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if someone can make build threads on kid guitars, then he can make his on this.

i'm actually thinking about building a guitar just like this, i haven't started pricing around yet, i probably will sometime today to see how it will cost.

it cost me about £600 in total but i bought pretty expensive parts. i think you could easily do it for half that
thanks guys ! im gonna go off and enjoy the presents you have given me
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I'm... free?

no, youre mine now

... is my birthday!!

im 17

just ordered all of the parts and the paint. will update some time next week
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Looking good so far; did you order the body & neck from Warmoth?

P.S. - Love the 70's Strat headstock

Warmoth is too pricey for me im afraid. the body was custom made by a luthier and the neck is from Mighty Mite who make licensed Fender necks.
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If you were going for accuracy, you've made your first mistake: too many frets.

You should check out some pickups, and support "one of our own". (CorduroyEW makes 'em)

yeah i know lol, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra fret.

yeah ill check it out, thanks
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Make sure the 3rd bolt of the 3-bolt neckplate won't hit the neck plug where the end of the trussrod anchor is located.

ill keep that in mind, thanks for the advice
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Looks sweet. What pickups?

probably seymour duncans, not sure which ones yet

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Looking great man, are you going to try a nitro finish?

yep, gonna buy some spray cans from here
neck after sanding

as im gonna finish the neck in the 70s fender amber i sanded off the factory satin finish

smoothed out the edges

i filled in the two neck screw holes as im gonna fit a 3 hole neck plate instead of 4 hole

grain filler

after some sanding it feels and looks incredibly smooth

here are some pics

some shots of the body

Here's the neck before sanding

i want to have it in vintage cream/white colour and im using an ash body
after a lot of thinking i finally decided to build my own 70s strat replica. theres just something about them that just appeals more to me than other strats.

this is my first build but im feeling pretty confident. i hope to have it finished by the end of the summer and have a pretty large budget.

so far i have a body, neck, and jackplate. and i already sealed the wood with grain filler.
stay tuned lol
thanks mate, i appreciate it!
please check out my cover of The Ocean-Led zeppelin

please comment and rate

i read the whole thing...i lold
i voted 3 times
i like the older rap and hip-hop stuff like Run DMC and NWA. Some of the newer stuff is pretty good aswell like Eminem, but most of it is pretty horrible
use a condom?
that was excellent!
sorry about the massive size lol


(5.39584 x 10^-3)^1 = 0.0595

EDIT: oops i thought it was 0.05395

jhonny b. goode - chuck berry
Eric Clapton - Royal Albert Hall - 29th may

cant wait!
hey guys, please listen to my new original piece, its called 'where are you'. this is the first time i recorded myself sing so dont expect anything amazing lol

any comments and ratings are appreciated
write a song just for her. girls love that
recorded this for my music A level. thought id stick it on here. its supposed to be a love song. its the first time i ever recorded myself sing. hope you enjoy it...

comments and ratings are appreciated.

its called where are you
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No, I only have the single version.
Tom Sawyer - Rush


yellow submarine-the beatles
"suck my willy!"

that would be pretty bad methinks
so i was happilly revising, when my mum brings me a big cup of tea and some biscuits. which was a nice surprise. she put it down on the table and walked away. as i attempted to turn to to take one of the biscuits, i knocked over the cup of tea. it went everywhere. over some of my revision notes, walls, under the table narrowly missing some cables and sockets, and worst of all, most of it went inside my very expensive, all -in-one photo printer and scanner. i was not pleased to say the least.

so for the past half an hour ive been cleaning up tea and literally pouring it out of my printer which to my amazement still works.

For those who are too lazy: I spilled tea everywhere, even in my very expensive printer!

so pit, share your epic fail stories