If it's something you enjoy/think you'll enjoy, go for it! Just be aware it's a very tough industry to get in to, and as everyone else said, it's all about contacts. I have a 1st class degree in Audio Engineering and have not found any work since graduating almost a year ago. In this industry, as in most others, it's all about experience, contacts and persistence. Also, make sure not to limit yourself to being just a recording engineer. For example, as i look for studio/live work i also have a part-time job and am an app developer; you should always have other skills to fall back on in case it doesn't work out.

To answer your question, an internship in a professional studio would be far better than doing a course if you're lucky to come across one. If not, then a course is your best bet. Good luck!
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Tito & Tarantula

Heard one of their songs in Dusk Till Dawn and ended up buying all of their albums
Done! Good luck
Im in!

It's very meh...

I feel terrible for even using this site, too vain for me
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Done and good luck to you.

Thanks man, much appreciated
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Did the survey, good luck.

Thank you
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"Free professional advice and possible contacts in the music industry"

Who the hell's gonna do that?

"Access to a large collection of loops and samples "


- There are already many audio professionals on forums. I don't mean anyone 'famous', just that they do it professionally. The same applies to music industry contacts.

- This site would be there to help all musicians, including those who work with electronic music, even foley and sound effects
Thanks for some serious responses...
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Somehow I don't think this will go down too well with the mods...

Well it's only for an assignment so i don't see the problem. Hope it'll be alright...

Also, typical pit responses to the survey so far
Hey guys, I'm not a regular poster but a regular lurker so you probably don't see me too often. I'm currently doing a business assignment for a degree course and thought you guys could help with a little market research

We are thinking of creating a website aimed at everyone involved in music, no matter wether you are an amateur or professional. Think of it as a specialised social network for musicians, DJs, audio engineers and producers with an added bonus of a free DAW and real-time collaboration with anyone around the world.

These are the features our business would offer:

Free & "Premium"

- A social platform for professionals and amateurs involved in music

- Forums

- Free professional advice and possible contacts in the music industry

- Helps producers find artists and vice versa

- The ability to upload your music to be rated by the community and/or promotional purposes
(free users have a generous upload limit)

- Access to a large collection of loops and samples
(limited for free users)

- The ability to share your loops & samples with the community
(also limited for free users)

- A free, fully functional DAW application, with fully integrated upload features to share your music instantly to you profile. Without the collaboration feature


- All monthly upload and download limits removed

- All Adverts removed

- Collaboration features of the DAW are unlocked

If you could fill out this quick survey i would be very grateful!

2 tickets for Steel Panther at the o2 Academy Brixton
I'm in my last year of an audio engineering degree at the moment, studying in SAE. Doing it for pretty much the same reason as it's pretty unlikely that i'll be able to make a living by just playing guitar. It's definitely a good idea to have a backup plan in case your performing career doesn't go as well as you'd hoped. Having said that, i'm not sure a degree in this industry is really necessary apart from being a small bonus in the eyes of an employer. From all i know no matter what qualification you have, most of the time you'll still start by cleaning, making tea and other basic tasks in a studio before you can actually starting working with audio.

As far as liking the course goes, it depends on what you really want to do. If you are passionate about recording sound, live and in the studio, then it's probably for you. Also, a degree usually focuses on more then just the practical aspects, you will probably learn about the music business, programming, mastering, mixing etc. I've come to dislike my course because it made me realise how astray i've come from what i actually want to do; perform. Although, there's no reason why you couldn't do both at the same time, i just haven't.

So overall, i think it's a good idea as it provides you with the experience of working in a studio and teaches you pretty much all you need to do so professionally. Experience is invaluable in this industry so that's definitely a plus. Really i think any employer likes to see some sort of degree on a CV, so it could help you out in the future. And, if you're going to do a degree anyway this might be your best bet.

Also, if you do become a successful musician, the skills you learn on this course come be very useful.

Sorry about wall of text...
30+ positive votes and still out ... for the 3rd time. I give up, i'm ugly. Got a few winks this time though
I got 35 positive votes and still got kicked out. Just applied again, damn my competitive nature...
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Too bad I'm counting the first one only

EDIT: Wait did you even sign up? I can't find you on the list.

I suck at keeping track of shit

haha, oh well, and yeah i did. I'm 20th from the bottom
A little update from me:

I applied twice so far, got rejected the first time with 4 positive votes and the slider all the way on "out". Now the second time i already have 17 positive votes with 24 hours to go and the slider is all the way on "in". I'm using the exact same photo and everything. In conclusion this site sucks balls...
definitely the first one
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wait... 1 beautiful vote Yaaaaay
EDIT: Turns out that's just the approval. Beautiful people, y u no vote for me?

I have the same thing, 1 positive vote, 0 views and the little slider thing is on "out". hmmm
Just signed up. I wonder how this will turn out haha
Haha, this will be awesome. Sign me up!
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i don't know what those are but i recommend Beyerdynamic DT250. They are the best headphones i have ever used. They are monitoring headphones, therefore very expensive but definitely worth it.
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