'm still a bit iffy about it even though the response on my blog was overwhelmingly positive

@Hidden Hippo, I'd wear desert boots if they were your thing.
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I joined when I was 11.

I'm 14 now...

Looking back, I was a -- Oh wait, I still am.

Damn, I thought I was the only one
I like the composition in your first picture ^

I haven't posted in this thread, let alone UG in ages.
Here's a candid I took today with my new 60D.
My flickr is here if anyone's interested
Navy or khaki
I wish Arcade Fire did better D:
Sprawl II wasn't even in it T_T
Did anyone else notice the massive suit porn in Inception ?
I would try to cover it up, but when the time comes when they ask, I'd tell them the truth

I picked up a navy knit tie for $10 on Boxing Day

What would you guys wear with that tie ?
Yes, everyone is right and you probably will come off as a douchebag to some people.
But if you have the confidence and you can pull it off, it'll be good.
I think it comes down to how much you care about how people see you. You seem like you care quite a bit though, so I wouldn't try it.
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second picture, are those cp's?

I have no idea honestly, I just found that off Google :P
What are cp's anyway ?
I won't follow everyone though.
Just if I like your tumblr. Don't want people spamming my dash with stupid hipster reblog shit
First post here
I want to get a 3/4 sleeve when I'm 18. (Even if you have parental consent, you can't get it any younger in Australia)
I'm only 15 now so I have quite a bit of time to think about the design. I want it to be meaningful to me and not just aesthetically pleasing.

I want something like this as well

I think both the tiger and dragon look ugly, so I won't get it exactly like that but I like the idea of the the dragon tying itself around the tiger. The tiger represents aggression and the dragon represents wisdom and knowledge. They are both prominent, but the dragon is in control of the tiger.

There's a lot more symbolism with the tiger and dragon in relation to martial arts, but I can't be bothered going on about it.

I don't know if I want the tiger+dragon to be part of my 3/4 sleeve though or if I should have it seperately. I have a quite a bit of time to think about it though
*bump* Please don't turn this into a MMA v Boxing thread. They're two different sports.

Thoughts on Khan v Maidana ?

Big fights week after week in November, that's what boxing should be like all the time.
The navy blazer is superior to all.

Bow down bitches.
Boat shoes are good if they're your thing and you can pull them off.

Or get some canvas shoes
ur all gay
They're both good, but I like the first a tad better.
Maybe just the angle though.
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I'm kind of a slob, so I usually wear plain colored T's with whichever jeans I find on sale. My girlfriend tells me has a lot of good mens fashion tips, though.

Keeping it simple is a lot better than over-doing it. As long as your clothes fit right, you shouldn't really look slobby :P

Wear hats/sunnies/any other accessories to spice things up a bit.
Summer's right around the corner for us Australians. Seeing as most of you guys just came out of summer, then maybe you have a few pointers for us Aussies ?
Also, should I get navy boat shoes ?
I really like boat shoes but I've never had the confidence to pull them off
I'm planning on wearing a three piece suit, but I'm going to get the shirt and coat and waistcoat all separately.
Should three piece suits be bought together, and if I'm mixing+matching, are there any rules ?
Brown is nice.