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mmmm biscuits
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Not this.


Gibson own Epiphone. Epiphone makes cheaper versions of the Gibson models by cutting corners on build quality and materials

here's another


now i feel weird. still prefer milk in first though, mainly because im used to it
haha good start guys
we need more

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to Google images

2. Mash your keyboard or type some random letters into the search bar

3. Post the first image that comes up

might have been done before but im not sure

ok, ill start


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So this is one of life's important questions. when you drink tea, do you put the milk or the water in first?

I personally prefer the milk in first as it allows me to judge if i have a good ratio of milk to water because i can see how much of the cup is left to fill up with water. i also think it tastes sort of better that way which probably sounds stupid but i do lol

Anyway, what's the pit's opinion on the matter?
it is a "Gibson Chet Atkins SST" model in red. here is some more info
i win
why do people brush their teeth after breakfast if they get them dirty during lunch? so really we shouldn't brush our teeth at all
all the people saying thumb obviously dont play guitar lol
Ondes Martenot


Hammond Organ


Moog Synth lol

a later version....
Duff McKagan
All I Need - Air
La Femme d'Argent - Air

and anything else ambient
"421 albums, 16 days, 49.62GB"

all 320kbps btw
The Tom Morello interview, check it out...
Simon Cowell works for Sony, not the other way around lol. Sony gets the money not Cowell! he'll get nothing from it...
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Does anyone know (other than Itunes, I don't use it) how to buy the single?
I have the album but I'd rather not buy it again
Or will it be in shops as a single? (doubt it.)

you can buy it from:

Something me and my friends did. it started of as a joke.....and it still is lol. Check it out anyway, tell me what you think
those song are pretty damn good
it doesnt work because youre plugging in straight into the line in. you need an analogue to digital interface such as an Mbox which will also allow you to adjust the input gain of you signal so that it doesnt clip. fficial&hs=Zvv&resnum=0&q=mbox+mini&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=FnrQSrCOA-PLjAfTqe2DBA&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCAQrQQwAA">Mboxes are pretty pricey though
im doing A2 music aswell

im going with

Unmillitary Two-step - Rory Gallagher
Cause we've Ended as Lovers - Jeff Beck
Lenny - SRV
Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen

adds up to almost exactly 20 minutes
'Livin' On a Prayer' or 'The Final Countdown'
take the test

i got 26/26 yay!

im not sure how accurate this is though

this one is better

i got 1.5Hz