All looks good!

I've actually got a fEARful 12/6 that I built myself earlier this year. So far, I'm loving the sheer volume and clarity the cab produces, though I've yet to really test it to it's maximum.

Alex at Barefaced has also released details of his 3rd generation cabinets, which look absolutely ridiculous. A Super Twin or Big Twin 2 might have to be my next main cabinet purchase!
Just a quick correction - fEARful is the DIY series, fEARless is the authorised only series.
Basses. Someone buy my Corvette and my Eden! I want a new amp!
Surely it would curdle?
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Yeah, like you'd be the guy in the relationship.

I'm the guy in every relationship!

Wait, does my hand count as a woman?
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Why don't you just marry him, Chris?

Maybe I did, and he's retired to spend more time as my wife!

ps no homo
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I tried a 4 string version and the gloss neck just ruined it for me. It sounded good and was pretty versatile but it was just so god damn sticky. I wouldn't want to have to sand down the neck of a brand new bass like I did with my last Fender/SX thingy.


Buy my Corvette. Yours for £400!
That Wizard overnight rushed a pair of pickups to me because the cavities in my bass were too tight and the pickup leads got bent and broke. He was very very nice.
Modern Player Jazz 5.
I have the Rotosound pressurewound strings on my P Bass. They give me a very nice warm growl, almost like flats but with a bit more harmonic content. I like 'em.
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Are you selling your Eden?

Yup, I have to take advantage of a small artists discount I recently got for myself, but don't really see the point in having another amp hanging around the place!

Also thinking of selling my Warwick Corvette as well... it's a bit beat up so I was thinking £450? Maybe even £400!
Somebody buy my head and cab!
Ziphoblat answered your question, I just wanted to ask what you think of the WA300 head? Haven't seen many reviews go up about them yet!
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Alright bass forum. Almost through the Makers Mark I got for my birthday.
Loved every sip of it. Now I don't want to get stuck in a rut with one Whiskey. Gimme some others to try.
What are some names of good Scotches? Irish Whiskeys?
Gimme the goods.

What sort of flavours do you like from your whisky? I'm mainly a scotch drinker, so I'll stick to what I know. You can go from anything like the lighter whiskies, Macallan, Dalmore, to the peatier ones of the Islands and Highlands, Talisker, Old Pultenay.

Do you like a light whisky, or a heavy whisky? Sweet cereal and toffee flavours, or smoky peat and mineral?
What were you doing to make it cut out?

I agree that it's probably a simple soldering job. Plug it in and poke the solder joints, see if any of them are loose or make a change in the noise/hum.
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At Tech?

Nah, Ealing Music Services. So all of Ealing. Eep.
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Why would you even think of unleashing the '80s on us again?


Music taste is cyclical! Soon the Chris Gearing technique will be all over the internet, as 10 year old children ineffectually flair at their instruments.
I have been given a job teaching bass to pupils in my part of London.

Prepare for a new generation who can only slap.
I used to play 6 strings a lot. They're good fun. The possibilities for extended chord voicings and melodic lines on the high C are very useful. Would I also be happy with a 5 string tuned EADGC? Possibly.

I think you need to be a little more specific with your question.
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So it IS Warwick!

I just said the amp is sexy. Doesn't mean that's the company!

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I have heard good things about the LWA1000.

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and whyyy?

I have an artists deal with a certain company, and I want to start using it. They're especially interested in me using the amps, so I'm trying to get that sorted.
Have to sell my Eden.

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I can't decide whether this thread is sexist or bassist...

It's sexy... and bassy.

Everyone can benefit from taking lessons. Janek Gwizdala recently posted on his blog that he's just had some lessons and come out of it feeling more inspired than he has in a long time.

A proper bass teacher will smooth out any inconsistencies in your technique, prevent any new bad habits from forming and get you set on the road to better bass playing.
You need to be designing the cabinet for the speakers. Just putting any old speakers into a cabinet will have unpredictable, and often bad, results.

WinISD is the program you want to use to see how a speaker will interact with the box. Alternatively (I can't remember if WinISD allows you to calculate non-round ports), try this out -

With regards to the crossover, you need to use high quality inductors, capacitors and resistors, and it takes a lot of designing.

From looking at an SWR Triad, it seems that the idea was to create a three way cabinet? If I were you, I would look at constructing a fEARful cabinet. You can get the parts for the crossover, the plans or even the cab as a flat pack, and buy the perfect drivers for the cabinet to get a result that is planned and sounds great!
If you want volume, depending on your location you want to look at either fEARful cabinets or Barefaced (in the UK). They're expensive, but super loud if you have an amp that can supply the beans.

With regards to amplification, anything 500W+ is good. For lightweight, check out Markbass, Genz Benz, the new Warwick LWA 1000, or TC Electronic.

My personal preference is the Warwick amp, 1000W at 4Ohms, two independent channels, and it looks damn sexy.

Of course, the issue with light weight and high volume is high price!
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This day 12 years ago i slept with the hottest girl i have ever slept with. I will never forget it as it was the solstice and she was insanely hot. I think it was her nadir, though. Ah well.

Anyone know the song Talkin' Loud by Incognito? Wicked little bassline, having fun playing that today.

Have a good weekend all

Have you heard their album Surreal? My favourite album by them, totally acid jazz/fusion, very cool!
Interesting tune that!

Let's go for Quarter Master, by Snarky Puppy. You can find a lead sheet if you look hard enough!
Looks like a fuzz of some kind?

Shot in the dark, Big Muff variant?
Did I...

did I just see a post from Applehead yesterday?
Think I'm going to be selling some gear and getting a Warwick LWA 1000 and making a fEarful 15/6/1 to go with it.

Or maybe a 1212/6/1... Decisions decisions...
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Came home tonight to find my brother hosting some kind of bro-night with his friends. My house is full of sloppy drunk overly emotional 18 year olds.

And all my beer is gone. All. The. Beer.


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So If I paid $94.99 for a used one in nice condition would that be reasonable?

You would probably be looking at around $300 for a new one, so yes, that's a great deal!
That's a Peavey Millenium AC 4 in Black Violet. They're nice basses.

I have just realised I've posted far too much on this page.

I will endeavour to return to my usual silence.
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Haha speaking of which, it's almost 2:30 and I have yet to make my first cup of coffee. Thanks Tam.

I fear this is the year I have to start being *shudders* a reasonably responsible adult. 21 is over and done, time to grow a beard and begin the trek to 30.

Happy birthday!

Don't worry, I'm half way through 22 and I'm much the same as I was at 21, except I've had a beard for the past 4 years.

22 is all about fearing the future.
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I'll listen to it if you buy my spare bass.

I can only buy Warwick basses now...

Sounds sexy in that video though.
Yeah, if you want to change to passive pickups. Are you having any major problems with the preamp, or is it just the changing a battery thing that's the problem?

I have three active Warwicks and a acoustic-electric that requires a battery and to be honest, I have to change them a couple of times a year, maximum. Just don't leave the bass plugged in when you're not playing it and you'll be fine!