Right thanks for all the help here, much appreciate it. I'm beginning to understand where all this -add en -sus things are coming from. That Amajor chord that I was suggesting is off course with an E note in the bass so it should be Amaj/E or just A/E. I should really go and look for those lesson on major scales and chord theory here on UG since you advise me to do so.

And as reply to Helpy Helperton (by the way; thanks for putting yourself at risk for answering my question, haha, much appreciate it)

Question for you though, does that chord still give you the same sound as the other? or are you starting to change your chords so they are easier to write.

When I'm playing the 2 chords (the one with the muted b string and just a regular Amajor chord) they sound the same for me. Allthough one eventually has the E in the bass. And yes, I was starting to change my chords to make naming easier but only to learn from it. And to see if I was right by stating that it would then be an Amajor/E chord
Ok. So -sus is for suspending, in other words; replacing a note of the chord
And add is for adding (or add-on?), in other words; adding a note to the chord.

But can't I just call it an Amajor chord if I mute the b string

e---0---| (So that makes the notes e,e,a,c#,x,e)

Like this?
Alkalineweeman, I discovered that with the programme, if I mute the b string it becomes an A major chord. Which is obviously true because of the fact when a play both positions they sound the same...

Hmm, I think I'm starting to get this thing
Quote by alkalineweeman
This may come in handy for you.

Handy programme but it's not useful when you're playing in a chosen key right?
Like the key of E which I have chosen for this particular problem.
you have are E A B C#, so relating these to the E major scale you have the intervals 1, 4, 5 and 6. The just learning a bit of chord theory teaches you how give a name (or multiple names) to this set of intervals. So the first chord has a 1, 4, 5 and 6 so it becomes E6sus4.

I understand. But I'm still confused about why it's E6 and not like Esus4sus6 or something? And where does the additive -sus come from?

Thanks for the help
Hello people,

I've been figuring out this chord name for a while but since I'm not so good at naming chords (I'm practising hard however) I'm gonna ask you guys here.

It's the following:

e---0---| (So that makes the notes e,e,a,c#,b,e)

It's should be in the key of E. So I'm guessing it's like an E/ something here or Eadd?
Or am I totally wrong here?

And what if I move this C# note 1 whole step up, so that it becomes a D#?
What should it be then?

e---0---| (So that makes the notes e,e,a,d#,b,e)

Do you guys also have any suggestions in learning how to approach these chords. Like in steps or something? I know the basics (how major/minor etc. chords are built out of the major/minor etc. scales) But when you change one or two notes I'm getting confused.

Thanks in advance
Intro was a bit long in my opinion, took about 1 minute of the whole song?
And from the finger picking part to the strumming part was not real smooth. Just a suggestion; but maybe you should take a break there, or come up with a pre verse part? Just to make it a whole because the parts don't really connect if you know what I mean.

And you should sing some what louder (not to much because that wouldn't fit in the song), because your vocals aren't bad!

But overall nice song, real peaceful.
Thanks for all the reply and suggestions!

I'm going to the store in a while, to check out the cry baby wah wah's and the Vox V847.
Also going to ask the people there about this true bypass issue.
Just have to go and check it out, and the most important; have a listen.
Because I think it's also just a style thing to which wah you prefer.

But again thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.
But is it any good? It's actually even the cheapest one they got at the store that I'm always going to...
But I'm going to check it out in a while

Thanks for the reply's
Ok, I never ever heard of this true-bypass thing but I'm sure to go and take a good look on the web about this.
And indeed I've been planning to go to the store to get some insight in sounds.

But there is one thing I was curious about. They also sell this Morley Classic wah with a photograph electric cell and as a result of that they claim it has no wear.
I don't know about it this type of technique but I'm suspicious about this one.

Lately I´ve been checking out some wah wah pedals because I like the sound of it when I see other people play. So I think I'm going to buy one myself.
But my question is; which one should I get? I hope there are some experienced wah wah pedal users out here who could help me out.

I've been looking around, and these pedals come in all sorts of styles and prices. I'm looking for a good beginning wah wah (not to expensive, good quality/price rate).
I'm using a Fender blues deluxe tube amp.

Thanks in advance
It's all in the wrist like octavarium78 said.

Using your whole elbow takes so much time. If you tend to be fast on the guitar then you should really practive using the wrist only. Maybe you should go and have a look at videos of good solo guitarist with good techniques. I don't know which style your prefer but I always look at Eric Clapton and John Mayer.
Liked it, laidback style. But missing vocals here to make it interesting. No ofense, but it's getting boring after a while. Vocals can make the song more interesting to hear. Or a good solo in the middle section?

A book is helpful if you need to figure out a certain scale/technique or something like that.

I've always used/use a book called: The Guitar by Ralph Denyer (catchy title right). Just to look something up. But the best way to learn is to practice practice practice and practice.
The reading gives you 5 % of improvement, moving your fingers will give you 95 % of improvement. And like said before Hendrix never used a book. But on the other hand he really didn't need one as well. I guess we do.
Liked this one!

It's got a happy/relaxed vibe to it. The only thing IMO was that it sounded you guys just crashed into the chorus. Like the beginning was missing. But that also gives this song a unique sound. So don't bother.
And for the vocals. Sometimes a little to fast sung; to much words in a little time frame.

But overall great song! Really like your style!

(Checked out the other songs as well. Sweet!)


But put some on UG then so I (and everyone else here) can hear it!
Man I really liked this track! It gave me that jazzy, funky feeling. Nice lead guitar in the middle by the way and good dynamics overall in the song. My only complaint is; I'm missing some vocals. But I know this is just your style.

Keep it up!

Definitely interested in hearing more from you.


I've checked out your recording as well.
Thanks! We wanted to do something more then only the electric sound so we brought in some acoustic as well. Just a little something different, but not to much.
I think it worked out well reading these reactions.

I've heard your tune yoyo9333 and placed a reaction at your thread.
Nicely done by the way!
Nice tune man, it reminds me of one artist only I forgot his name. Nice vocals too, they fit to the style of music. Catchy chorus by the way, nicely chosen.

Keep it up!

Does anyone has some further ideas to put this under attention?

Thanks in regard
Ok, thank you for your reaction!
I'm happy to hear that you've liked it.

But maybe the vocals were a little weak because of the fact that we only had 2 hours to fully record the song. I guess that's a little less time...
But well, as you said, it also has to do with a style that you have like.

I'm glad to hear that.
We want to record some more in the future so I will post that too.
Hello people!

With my band I've recorded a single a while ago.
I've put it on youtube just for people to listen to it and get some reactions.
I hope you've got the time to listen to it and tell me what you think.

I don't know if youtube links are allowed (please tell me if not)

Thanks in regard,

Haha, no thank you anyway!

I appreciate all your help here.
Oh, god I'm stupid
How could I have written the low E-string on the tab as a D.

I'm sorry, that was all my fault.

But I think I've got it figured out by now.

Well, I'm tuned in standard tuning. (E-A-D-G-B-e)

But for the first one it's these notes:

B, D, D, F# (correct me if i'm wrong)

and the second:

F#, D, A, C# (correct me if I'm wrong)

Hmm, I'm still confused here...

(Sorry, I'm not really good at this kind of chord structure things.)
O.K. but is it really necessary to use Dmaj6 instead of Dmaj?

And what about the other one than?

That would be an Amaj6/F#?

So I'm figuring out this chord here;


I believe it's similar to a D open chord but this particular one also has a B note (low e-string 7th fret) in it.

Does this makes this chord an D/B?

And does this also go's for this one:


an A/F# ?

Thanks in regard.
OK thanks I would very much appreciate that.
Yeah that's what I'm trying to find out.

So I can fit an scale on the guitar to the harmonica so I know which chords can be used on a certain harmonica (Like in the key of C)
Well, I've tried to put the notes on the guitar together with an major scale on the guitar.

So in my position that would be in the C major scale.

Blowing in at the 1th gives me a C
Blowing out at the 1th gives me a D
Blowing in at the 2nd hole gives me an E.

That's all correct, but when it comes to blowing out at the 2nd hole (which gives me also an imperfect tune) I omit one note on the C major scale on the guitar (so I omit F) and then go directly to a G note.

Anyone got a clue on this?
(I've posted this in The Pit because I don't know where else to put this question)

So, I've been fooling aroud with the harmonica lately (Got a MS BLues Harp in the key of F and a Pure Tone in the key of C) and I really like it.
But because of my ignorance with the theory that's behind the harmonica I can't improve myself.

I wanted to ask if there is anyone here who plays the harmonica also and is very well known with it and could give me some words of advice or sites that I should be looking at.

My main questions are;

How does the harmonica relates to the guitar?
What kind of techniques are there available that I should know of?

Thanks in regard.
Just as an indication:

The action on the 12th low E string fret should be around:

Electric: 2,38 mm
Acoustic flat-top: 3,18 mm
Classical: 3,97 mm

So I guess you have an acoustic flat-top or something like that?
Hi Paul,

Well it's hard to say if it's going to hinder your learning process because high action doesn't always have to be a bad thing. (If your guitar is set properly offcourse)

High action gives you more volume and most of the time a better tone. But the big disadvantage is that you need to press harder on the string to get them ring clean. Also fast riffs and licks are much more difficult to play.

Low action will give you less volume, and a (sometimes) worser tone.

So it's just your choise. I think it's not a bad idea to begin with high action when you're going to be low action playing. Going from low action playing to high action playing is much more difficult.
Before I forget to tell!

I did some research on the way about the woodtype that is used for the body....
I guess it's solid basswood and not plywood. I checked the inside and it's seems the inner hollow part has been milled. Also it has a little dent on the front. I guess it would have been torn if it was made of plywood.
Well, thanks everyone for the info.

The guitar is pretty decent I guess, and since I got it for free why not spend a little money on it to make sound even better. Maybe only new pups because it holds tuning fine and the neck is fairly good too. Multi-FX just isn't really my thing anyway.

The only thing is that indeed, BR0THERALEX, the low E string tends to buzz a lot when it's hit open. I checked the intonation and action since there is nothing wrong with the neck itself. But it didn't really help, and well... it's not a real Fender so I think I should'nt be so worried about that.

By the way, what does MIK actually stands for? Checked the internet but I could not find it.
Quote by ADTR1390
do you know what type of wood the body is? if its not plywood or some crap like that id say go ahead. i mean, you could have yourself a pretty solid guitar after you replace the pickups and tuners. how does the neck feel on it? cause i have a squire im modding now and the neck on it is horrible, but everything else about it is solid, or as solid as a squire is gonna be lol

Well, I really don't know which type of wood the body is made of. I don't really know what to look for to find it out. But I think it's kind a like basswood, so I guess pretty solid.

But indeed, Lil Macker, everyone is bashing the Squiers these day's but I don't see them as bad guitars. And it's a pity that their is not much information known about early made Squiers.

But everyone, thanks for the decent information instead of telling me I should throw this Squier away. We'll see, maybe in about 20 years from now some of them will be colectors items.
Ok, thanks for all the response!

But I'm still not sure if it's any worth modifing this Squier.
I've uploaded a picture of the headstock and body. Any suggestions?
Anyone still maybe on this one?

Thanks in regard